Gifts For Kids And Teens

Everyone loves to give gifts for kids and teens, but that means they probably have everything.  We searched the internet for you to find unique, weird, and awesome gifts to make your gift stand out. Games, toys, gadgets, experiments, techie stuff, cool backpacks, and more.

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Eat2Explore Kids Cooking Subscription Box by Gifter World
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Explore the World with Cooking for Kids Subscription by Eat2Explore

This cooking subscription box for kids lets your kids cook foods from around the world.  Each month, they will receive a box themed from another Country.  It comes with the spices and grains and teaches them about that country. This cooking box will not only get kids interested in cooking, but it will motivate them to ...

Mel Chemistry Science Subscription of the Month CLub by Gifter World
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Mel Science Chemistry – Science of the Month Club Subscription

Get the kids hooked on science with this Mel Science subscription. Each box has 2-3 experiments that are safe to do at home and are easy to follow along with your kids even if you failed science. Chemistry experiments in the past have included: growing copper coral on an iron clip, creating hot ice, using a zinc ...

Children's Drawing Necklace by Gifter World
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Children’s Drawing Necklace

Bring your child's artwork to life with this children's drawing necklace.  Available in sterling silver, rose gold plated, or yellow gold plated and it comes in many sizes to fit adults or kids. You send in your child's artwork and they recreate it as a piece of jewelry.  So cool!  It makes a great gift for mom, ...

Shadow Fighter by Gifter World
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Shadow Fighter

Practice your martial arts skills by fighting a shadow ninja with this Shadow Fighter. You perform offensive and defensive moves against the shadow fighter and the projector emits a green light when you hit it and a red light when you get hit.  The in-game music adds to the battle ambiance. It has several levels ...

Art Subscription Box by Smart Art Box of the Month Club From Gifter World
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Art Subscription Box by Smart Art Box of the Month Club

Nourish your artistic side with this art subscription box by Smart Art Box. Each month, you will receive items to add to your art box such as watercolor paints, acrylic inks, colored pencils, brushes, art boards, glitter pens, sponge stippler, and so much more. It also comes with an art project you can use with your ...

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100 Kids Movies Scratch Off Poster

This 100 Kids Movies Scratch Off Map has 100 of the top family movies of all time. It is great fun to pick a movie as a family and scratch it off as you work through all 100 movies.  It has movies like Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Spy Kids, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Alice in Wonderland, Pete's Dragon, Akeelah and The Bee,  ...

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Personalized Historical Portrait on Pet by Gifter World
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Customized Historical Portrait on a Horse or on Your Pet

Get a customized historical portrait on a horse or on your pet. You send in a picture of the person and pet you want in the portrait and pick the template and they combine the pictures into one awesome picture. They have many templates to choose from.  You can ride a horse, cat, dog, gerbil, or anything else you can ...

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TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit

The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit allows you to create beautiful ornaments as it spins them.  As it spins, it allows you to create perfectly straight lines. And if you are a horrible artist like me, drawing straight lines is a huge accomplishment. It is a fun craft activity for the whole family ...

Personalized Lollipops from Gifter World
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Personalized Lollipops

These personalized lollipops can be customized with your pictures, logos, text, or anything else you want. They are great as guest gifts for weddings, parties, or events, or give your friends a picture of your face.  Or put your child's favorite cartoon character on them. Or use the logo from your favorite sport's ...

Wall Bursting Dinosaur Wall Decor by Gifter World
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Wall Bursting Dinosaur Wall Decor Art

Scare the kids and keep them up all night with this wall bursting dinosaur wall decor. The velociraptor is lifelike and seems to come exploding out of the wall.  It even appears to have 'broke the drywall' so it looks so real. It is handpainted, highly detailed, and cast in solid high-density foam and resin, The ...

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Galaxy Moon Lamp

This galaxy moon lamp has 16 colors and can be used as a mood lamp or night light and you can adjust the brightness. You can set the timer so it turns off automatically so you don't have to wake up again to turn it off. The 3D moon lamp is relaxing and beautiful and projects the sky all around your room.  It can be ...

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Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities

Everyone knows Duct tape fixes everything so why not put the kids to work making repairs and creating new items?! Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities teaches you how to create many projects out of Duct tape. It has over 500 color illustrations to make it ...

Custom Breyer Horse by Gifter World
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Custom Breyer Horse Made To Look like Your Horse or Pony

This custom Breyer horse is made to look exactly like your horse or pony. Each horse model is truly one of a kind. The horse is made from a traditional 1:9 scale Breyer horse model made of durable plastic and hand-painted with lifelike detail.  It is usually around 9 inches tall but can vary based on horse breed and ...

Gift Wrap My Face Personalized Wrapping Paper by Gifter World
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Gift Wrap My Face Personalized Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrap My Face personalized wrapping paper allows you to add your picture, your family's picture, the recipient's picture, or your dog's face to wrapping paper. They have wrapping paper for Christmas, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, baby showers, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, weddings and so much more so if you want ...

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Adults and Crafts Crate Monthly Subscription by Gifter World
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Adults and Crafts Crate Monthly Subscription

The Adults and Crafts Crate is a monthly subscription that sends you fun crafting projects each month and it includes everything you need: tools, materials, accessories, and instructions. Creat fun projects like wine caddies, epoxy resin, wood-burning, candles, mosaics, engraving, and more! You no longer have to ...

Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Your Pets by Gifter World
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Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Pets

This custom Tim Burton Portrait is truly one of a kind. You can choose any character from a movie, comic, or cartoon and she draws it from scratch.  You are able to see the progress and she will make changes until you are 100% satisfied. It adds a creepy, gothic flair to your home decor and will be the center of ...

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Holi Color Powder for Color Chalk Wars

This Holi color powder is super fun for color chalk wars for 6-10 people.  They are great for color runs, color wars, parties, festivals, events, or just a fun afternoon of play. Throw each ball 50-60 times then refill.  You can also play a version of Capture the Flag or tag using them or they are a safe, kid-friendly ...

Light Up Drawing Tees by Gifter World
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Light Up Drawing Tees

These light up drawing tees allow kids to draw with any light. The special luminescent ink panel allows any concentrated light source (like a phone flashlight or a blue laser pen) to leave a glowing mark on the shirt. It comes with a mini-light wand on a lanyard so they can draw at any time.  The lines gradually fade ...

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Custom Superhero Portrait by Gifter World
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Custom Superhero Portrait

Get a custom portrait of your loved ones as their favorite character.  You can have between 1 -10 people or animals, so the options are endless. This is such a unique gift for kids, teens, adults, and even pets! The portrait can be any character; superhero, king or queen, famous painting, or anything you have in ...

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Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

The Makeblock mBot Robot Kit teaches kids to code.  Kids easily assemble it in less than 20 minutes and then can use the instructions to code it or use their creativity to have it do something unique. It can avoid obstacles, follow a line, and so much more. It uses coding with games, so new coders have fun learning in ...

$99.99 $69.95
Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove by Gifter World
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Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove

This baseball lamp with ball and glove can be custom made with a worn or new mitt and ball or you can have an official MLB team ball of your choice. This looks amazing in a man cave, kid's baseball themed bedroom, or any room for a baseball fan.  Or get your newborn hooked on baseball early by putting it in their ...

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Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer

The Whirly Board Spinning Balance Board and Agility Trainer is great for keeping fit, training for sports, or working at your desk.  It trains you for any kind of board sport such as surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. It is great for toning your core and training you for balance, agility, and rehabilitation for ...

Transparent Kayak Canoe Combo by Gifter World
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Transparent Kayak Canoe Combo

This transparent kayak canoe combo can hold two people and up to 425 pounds.  It is completely clear so you can see when you are kayaking above gators or sharks. Since it is see-through on all angles, everyone in it can see clearly.  The kayak/canoe displaces a greater amount of water for more surface stability, and ...

Ball Pit for Kids, Thick Foam, Many COlors Available by Gifter World
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Ball Pit for Kids – Thick Foam, Many Colors Available

This ball pit for kids is made of thick foam covered by cotton to protect kids from getting hurt and it is available in many colors to match your decor.  Your house no longer needs to look like a McDonald's playground with gaudy toys.  These soft colors look great and the kids will have fun for hours so you can sit ...

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Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit – DIY

This Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit has everything you need to make 12 bath bombs. You just add your own favorite oil (coconut, olive, avocado, etc..) This DIY kit even comes with 4 essential oils! We used this kit and it was so fun. It is great for family bonding or for activities to keep the family busy. Great ...

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Water Pad for the Lake – Holds 6 People!

This water pad for the lake holds up to 1,500 pounds so it's big enough for about 6 friends, a cooler, and a couple of dogs.  And if you are getting a little older, you don't have to worry about core strength to get you up, because anyone can do it.  You can sit, lay, stand, walk, or attempt to do cartwheels on it. ...

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Galaxy Night Light and Mood Ambiance

Change the ambiance of the room and project the galaxy on your ceiling and walls with this night light.  With 3 brightness levels and 10 colors, you can set any mood.  It is great for romantic evenings at home, parties, relaxation, or as a night light for kids. You can connect it to your phone or tablet to play music ...

Star Wars Book Art Set of 4 from Gifter World
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Star Wars Book Art – Set of 4

These one of a kind Star Wars Book Art are custom printed on vintage dictionary pages that are 80+ years old so each one is unique. These are beautiful for any Star Wars enthusiast. Frames not included so you can use something that matches your home or office perfectly.

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Monthly Cooking Club for Kids by Raddish Kids Gifter World Photo by Hannah Tasker
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Monthly Cooking Club for Kids

This monthly cooking club for kids by Raddish Kids makes cooking fun. Each kit comes with 3 laminated and illustrated step-by-step recipe cards, a kitchen utensil designed for young chefs, a hands-on craft, experiment, or foodie game for family fun around the table, Table Talk conversation starter cards, a colorful ...

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Make Your Own Fairy in a Jar Night Light

Make Your Own Fairy in a Jar Night Light with this fun craft kit. It comes with everything you need to make a fairy lantern: jar with a handle, tissue paper, light-up LED lid, fairy glitter, fairy silhouettes, 3 flowers, twine, butterfly clip,6 colors of ribbon, glue, brush, and instructions. It will keep the kids ...

Little Passports Subscription and Summer Camp in a Box from Gifter World
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Little Passports Subscription – Summer Camp in a Box

Your child will love learning about science, World Countries, US States, dinosaurs, and more with the Little Passports Subscription - Summer Camp in a Box. Each STEM box has hands-on activities to keep them busy for hours. You can pick the theme and age and you can get a subscription or just one box. They also have ...

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Giant Bubble Blowing Kit

The Giant Bubble Blowing Kit creates huge, long bubbles with a 2-handle wand design. It is the same design that has set the bubble world record for the last 25 years. It comes with the giant bubble maker wands, bubble concentrate, and tips and tricks for bigger bubbles. It makes great fun at pool parties, BBQs, ...

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Wooden Balance Board – Improve Balance and Strength

Improve your balance, posture, strength, and agility with the Wooden Balance Board. It strengthens your core and your whole body by adding difficulty to standard push-ups, planks, or just standing on it while you work at your desk. In addition to being a great workout, you can also improve your surfing and skateboard ...

$149.99 $124.99
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Pacifier Lips

Your baby will look Instagram ready with these pacifier lips! With three fashionable colors, your baby can match their lips with their outfit for a complete look. The lips themselves are also soft so teething babies can chew on them. Pucker up, baby! Ages 2-36 months

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Magnetism and Electricity Learning Kit

This Magnetism and Electricity Learning Kit teaches you circuit principles with 18 experiments and 50 necessary components, including voltage, lightbulb, ampere meter, motor, generator, magnets, and more. It has real wires (unlike other kits) so you can really get a feel for the circuits. Create fun projects like ...

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Spa Lab – Chemistry Science Kit for Kids

Spa Lab is a science kit for kids that lets them create body scrubs, fairy dust, bath bombs, lip balms, bath salts, and so much more. It includes 30 fun recipes! This chemistry set gets kids interested in science early by making it fun and giving them something they can use afterward. It is fun to do alone, as a ...

$19.99 $16.89
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Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor for Kids and Adults

This Hot Air Stirling Engine Motor is fun to use.  You fill it up with rubbing alcohol and light it, give it a spin, and the motor will keep running it.  It is great for kids and adults and my husband loves his. It makes a great gift for those who like to learn how stuff works and those who like to build stuff and ...

$59.99 $49.99
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Mixed Media Art Set

This 152 piece Mixed Media Art Set is great for amateurs and professionals and has pencils, watercolor and acrylic paint, brushes, palette knives, canvas, paper, easel, and more!  Plus, it comes in a beautiful carrying box. Tap into your inner artist to create something beautiful... or at least try. Includes:

Kid Shaming Little Jerk Balloons Gag Gifts Gifter World
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Kid Shaming Little Jerk Balloons

Do your kids drive you crazy sometimes? Get back at them with these Kid Shaming Little Jerk Balloons. These are fun to use for kids that can't read yet... or for your friends as a gag gift. Each set of 15 comes with five different designs and fonts and include:

  • I have no inside voice
  • I ...

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Smartphone Screen Magnifier

You no longer have to share the tv remote with the Smartphone Screen Magnifier because now everyone can watch movies on their phone.  This screen amplifier magnifies your phone screen 3-4 times, making it easier on your eyes. Great for anyone who loves watching tv or movies.  Also great for travel because it is ...

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Star in Your Own Personalized Book Adult and Teen Gifter World
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Star in Your Own Personalized Book – Adults and Teens

Star in your own personalized book with Book for You.  You get to co-author by naming all of the characters and their features and a photo to include in these full-length books. Name all of the characters your friends' names so you can come to life from the pages! Many books are available for adults and teens. ...

Lootcrate Subscription Box for Gamers and Geeks Gifter World
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Lootcrate Subscription Box for Gamers and Geeks

The Lootcrate Subscription Box for Gamers and Geeks has exclusive collectibles and gear from your favorite video games. Starting at just $28.95, each box has $60+ worth of product.  It's like your birthday every month when you open it to see what you get! You can buy a single box or a subscription.

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Escape the Room – An Escape Room Experience

Escape the Room is an escape room experience for the whole family. Work to uncover the clues to solve the mystery.  It is a great activity to do as a family or at a dinner party. It is a great gift for someone who is stuck at home. 3-8 players, ages 10+

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Duct Tape Engineer: The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects

The Duct Tape Engineer: The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects shows you how to make things like a bed frame and full-size dresser with working drawers, hammock, garden swing, toolbox, backpack, ballistics, slingshot, geodesic dome, or even a kayak.  Duct tape isn't just used to hold your bumper on your ...

$24.99 $18.99
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Fort Building Kit for Indoor Playhouse Construction

The kids will be entertained for hours with this indoor Fort Building Kit with 32 faux-wood panels that connect with velcro.  They can mix and match to build endless possibilities.  Then you can build a box with them to store them. If they start to annoy you, tell them you are playing 'prison' and lock them inside the ...

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Lego Ship in a Bottle Building Kit for Teens and Adults

This Lego Ship in a Bottle Building Kit is great for teens (ages 12+) and Adults. It has 962 pieces and has details such as a captain's quarters, mast, cannons, crow's nest, flag, sails, a display stand, and more. It is fun to put together and is cool to display for years to come. Ages 12+ .

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Twerk Pong Game

Twerk Pong Game is my favorite game!  You tie the ribbon around your waist so the box sits above your rear-end.  Then you turn on music and you dance your tushy off until all of the ping pong balls fall out of the box.  The first one to empty the box without using your hands wins! It is hilarious to watch people ...

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Butterfly Garden – Butterfly Growing Kit for Kids

Inspire wonder with this Butterfly Garden - Butterfly Growing Kit. It pops up to 11.5 inches and is the perfect mesh habitat for butterfly viewing. It also includes a feeding dropper, instructions, and a voucher for caterpillars to be shipped separately.  The kids will be so excited to see their transformation! ...

$24.99 $23.56
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Electronic Playground – 50 Experiments for Kids

This Electronic Playground has 50 fun experiments to build over 50 electronic projects like a finger touch lamp, transistor radio, alarm, metal detector, AM radio,  and more while learning about current, resistors, voltage, capacitors and more!  Teach them young because this is a great industry to go into and someday ...

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Rock On Headphone and Cable Holder

Display your headphones, wires, earbud cables, and gaming headsets on this Rock On Headphone Holder. The antique gold finish makes it stand out in any home, office, or studio. It makes a great gift for any music enthusiast.

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Doody Head Game – Poop Throwing Game

If you are looking for a ridiculous game to play, then Doody Head Game is for you.  Two players wear a hat with velcro stripes on it and you throw poop doodies at each other to try to get the most to stick.  This makes a fantastic gag gift, game for families, or a quarantine activity after you've been stuck in your ...

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Shut the Box Wooden Board Game

Shut the Box Wooden Board Game can be played with 2-4 players of all ages. The player rolls the dice, adds up the value, then lays down the tiles that have the sum. It is a great way to teach young children about basic addition. So bring the family or your friends together for some bonding, laughs, and a good time. ...

$49.99 $46.99
Virtual Ping Pong Gifter World
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Virtual Ping Pong

This virtual ping pong has a simulated 'ball of light' that bounces off of the walls and ceiling. It is similar to tennis or ping pong, but you can play it anywhere without the fear of balls flying into a lamp and breaking something.  You use your virtual racquet to try to beat your opponent or play solo against the ...

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Kinetic 3D Wooden Puzzle

Pass the time by putting together this Kinetic 3D Wooden Puzzle. It not only gives you hours of fun as you assemble it but then you can hang it on your wall or sit it on your desk and watch it move.  The movement is hypnotizing and will soothe your soul. Estimated assembly time: 6 hrs Finished size: 13.4 x 8.8 x ...

$82.00 $75.18
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Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit – STEM for Kids

The Edible Candy Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit allows kids to use science to create edible, yummy candy with 40 experiments; crystal lollipops, why popcorn pops, jelly sweets, and more. It will keep the kids busy for hours and it allows you to have great bonding time with them. Recommended for ages 8+.

$69.95 $44.95
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Comic Book Making Kit for Kids

The My Comic Book Making Kit for Kids helps your child publish their own comic book by helping them create their own characters, panels, settings, words, and artwork. They can write and illustrate their own 18-page comic book and have it professionally printed! They can even be featured on the back as the published ...

$29.99 $17.20
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Roadster 5-in-1 Engineering and Robotics Building Kit

Build a model car with the Roadster 5-in-1 Engineering and Robotics Building Kit. Learn about engineering and science with hands-on experience with the174 piece STEM kit. The pieces can also be used to build 4 other vehicle variations. It takes about 1-3 hours to complete and is recommended for ages 8+.  It is a great ...

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DIY Baking Kit for Kids

Are the kids bored and driving you crazy? Try the DIY Baking Kit for Kids to enjoy some bonding time together. There are several kits to choose from, but this one is the Bug Cupcake Kit and it comes with premeasured and vacuum-packed ingredients, and 2 educational activities to enjoy while you bake together!  

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Make Your Own Sparkling Squishy Soaps Kit for Kids

Get your kids to wash their hands with the Make Your Own Sparkling Squishy Soaps Kit. Create 5 beautiful soaps using mica powders, body glitter, and soap molds in the shape of a unicorn, doughnut, heart, smiley face, and pizza! Kids will have a blast learning to create their own customized soaps.  

$14.99 $13.49
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Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

May the toast be with you with this Star Wars Darth Vader toaster. It has an adjustable toast level in case you like your toast on the dark side. Perfect for the Star Wars enthusiast.

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Kangaroo Jumping Shoes

These kangaroo jumping shoes increase the effectiveness of your workout by burning twice the calories and reduces the impact on joints and muscles. Add them to your workout; jogging, dance, and more to make you look super cool! Weight limit: 200lbs

Aspiring DJ Station for Kids Gifter World
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Aspiring DJ Turntable for Kids

The Aspiring DJ Turntable for kids lets them create music with beats, a keyboard, drum sounds, pre-loaded beats, and more. They will have a blast rocking out to their own tunes!  It can be used by itself or they can attach a smartphone through the audio port to accompany their favorite tunes. They can take Baby Shark ...

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Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model Kit – Movie Projector

This Movie Projector Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model Kit is not only a puzzle but it is also a real movie projector. It has 183 wood pieces and takes about 4-6 hours to put it together. It comes with a 58 frame snippet of Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" that you play by turning the crank.  Great gift for teens and ...

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1980’s Vintage Candy Gift Box

Flashback to the 1980s with this totally tubular Vintage Candy Gift Box. This makes a totally rad gift for anyone who was born in the '80s, married in the '80s, grew up in the '80s, or someone who just likes fun candy.  Or buy it for a 1980s theme party.

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Funny Baby Onesie – “Made in Vachina”

Everything is made in China... Well, almost everything. This Funny Baby Onesie "Made in Vachina" is a great gift for a new baby. It will make your baby look so cute, you will want to start buying everything from "Vachina". 100% cotton and has a snap closure for easy diaper changes.

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Classic Skee Ball Game Machine Table – 108 Inch

Your family will have a blast with this Classic Skee Ball Game Machine Table. It feels like a real arcade with the LED electronic scorer, sound effects, and push-button controls. Roll the ball and aim for the holes to score. A great way to keep kids at home instead of galavanting around town. 108 Inches

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Kinetic Playfoam – Party Pack of 20

Do you like playdoh but not the mess? Kinetic Playfoam allows kids to sculpt and create without leaving a trail of tiny bits of clay all around. It comes in a party pack of 20 with blue, purple, orange, pink, yellow, green, and peach. Squish your hands and create something fun.

$22.99 $17.93
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Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game

Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game will inspire your family to travel throughout the United States to visit 22 of the most visited national parks. Includes an educational game matching animals to the parks they inhabit. It also has a 60-minute version if you don't like spending three weeks on the same game. ...

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Coding for Kids with Minecraft – Ages 8+

Give your kids a headstart in life with Coding for Kids with Minecraft. Ages 8+  will learn real computer programming and code amazing Minecraft mods with Java. This is a great way to get them into coding so they can make a ...

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LED Color Changing Shoes for Kids

Your kids will dance like it's 1985 in these super cool LED Changing Color Shoes for Kids. They have 7 awesome colors and can light up for 11 hours. Plus it will be easier to find them at night events where they might get lost in the crowd... assuming you want to find them.

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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Girls Room Gifter World
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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Light Fixture

Talk about gorgeous! This Butterfly Crystal Chandelier would look great in any girl's room and she will love how it looks. You can even put other colored LED lights in it to turn it red, blue, purple, etc...  She will be the talk of the town. She will be so happy that she will probably stop bugging you for stuff ...

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Furry IPhone Case With Bling Bowknot – Many Colors

Stand out from the crowd with this Furry IPhone Case With Bling Bowknot. It comes in many colors and the sparkly bowknot adds some flair. If you get lonely, you can always snuggle your phone. Designed for Apple iPhone X 5.8 inch and iPhone XS 5.8 inch.

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Huge Playing Cards – 10.5″ x 14.5″

Are you getting old and having a hard time seeing smaller playing cards? Try these huge playing cards! They are 10.5" x 14.5" and are fun to play with those who are young and old or use them at a casino party. Great gag gift.

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Baby Backpack Head Pillow – Head Protector

If only they had these in adult sizes! I am sure this would have saved me many times. This Baby Backpack Head Pillow - Head Protector keeps your baby from falling on its head and becoming damaged like you.  Your baby wears it and when they fall, they land on a soft pillow. Great for infants 6-18 months. Available ...

Harry Potter Hogwarts Lamp
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Harry Potter Hogwarts Lamp

Summon some magic with this Harry Potter Hogwarts Lamp. It has details of the castle from the boathouse at the lake to the top of the Astronomy Tower. Witches and warlocks will love this.

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Musical Popping Cake Stand – Surprise Cake!

This Musical Popping Cake Stand - Surprise Cake! will make your kids think you only gave them a cake with no gift.  It will look like a regular cake and then the music plays and a tube in the middle pops up with a surprise inside. Fill it with money, candy, or a new phone.

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Underwater Scooter with Dual Propellers

This powerful underwater scooter can take you down 164 feet and can travel 4 miles per hour.  You can even mount your go-pro on it! You no longer have to extend all of your energy swimming... Just hold on and it will do all of the work! Great for swimming in the ocean, lakes, pools, and more.  It is compact enough ...

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Baseball Pinball Machine

Pinball lovers will love having their own game in their home. You are challenged to swing the bat to hit the ball. A unique gift for those who love baseball or pinball.

$24.99 $23.38
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Tent and Tunnel Playset For Kids

This tent and tunnel playset can be put together in many different ways to make a different playhouse each time.  It also has a target wall game (4 dart balls included). Great for kids ages 1-5. Balls are sold separately.

$89.00 $69.95
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DIY Lip Balm Making Kit

This DIY Lip Balm Making Kit comes with everything you need to make 23 tubes, tins or tubs of lip balm.  Keep your lips super soft with cocoanut butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. And it includes essential oils so they smell yummy! Great for girls and women of all ages, party activities, or party giveaways.

$89.91 $49.95
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LED Cat Ear Light Up Headphones

These Bluetooth LED Cat Ear Headphones light up with 7 colors and have 4 lighting settings.  They will change colors to the beat of the music.  Super fun!

$44.99 $33.99
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Build A Robot Car Kit

Get your kids started with electronics early in life and they will be able to support you later in life.  This kit teaches them how to build a robot car. Great for beginners and professionals alike. Best for those ages 12+.

$74.99 $69.99
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Book Making Kit for Kids

This kit comes with everything your child needs to create and illustrate their own custom 20-page professionally printed book. Let their creative juices flow and spark their desire to be a writer. Who knows, maybe they will decide to be a famous writer and support you off their millions when they are older.

$29.99 $25.49
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Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard

This fun skateboard is compact enough to fit in your backpack or locker.  Teens no longer need to be embarrassed to be driven to school, because they can cruise on their mini longboard.

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Floor Lounger

Makes sleep-overs and movie nights super fun!  Just add your own pillows to this lounger and create and chair, bed, or lounger. Available in two sizes and many colors/styles.

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Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity

Most of us naughty adults have played the adult version (Cards Against Humanity) and know it is our go-to once the kiddos are asleep.  But now, there is a kid-friendly addition that kids will relate to... and an occasional adult innuendo that only us pervs will get. This game will keep the kiddos busy for hours, or ...

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Spikeball Game Set

A cross between handball, volleyball,  hacky-sack, this game is the newest fad.  Teams of two hit it off the net and have to hit it three times before it goes to the other team. Great game to get the family off the couch!

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Portable Batting Swing Trainer

This portable SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Swing Trainer is perfect for baseball and softball.  You can use it at home, on the field, or deep in the forest if you want.  With 4 elastic resistance bands, the Hurricane Batting Swing Trainer allows you to increase and decrease tension in order to learn to drive ...

$199.99 $149.95
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LED Photo Clip Lights

You never have to worry about your teens messing up your walls again by puncturing holes to hang pictures.  These add a styling look and mood-setting lighting. Available in two sizes.

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Princess Tent with Lights

Every princess needs her own fort. This adorable princess/fairy tent is big enough for a few kids to play inside.  It gives them a feeling of having their own place and the lights are super fun.

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Action Waterproof Camera for Kids

Don't let your kid borrow your camera and break it.  This sturdy camera takes great pictures and videos and is waterproof.  It even has a mounting kit to attach to skateboard, helmets, and more! Comes in pink and blue.

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National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Practice being a real Paleontologist with this kit that includes a chisel, brush, and magnifying glass to excavate real fossils. Dinosour fossils, sharks teeth and more. This is a great STEM gift to stimulate your kid's curious mind.






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