Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove by Gifter World
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Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove

This baseball lamp with ball and glove can be custom made with a worn or new mitt and ball or you can have an official MLB team ball of your choice. This looks amazing in a man cave, kid's baseball themed bedroom, or any room for a baseball fan.  Or get your newborn hooked on baseball early by putting it in their ...

Football Helmet Lamp from Gifter World
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Football Helmet Lamp- Welded with Nuts and Gears

This one of a kind football helmet lamp is welded with nuts and gears for a beautiful industrial look. They are handmade, so you know you are getting something unique.  It is a perfect gift for any football enthusiast and adds great style to your home, office, or bar. Dimensions: 13 1/2 in x 5 in x 7 in Weight: 9 ...

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Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp

This Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp was made in Bali and the light shines through the beautifully intricate details to create unique patterns across the walls.  The dimmer allows you to adjust the light. Handcrafted by local Balinese artists. Available in many colors and styles.

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LED Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has 6 light colors and a great sound.  Easily change the color by tapping the top. Great for mood lighting, parties, a nightlight, or take with you when you go camping for a great ambiance light.

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Selfie Ring Light

Ever wonder how internet superstars always look so flawless?  Well, here is the secret! This Selfie ring light gives you the perfect halo lighting and you can control the lighting. Perfect for pictures and video... or if you want to catfish someone. You can change the setting for warmer or cooler light color and ...

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Evil Eye Gourd Lamp

This handmade gourd lamp will look good in any stylish home or dorm. Adds a soft light to create the perfect ambiance.






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