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Magnetic Shark Repellent Band – SHARKBANZ 2

The Sharkbanz 2 Magnetic Shark Repellent Band will keep you safe while swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or while you are sitting on the couch watching Sharknado. It uses magnets so you never have to worry about charging batteries and it is stylish!

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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

These Bose Frames audio sunglasses allow you to listen to music with open ear audio. It is a great sensation to be able to be aware of your surroundings and have a rich, immersive sound while others near you hear nothing. They also allow you to take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant. These are cutting ...

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Waterproof Socks

These waterproof socks are great for snow skiing, hiking, wading, trekking, fishing, backpacking, camping, and more. They are 100% waterproof, so your feet feel dry and fresh all day and prevent blisters even in harsh environments. Go ahead... go for a hike, wade through the water, and jump in the snow. Your feet ...

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Sock and Tie Gift Box Set for Men Gifter World
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Sock and Tie Gift Box Set for Men

Give the man in your life a refresh with the Sock and Tie Gift Box Set for Men. It comes with a silver tie bar, a pair of cufflinks, 3 assorted silk ties, and 3 assorted pairs of socks. Whether he is just starting off in the business world and needs to look the part or he has been a CEO for years, he will appreciate ...

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Scarf Camera Strap

This fun scarf camera strap is comfortable and stylish. It is adjustable so you can easily adjust the length. It can be used as a camera neck strap or a camera crossbody strap.  Made of rayon and it is available in many colors! This makes a great gift for someone who loves to travel.  

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Banned Books Socks

Every librarian and book enthusiast should have these Banned Books Socks. Classics over the years have been banned and they display your favorites. Great gift for teachers, librarians, book club friends, literary lovers, or avid readers.

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Microwavable Cozy Bootie Slippers

These microwavable cozy bootie slippers are snuggly soft with a hint of lavender.  They can also be used as a cold pack for sore tired feet.  Relax the stress away and pour yourself a glass of wine. Available in several colors.

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Wooden Bow Tie

This gorgeous natural wooden bow tie will jazz up any outfit! You can wear it to an event or to just do a Skype call when you need to look good from the waist up. You will stand out in a crowd and be a hit! For more unique bow ties, check out our blog on

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Adult Unicorn Onesie Pajamas – Unisex

You will want to stay in your pajamas all day in these Adult Unicorn Onesie Pajamas. They are unisex, so you can get matching outfits for your partner! It also has pockets so you can stash your snacks!

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USB Charging Cable Bracelet

Never worry about lugging around your charging cable again when you wear this USB Charging Cable Bracelet. Stylish and functional. Works with iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus,  6, 6S, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and more. Plus, it is waterproof!

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I Love Cocktails Socks

These I Love Cock Tails socks will be a hit with anyone who likes to drink... or other stuff. Shocking at first until you realize it says cocktails. Great for bachelorette parties, gag gifts, and more.

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Ororo Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket

Warm-up even in the chilliest weather with the Ororo Women's Slim Fit Heated Jacket and Detachable Hood. It has heating elements on the left and right chest and mid-back to keep you toasty.  Easily adjust the temperature with the press of a button and it heats up to 10 hours. It even has a USB port to charge your ...

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Unique Shoes for Women

Surprise her with these super unique Mary Jane shoes for women that look like black unicorns. Many styles, colors, and patterns available to match any outfit. Great gift for Goth women and those who are unconventional.

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Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket

Sometimes it's a pain to carry a purse, so this Infinity Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pocket solves your problem. Hide your keys, wallet, credit cards, money, and more. A great gift for those who travel and ...

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Whiskey Barrel Ring For Men

This Whiskey Barrel Ring For Men is made from reclaimed whiskey barrel wood and it is stunning and each one is has a different grain, making it one of a kind.  Perfect for the man who doesn't like traditional, boring wedding rings.

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Fuck Off Morse Code Bracelet

Tell people how you really feel with this Fuck Off Morse Code Bracelet made of sterling silver beads on silk cord. Nobody will know that this pretty bracelet is really insulting them. Let your inner sass shine!

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Funny Animal Socks

These Funny Animal Socks are available in many animal styles; tiger, cat, pig, dog, chicken, donkey, dinosaur, zebra, eagle, elephant, leopard, bear, and more.  Have fun wearing your favorite animal or give it as a gag gift.

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Funny Burger Socks Set

If you love burgers, then these Funny Burger Socks are for you! The set comes with two pairs of socks that are folded so they look like a burger. It even comes in a burger wrapper to complete the look. Great gag gift or a gift for anyone who loves burgers.

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Brain Beanie Hat – Funny Cap

When you need to put on your thinking cap, grab this Funny Brain Beanie Hat. It's a great gift for anyone who uses their brain a lot or anyone with a sense of humor or as a gag gift. Perhaps it will help you raise your IQ a few points. Circumference: 22-24", fits average men and women and is elastic and adjustable.

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The Boss & The Real Boss Apron Set

The Boss & The Real Boss Apron Set makes a great gift for weddings, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or house warming party.  Great for those who like to cook or entertain.

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High Heeled Sneaker Wedges

Stand out from the crowd with these High Heeled Sneaker Wedges. Comfortable and stylish and they come in several colors and sizes.  When you want to look stylish but also want to be able to run away. They would also be great for a wedding!

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Bread Loafers – Toasty Slippers

Do you know someone who LOVES bread? Then how about these realistic Bread Loafers! These slippers will keep your feet toasty warm.  Available in several bread options: French baguette, brown sugar bread, french bread, pretzel bread, and more! Makes a great gag gift. Available in several sizes.

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Funny Baby Onesie – “Made in Vachina”

Everything is made in China... Well, almost everything. This Funny Baby Onesie "Made in Vachina" is a great gift for a new baby. It will make your baby look so cute, you will want to start buying everything from "Vachina". 100% cotton and has a snap closure for easy diaper changes.

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Personalized Face Photo Socks – Men and Women

Express your love with Personalized Face Photo Socks with your face on them.  You have the ability to customize them with two pictures so you can upload you and your dog... or you and your child if you like them better. Give them as a gift so your loved one will see your face all day. Or just upload your face and give ...

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Chewie Soft Throw Blanket with Sleeves – Adult and Youth

This Chewie Soft Throw Blanket with Sleeves comes in sizes for Adults and Youth and is perfect for the Star Wars lover. Soft and cozy so you will want to snuggle on the couch and watch a marathon of Star Wars. Also available in Darth Vader and Jedi Knight.

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Library Bookshelves Infinity Scarf

This Library Bookshelves Infinity Scarf is made of soft chiffon and looks like the inside of a library. Great gift for someone who loves books, teachers, and book club friends.

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CVS Receipt Scarf – 59″ Soft Cozy Fleece

Flaunt your mile-long receipts from CVS as a scarf! This CVS Receipt Scarf looks just like the notorious long receipts they are known for giving us. Great gag gift, white elephant gift, or just for the woman or man with a great sense of humor.

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LED Cat Ear Light Up Headphones

These Bluetooth LED Cat Ear Headphones light up with 7 colors and have 4 lighting settings.  They will change colors to the beat of the music.  Super fun!

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Ororo Women’s Heated Vest

If you frequently get cold or have to go out in chilly weather, then this vest can save the day.  Up to 10 hours of heat, 3 temperature levels, and 4 heating zones.