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Your pets are a part of your family, so don’t forget to treat them to something special every now and then. Our gifts for pets will make your furry friends happy while keeping them busy and active. Whether you love dogs or cats or horses, there’s something fun for them in this range of gifts for pets.  Show them some love for their birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just because. We have interactive toys, high quality pet gear, healthy treats, customized pet portraits, and funny gifts. Make all their days a little better with these fun pet gifts!

Gourmet Dog Treats and Macarons by Gifter World
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Gourmet Dog Treats / Dog Macarons

These gourmet dog treats and dog macarons are so decadent and extravagant that they will have you questioning your own worth as a dog owner. They look and taste so good, you may not want to even share with your furry friend. And they have many flavors to choose from and the packaging looks beautiful so it makes a ...

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Pet Treat Tossing Camera

Does your cat or dog get anxiety when you leave them alone? Do you get it worse? This Pet Treat Tossing Camera has wifi and allows you to see and speak to your fuzzy family member from anywhere. It allows you to toss them a treat if they haven't destroyed your house. Related: Unique Gifts for Pets We all love ...

Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Your Pets by Gifter World
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Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Pets

This custom Tim Burton Portrait is truly one of a kind. You can choose any character from a movie, comic, or cartoon and she draws it from scratch.  You are able to see the progress and she will make changes until you are 100% satisfied. It adds a creepy, gothic flair to your home decor and will be the center of ...

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Custom Superhero Portrait by Gifter World
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Custom Superhero Portrait

Get a custom portrait of your loved ones as their favorite character.  You can have between 1 -10 people or animals, so the options are endless. This is such a unique gift for kids, teens, adults, and even pets! The portrait can be any character; superhero, king or queen, famous painting, or anything you have in ...

Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Tree Furniture by Gifter World
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Cat Wall Shelves – Cat Tree Furniture

These Cat Wall Shelves take cat tree furniture to the next level. You can choose black or dark walnut wood for the hexagons, open or with a window, and you can even have a decoration printed on the window.  You can set them up on the wall in various patterns to fit your style and they come with two steps to all your ...

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Pet Photo Art Personalized for Cats and Dogs by Gifter World
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Pet Photo Art – Personalized and Many Art Options

This pet photo art can be personalized by using many famous art options.  How about making your dog the Mona Lisa, your cat the Girl with the Pearl Earring, and your hamster the General.  Ideas are endless!  You send in a picture of your pet (or pets) and pick a famous picture you want to have done or you can have it ...

Dog Subscription Box by PupJoy from Gifter World
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Dog Subscription Box by Pupjoy

This dog subscription box by PupJoy curates the best high-quality products that your pooch will love; toys, treats, leashes and collars, beds, grooming supplies, and more. Fill out the preference profile, then it gives you suggestions so you can pick what you want when you want it. From newborn puppies to elderly ...

Kitnip Box Cat Subscription Crate Gifter World
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Kitnip Box – Cat Subscription Box

Kitnip Box is a cat subscription box that your kitties will love.  Each month, curated, high-quality products are sent to your door. Examples of items include fun cat toys, delicious treats, must-have accessories, health and hygiene products, innovative new gadgets, and awesome surprises! Your cat will no longer plot ...

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Cat Exercise Wheel

Are you and your cat getting chubby? Get this Cat Exercise Wheel so your cat can get in shape while you sit on the couch eating nachos.  This exercise wheel for cats keeps them busy for hours so they don't get bored and pee on your shoes.

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Chicken Tutu

Chickens want to look stylish too, so get them a chicken tutu. We won't judge if you get it for your rooster because we are nondiscriminatory. They make Easter photos extra fun! It comes in several sizes, so it can even fit your turkey!

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Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker

Make your doggie some treats with this Bake-A-Bone Dog Treat Maker. Use the recipes to make healthy, preservative-free treats they will love. Store-bought bones have lots of ingredients we can't even pronounce, but these will be healthy and made from your heart.

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Cat Condo Treehouse

Your kitty will have a blast in this Cat Condo Treehouse and it will look nice in your house. It holds cats up to 32 pounds, but if your cat weighs 32 pounds, you might have a mountain lion. Instead of having an ugly cat house, put up this pretty tree! Available in different sizes, colors, and styles.

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Puppy Starter Kit,15-Piece

This Puppy Starter Kit has it all with a 15-Piece set. It contains a pet blanket, dog treat training pouch, housetraining doorbell, dog clicker, dog leash and collar set, 2 steel dog bowls, pet grooming glove, dog nail clippers, 2 dog travel bowls, and 3 dog toys. It is a great starter kit to find out what your puppy ...

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I Still Live With My Parents – Shirt for Dogs

Your slacker dog will look awesome in this shirt for dogs that says "I Still Live With My Parents". Make him pay rent or do chores to carry his weight. You will get lots of laughs with this funny dog shirt. Available in many sizes.

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Three Piece Gourmet Catnip Gift Set

Treat your stoner cat with this Three Piece Gourmet Catnip Gift Set. It comes with a little cloth pouch to make a catnip toy.  Your house will be the party house for all of the party kitties.

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Dog Carrier Backpack: Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

Your lazy dog will be thrilled that you take them with you in this Dog Carrier Backpack. It is available for small, medium, and large dogs, even if they are chubby (or big-boned). Great for hiking, camping, rock climbing, or dancing. Available in many fancy colors and sizes.  Don't let fashion rules say your chubby ...

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All-Natural Healing Balms for Dogs – 5 Count

Pamper your pooch with these All-Natural Healing Balms for Dogs. This bundle comes with 5 healing balms that will feel great for your furry friend. Protect them from hot cement, dry paw pads, rashes, and more. PawTection: protect sensitive paw pads against the elements (heat, cold, salt, snow, gravel, sand) ...

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Pet Grooming Deshedding Gloves

Your furry friend will love these Pet Grooming Deshedding Gloves. They feel like a soothing massage and removes loose hair and not only do they remove dirt and dander but also improve blood circulation while stimulating healthy oils leaving your pet's fur shiny and smooth. It also helps remove loose fur from blankets, ...

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Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Never have muddy paw prints on your floor again. This Portable Dog Paw Cleaner is easy to use and feels good on your furry friend's paw. Small enough to carry with you on walks.

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Cat Toys Collection Gift Box

Don't forget to give your cat a gift, or they may pee in your bed. This beautiful gift box comes with 7 toys for your furry friend so they will never get bored.

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Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest

This Swamp Cooler Evaporative Dog Cooling Vest helps keep your pooch cool even in the hottest weather, plus it protects them from the sun. Perfect for hiking, camping, and just playing outside. This is a must-have for any dog living in a hot climate.

Heated Outdoor Cat House Bed
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Heated Cat House

This heated outdoor cat house will keep your feline warm and cozy even in cold weather.  Your cat will be so happy with you, they will probably be nice to you.

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LED Dog Collar

Not only will your dog look stylish, but he/she will be seen and stay safe. And you can bring them to a rave and they will blend in. Comes in 6 fun colors and multiple sizes to fit your pup.

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PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

It is a lounger, scratcher and more. Your cat will love it and your couch will be thrilled to no longer be your cat's target.

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Dog Sunglasses

You are going to have to step up your game because your dog will be cooler than you. He might even end up joining a biker gang once he gets these. Waterproof and adjustable for comfort. Use with dogs over 15 pounds.  Comes in several colors.

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Pet Travel Bag

Carry your pet's food, water, leash, toys, and medication. No more worrying that you forgot something. Bring your fur baby with you!

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Lion Dog Mane

Freak out your neighbors or the mailman by dressing your dog as a lion. Awwhhhh…. The gift that keeps giving.

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Embark Dog DNA Kit

Embark screens for over 250 dog breeds and over 170 genetic diseases. Map your dod's family tree and perhaps you will find that your furry friend was royalty.






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