High End Gifts

These High End Gifts are for the special person who has everything. Prices start at about $100+. How about a coffee maker alarm clock for the coffee lover in your life? Or an infrared sauna blanket for someone wanting to relieve pain and lose weight? Or a smart robot suitcase that follows you so you don’t have to drag your luggage? We have everything from furniture, gadgets, games, experiences, gift baskets, sporting goods, and more.

Whiskey Advent Calendar by Flaviar from Gifter World
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Whiskey Advent Calendar – Whiskeys From Around the World

This whiskey advent calendar by Flaviar allows you to try whiskeys from around the world from the comfort of your couch.  It has 24 different whiskeys to ease the pain of the holidays. It comes with 24 1.7 ounce vials, a Glencairn glass, coaster, and tasting notes to tell you about each whiskey. ...

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Tech Subscription Box from Breo Box by Gifter World
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Tech Subscription Box from Breo Box

This tech subscription box by Breo Box is any techie's dream.  Each quarter, you will receive 5-8 of the coolest tech, fitness, home goods, and lifestyle products such as; drones, power banks, projectors, self-warming knife, smart garden, sleep-aides, and so much more! Each box has about $300 of product at a fraction ...

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Water Pad for the Lake – Holds 6 People!

This water pad for the lake holds up to 1,500 pounds so it's big enough for about 6 friends, a cooler, and a couple of dogs.  And if you are getting a little older, you don't have to worry about core strength to get you up, because anyone can do it.  You can sit, lay, stand, walk, or attempt to do cartwheels on it. ...

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar for Firefighters by Gifter World
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Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

The fire extinguisher mini bar is a truly unique gift for a firefighter or any man in your life. It has a shelf inside where you can put a large bottle of your favorite booze, and space for glasses and accessories. You can use it as a cool display for your booze, or turn it around to hide your drinking habit from your ...

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Wine Club for Wine Enthusiasts from Nakedwines by Gifter World
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Wine Club for Wine Enthusiasts from Nakedwines

I am obsessed with this wine club from Nakedwines.  For wine enthusiasts who drink a lot of wine, this is the way to go. You pay a monthly fee ($40) to become a member and then you get discounts up to 60% on amazing wines. You can choose to get a case or half of a case and can choose specifically which wine you want ...

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Yeti Backpack Cooler – Hopper Backflip 24

This Yeti Hopper BackFlip 24 Backpack Cooler is waterproof and is big enough to carry a day's worth of food and drinks including ice. It allows you to distribute the weight so it doesn't weigh you down on one side. And the ergonomic shoulder straps make it comfortable. And everyone knows that Yeti is the best of the ...

Batman Whiskey Decanter Set from Gifter World
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Batman Whiskey Decanter Set

The Batman enthusiast in your life will love this personalized whiskey decanter set. You can customize the set to include only one item or get the decanter, glasses, the box, coasters, and more. This price is for everything you see. You can also have it additionally engraved with their name.

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Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

These Bose Frames audio sunglasses allow you to listen to music with open ear audio. It is a great sensation to be able to be aware of your surroundings and have a rich, immersive sound while others near you hear nothing. They also allow you to take calls and access your phone's virtual assistant. These are cutting ...

$199.00 $179.00
Golf Gift Basket from Gifter World
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Golf Gift Basket

Give the golf enthusiast in your life what they really want with this Golf Gift Basket. Whether you are a golf pro or an amateur, Johnny Walker can help you play better.  I may have just made that up, but I'm sticking with it. This scotch will help you get through the first 18 holes so you can party more on the 19th.  ...

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Smart Punching Bag – Freestanding Reflex Boxing Ball

Get into shape and relieve stress using the Smart Punching Bag - Freestanding Reflex Boxing Ball with Bluetooth Sensor.  It measures your speed and punch intensity and you have the option to play against friends or others to motivate you even more. Just download the app, pick a course, and punch away to a fit body!

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Putterball – Golf Beer Pong

Combine your love of beer and golf with this Putterball - Golf Beer Pong set. You can use it to just practice your putter skills, or add in some beer. It is a great way to improve your golf game while at home and it is extremely portable so you can just roll it up and take it with you to the beach, a party, or your ...

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Stealth Core Trainer – Plank While Playing Games

This Stealth Core Trainer allows you to plank while playing games against your own high score or play against others.  It is a fantastic way to motivate you to stay up in the treacherous plank and tone your body from head to toe.  The movement you make while playing the games intensifies the workout and finetunes your ...

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Bean Bag Chair with Footstool

Cuddle up and get cozy with this giant bean bag chair with footstool. It comes in many colors and is easily washable. It measures approximately 6-feet. Grab a glass of wine and a good book and sit back and relax.

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Vertical Chess Board for the Wall

This vertical wall mounted chess board will look gorgeous on your wall and you can make a move every time you pass it on your way to the bathroom. Looks great in a home or office.

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Kangaroo Jumping Shoes

These kangaroo jumping shoes increase the effectiveness of your workout by burning twice the calories and reduces the impact on joints and muscles. Add them to your workout; jogging, dance, and more to make you look super cool! Weight limit: 200lbs

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Library Table and Chair Set

The book lover in your life will love this library table and chair set with storage.  When the chairs are pulled in, it looks like a piece of art and a table filled with beautiful books. It looks beautiful in any home or office.

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Bose Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker

This Bose Soundwear Wireless Wearable Speaker is my absolute favorite speaker. You can wear it around the house while cleaning, while you are working outside, or while driving.  The buttons are easy to control volume, change songs, speak to Alexa or Siri, or answer calls.  It forms sort of a sound bubble around your ...

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Premium Wine Preservation System

Every wine lover needs this Premium Wine Preservation System. You insert the needle, pour, and then remove when you are drinking and it reseals the wine. Never have wine go bad again!

$209.95 $179.00
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Infrared Sauna Blanket for Burning Calories, Inflammation, Pain, and More

This Infrared Sauna Blanket has 3 zones and helps to burn up to 500 calories in a single session and induces sweating which promotes the elimination of heavy metals, toxins, chemicals and more. It helps with anxiety, stress, inflammation, blood circulation, immune systems, soothes sore muscles and joints, improves ...

$449.99 $421.35
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Brain Sensing Headband for Meditation

This Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband lets you know when you are doing Meditation correctly. It gives you real-time feedback to guide you into deep relaxation. Bluetooth connects to apple and android and you can track and review your data.  Meditation has shown to increase focus, decrease stress. and helps with sleep and ...

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Whiskey Barrel Ring For Men

This Whiskey Barrel Ring For Men is made from reclaimed whiskey barrel wood and it is stunning and each one is has a different grain, making it one of a kind.  Perfect for the man who doesn't like traditional, boring wedding rings.

$299.00 $149.00
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Men’s Valet & Jewelry Box Organizer with Smartphone Charging Station

This Men's Valet & Jewelry Box Organizer with Smartphone Charging Station has metal hardware and stitching to add a classy look. The deep sections are perfect for watches, knives, wallets, glasses, and more. This is a great unique gift for men who have everything, because it is well built, classy, very few guys ...

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Accordion Folding Paper Chair

You can use this Accordion Folding Paper Chair as a stool, sofa, couch, coffee table and more.  It is sturdy enough to hold 660 pounds. Shape it to create a piece of art or to build a sitting area in an oddly shaped corner. Adds flair and fun to any home!

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Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

This Coffee Maker Alarm Clock is a great gift for the person who has everything. Delicious coffee is now automated so set the alarm and it will be ready when it is time to wake up. And the yummy smell of the fresh brew will probably slowly wake you up before the alarm.  

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Smart Robot “Follow You” Carry On Suitcase

Free up your hands with this Smart Robot "Follow You" Carry On Suitcase that actually follows you through the airport. It can travel without hitting obstacles and other people with smart sensors. It has a smart fingerprint to open it and it easily charges with the solar charging system. You no longer need to choose ...

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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Girls Room Gifter World
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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Light Fixture

Talk about gorgeous! This Butterfly Crystal Chandelier would look great in any girl's room and she will love how it looks. You can even put other colored LED lights in it to turn it red, blue, purple, etc...  She will be the talk of the town. She will be so happy that she will probably stop bugging you for stuff ...

Scotch and Cigar Gift Basket for Executives
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Scotch and Cigar Gift Basket for Executives

This Scotch and Cigar Basket for Executives will impress even the snootiest recipient.  If you are trying to get a raise or land a new client, this will help you do the job!


2 – BroBasket Rocks Glasses 1 – Premium Whiskey Stones sets – 9 stones & a lovely caring pouch 2 – ...

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Underwater Scooter with Dual Propellers

This powerful underwater scooter can take you down 164 feet and can travel 4 miles per hour.  You can even mount your go-pro on it! You no longer have to extend all of your energy swimming... Just hold on and it will do all of the work! Great for swimming in the ocean, lakes, pools, and more.  It is compact enough ...

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Baseball Pinball Machine

Pinball lovers will love having their own game in their home. You are challenged to swing the bat to hit the ball. A unique gift for those who love baseball or pinball.

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Luxury Edition Clue Board Game

This super fancy Clue Board Game will delight your party guests.  Why use the same old board game, when you can play games like millionaires!

$249.99 $229.00
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Real Time Language Translator

Communication while traveling abroad is important. So is knowing if people are talking about you. This cutting edge gadget will allow you to understand 36 languages. Impress people around the globe with your comprehension. No more getting lost and not being able to get directions.

$259.99 $199.99
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Guitar Wine Rack

This super unique wine holder holds 7 bottles of wine and 2 wine glasses and is shaped like a guitar. Made with natural wood and is beautiful. Great for home, office, recording studio, restaurant, and more. Stand out from the crowd with this unique piece.

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Karaoke Machine

You don't have to be a great singer to sing karaoke if you just believe you can do it. Shake your hips a little and you will sound even better.  It comes with two microphones, a disco ball and is easily portable! Great for friends or with the kids!

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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

No more struggling to find a place to store your paddleboard or needing a large vehicle to transport it. This board easily inflates and deflates, so you can take it anywhere.

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LED Hoverboard

This LED Hoverboard takes the Hoverboard experience to the next level. Bringing disco back, it displays fun colors that change according to the music. Everyone will want to follow you to the party.

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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

We’ve all heard of the Razors that kids have been riding for the last few years. Well, this is the newest in the line. This Mini Razor Scooter can ride up to 10 miles on a single charge.  Your kids will feel fashionable and cute with this vintage scooter.  It comes in several color options, so you can find one to fit ...

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Hoverboard and Go-Kart Combo

You get a Hoverboard AND a Go-Kart that attaches to it. When your kids get tired of standing on their hoverboard, they attach the Go-Kart and have a seat. It can travel 7 miles before it runs out of juice and can carry up to 265 pounds!