Gifts For Family

Sometimes you have to give a gift to a whole family, but finding appropriate gifts for family can be hard. These gifts are something they can enjoy together as a family. Perhaps a game, a kit to solve a mystery or a stick that caramelizes hot cocoa?

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Water Pad for the Lake – Holds 6 People!

This water pad for the lake holds up to 1,500 pounds so it's big enough for about 6 friends, a cooler, and a couple of dogs.  And if you are getting a little older, you don't have to worry about core strength to get you up, because anyone can do it.  You can sit, lay, stand, walk, or attempt to do cartwheels on it. ...

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1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die

If you are looking for places to add to your bucket list without leaving the country, then check out 1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die. It has beautiful photographs and temps you to see parks, museums, festivals, mountain resorts, rafting rivers, vineyards, ballparks, gardens, and ...

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Galaxy Night Light and Mood Ambiance

Change the ambiance of the room and project the galaxy on your ceiling and walls with this night light.  With 3 brightness levels and 10 colors, you can set any mood.  It is great for romantic evenings at home, parties, relaxation, or as a night light for kids. You can connect it to your phone or tablet to play music ...

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Make Your Own Sushi Kit

This Make Your Own Sushi Kit has everything you need to make your own sushi in minutes... You just need to add fish and rice. It has a 2piece sushi mat, paddle, sushi Bazooka, spreader, sushi knife, bamboo chopsticks, and chopstick holders. You no longer have to pay a fortune at a fancy restaurant because now you can ...

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Foodie Subscription Box by Mouth Gifter World
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Foodie Subscription Box

This foodie subscription box by Mouth gives you their best products every month.  You will receive yummy stuff like truffle popcorn, hot sauce, spicy garlicky pickles, chocolate peanut butter crunch, a cocktail mixer, and more! You can buy a subscription or a single month.  This stuff is AMAZING.

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Wooden Three Person Chess Board

This wooden three person chess board is handcrafted from birch and beech wood and is great for families or when you are the third wheel on a date. It has a compartment to store the pieces inside for easy storage or to take it with you on the go. A great, unique gift for the chess lover!    

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Peanut Butter Lover's Gift Set Gifter World
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Peanut Butter Lover’s Gift Set

This Peanut Butter Lover's Gift Set will make your mouth water with peanut butter, bars, pretzels, puffs, and more!  It is so yummy, it will make you go nuts! Includes:

  • Salty Peanut Granola Bar by Awesome Bars
  • Organic Creamunchy Peanut Butter by CB's Nuts
  • PB +P: Peanut Butter ...

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Your Guide to the National Parks

Your Guide to the National Parks is the most complete guide to all 59 national parks and includes hotels, restaurants, and attractions beyond the parks. It has road trip suggestions, hiking trails, itineraries, sites, backpacking essentials, and more. This book covers more than any of the other books on parks. ...

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Escape the Room – An Escape Room Experience

Escape the Room is an escape room experience for the whole family. Work to uncover the clues to solve the mystery.  It is a great activity to do as a family or at a dinner party. It is a great gift for someone who is stuck at home. 3-8 players, ages 10+

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Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit – DIY

This DIY Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit allows you to grow up to 4 pounds of Lion's Mane mushrooms in the comfort of your home.  These are the same mushrooms used in gourmet restaurants all over Metro Detroit, Michigan, and can grow up to 7 inches in diameter.  Start pulling out your favorite mushroom recipes, because ...

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Shut the Box Wooden Board Game

Shut the Box Wooden Board Game can be played with 2-4 players of all ages. The player rolls the dice, adds up the value, then lays down the tiles that have the sum. It is a great way to teach young children about basic addition. So bring the family or your friends together for some bonding, laughs, and a good time. ...

Virtual Ping Pong Gifter World
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Virtual Ping Pong

This virtual ping pong has a simulated 'ball of light' that bounces off of the walls and ceiling. It is similar to tennis or ping pong, but you can play it anywhere without the fear of balls flying into a lamp and breaking something.  You use your virtual racquet to try to beat your opponent or play solo against the ...

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DIY Baking Kit for Kids

Are the kids bored and driving you crazy? Try the DIY Baking Kit for Kids to enjoy some bonding time together. There are several kits to choose from, but this one is the Bug Cupcake Kit and it comes with premeasured and vacuum-packed ingredients, and 2 educational activities to enjoy while you bake together!  

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DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Make your own grilling sauces with the DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit. It has recipes (mustard-based sauce, tomato-based sauce, and mop sauce) and ingredients to customize your favorite flavors. Fire up the grill and baste away!  Great gift for the grillmaster who has everything. Kit includes:

  • Apple cider ...

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Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

May the toast be with you with this Star Wars Darth Vader toaster. It has an adjustable toast level in case you like your toast on the dark side. Perfect for the Star Wars enthusiast.

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Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model Kit – Movie Projector

This Movie Projector Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Model Kit is not only a puzzle but it is also a real movie projector. It has 183 wood pieces and takes about 4-6 hours to put it together. It comes with a 58 frame snippet of Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times" that you play by turning the crank.  Great gift for teens and ...

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Pick Your Nose Paper Cups

These Pick Your Nose Paper Cups are hilarious at parties.  When you take a drink, it looks like you have a different nose and possibly a new mustache. Great for adults and kids. Comes with 24 cups.

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Cake Pop Maker

Calories don't count if they are bite-size, so check out this Cake Pop Maker! Make 12 perfect cake pops at a time and it's fun to make with the kids or for parties.  Impress your friends at the next potluck! Available in 2 sizes

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Classic Skee Ball Game Machine Table – 108 Inch

Your family will have a blast with this Classic Skee Ball Game Machine Table. It feels like a real arcade with the LED electronic scorer, sound effects, and push-button controls. Roll the ball and aim for the holes to score. A great way to keep kids at home instead of galavanting around town. 108 Inches

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Campfire Beer and Beverage Caramelizer

Transform your beverages with this Campfire Beer and Beverage Caramelizer by making it richer, creamier, and smoother.  It will not change the temperature of your beverage. Works great with beer, cider, hot chocolate, adult beverages, and more. Craft beer will taste amazing! Heat the rod tip until it is visibly red ...

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Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game

Monopoly National Parks Edition Board Game will inspire your family to travel throughout the United States to visit 22 of the most visited national parks. Includes an educational game matching animals to the parks they inhabit. It also has a 60-minute version if you don't like spending three weeks on the same game. ...

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The Best Ever Back Seat Games: Fun Games To Play While You Are Traveling

Keep the family communicating and out of their phones on long trips in a car, plane or train. The Best Ever Back Seat Games: Fun Games To Play While You Are Traveling has fun facts and games that are appropriate for all ages from little kids to adults. Now, you won't have the urge to throw them out of the car halfway ...

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Bob Ross Waffle Maker

Pour the pretty little batter into the machine and make happy little Bob Ross faces with this Bob Ross Waffle Maker.  Makes two sizes of waffles (6" and 7"). Makes a great gag gift.

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Luxury Edition Clue Board Game

This super fancy Clue Board Game will delight your party guests.  Why use the same old board game, when you can play games like millionaires!

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Book Making Kit for Kids

This kit comes with everything your child needs to create and illustrate their own custom 20-page professionally printed book. Let their creative juices flow and spark their desire to be a writer. Who knows, maybe they will decide to be a famous writer and support you off their millions when they are older.

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Floor Lounger

Makes sleep-overs and movie nights super fun!  Just add your own pillows to this lounger and create and chair, bed, or lounger. Available in two sizes and many colors/styles.

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Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Humanity

Most of us naughty adults have played the adult version (Cards Against Humanity) and know it is our go-to once the kiddos are asleep.  But now, there is a kid-friendly addition that kids will relate to... and an occasional adult innuendo that only us pervs will get. This game will keep the kiddos busy for hours, or ...

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Spikeball Game Set

A cross between handball, volleyball,  hacky-sack, this game is the newest fad.  Teams of two hit it off the net and have to hit it three times before it goes to the other team. Great game to get the family off the couch!

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