Coding for Kids with CodeMonkey by Gifter World
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Coding for Kids With CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey is a game-based learning platform that teaches kids pre-K and older how to do computer programming. It turns coding into a fun game so they will want to learn. Coding for kids has never been so easy and fun! It starts kids off with block-based coding where they drag blocks that represent codes. Then, as ...

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Virtual Reality Atlas Science Kit for Kids by Professor Maxwell

Professor Maxwell's Virtual Reality Atlas Science Kit let's kids explore the world and learn about science, topography, geography, food, language, populations, oceanography, culture, engineering, and more in the most fun way possible. Related: Educational Gifts for Kids The virtual reality goggles take kids to ...

Shadow Fighter by Gifter World
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Shadow Fighter

Practice your martial arts skills by fighting a shadow ninja with this Shadow Fighter. You perform offensive and defensive moves against the shadow fighter and the projector emits a green light when you hit it and a red light when you get hit.  The in-game music adds to the battle ambiance. It has several levels ...

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WEDRAW Robot with 56 Learning Games (Spelling, Math, Counting, Drawing & More)

The WEDRAW Robot comes with 56 Learning Games for spelling, math, counting, drawing & more and it teaches kids in a fun and interactive way so they don't even realize they are learning.  You hold the card up to the WEDRAW robot's eyes and then the robot will teach you what is on the card.  The robot talks you ...

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Holi Color Powder for Color Chalk Wars

This Holi color powder is super fun for color chalk wars for 6-10 people.  They are great for color runs, color wars, parties, festivals, events, or just a fun afternoon of play. Throw each ball 50-60 times then refill.  You can also play a version of Capture the Flag or tag using them or they are a safe, kid-friendly ...

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Water Pad for the Lake – Holds 6 People!

This water pad for the lake holds up to 1,500 pounds so it's big enough for about 6 friends, a cooler, and a couple of dogs.  And if you are getting a little older, you don't have to worry about core strength to get you up, because anyone can do it.  You can sit, lay, stand, walk, or attempt to do cartwheels on it. ...

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Giant Bubble Blowing Kit

The Giant Bubble Blowing Kit creates huge, long bubbles with a 2-handle wand design. It is the same design that has set the bubble world record for the last 25 years. It comes with the giant bubble maker wands, bubble concentrate, and tips and tricks for bigger bubbles. It makes great fun at pool parties, BBQs, ...

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Spa Lab – Chemistry Science Kit for Kids

Spa Lab is a science kit for kids that lets them create body scrubs, fairy dust, bath bombs, lip balms, bath salts, and so much more. It includes 30 fun recipes! This chemistry set gets kids interested in science early by making it fun and giving them something they can use afterward. It is fun to do alone, as a ...

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Fort Building Kit for Indoor Playhouse Construction

The kids will be entertained for hours with this indoor Fort Building Kit with 32 faux-wood panels that connect with velcro.  They can mix and match to build endless possibilities.  Then you can build a box with them to store them. If they start to annoy you, tell them you are playing 'prison' and lock them inside the ...

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Lego Ship in a Bottle Building Kit for Teens and Adults

This Lego Ship in a Bottle Building Kit is great for teens (ages 12+) and Adults. It has 962 pieces and has details such as a captain's quarters, mast, cannons, crow's nest, flag, sails, a display stand, and more. It is fun to put together and is cool to display for years to come. Ages 12+ .

Virtual Ping Pong Gifter World
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Virtual Ping Pong

This virtual ping pong has a simulated 'ball of light' that bounces off of the walls and ceiling. It is similar to tennis or ping pong, but you can play it anywhere without the fear of balls flying into a lamp and breaking something.  You use your virtual racquet to try to beat your opponent or play solo against the ...

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Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit – STEM for Kids

The Edible Candy Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit allows kids to use science to create edible, yummy candy with 40 experiments; crystal lollipops, why popcorn pops, jelly sweets, and more. It will keep the kids busy for hours and it allows you to have great bonding time with them. Recommended for ages 8+.

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Roadster 5-in-1 Engineering and Robotics Building Kit

Build a model car with the Roadster 5-in-1 Engineering and Robotics Building Kit. Learn about engineering and science with hands-on experience with the174 piece STEM kit. The pieces can also be used to build 4 other vehicle variations. It takes about 1-3 hours to complete and is recommended for ages 8+.  It is a great ...

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Aspiring DJ Station for Kids Gifter World
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Aspiring DJ Turntable for Kids

The Aspiring DJ Turntable for kids lets them create music with beats, a keyboard, drum sounds, pre-loaded beats, and more. They will have a blast rocking out to their own tunes!  It can be used by itself or they can attach a smartphone through the audio port to accompany their favorite tunes. They can take Baby Shark ...

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Tent and Tunnel Playset For Kids

This tent and tunnel playset can be put together in many different ways to make a different playhouse each time.  It also has a target wall game (4 dart balls included). Great for kids ages 1-5. Balls are sold separately.

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Princess Tent with Lights

Every princess needs her own fort. This adorable princess/fairy tent is big enough for a few kids to play inside.  It gives them a feeling of having their own place and the lights are super fun.

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National Geographic Mega Fossil Dig Kit

Practice being a real Paleontologist with this kit that includes a chisel, brush, and magnifying glass to excavate real fossils. Dinosour fossils, sharks teeth and more. This is a great STEM gift to stimulate your kid's curious mind.

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Capture the Flag Redux: Glow

Take Capture the Flag to the next level with this GLOW Redux edition.  You try to enter your opponent's territory and steal their glow orb.  This is a great bonding game that will get your friends and family away from their screens. Kit includes: 2 Glowing Orbs (aka "flags") 5 Territory Lights (to divide ...

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Disgusting n’ Gross Science Activity & Experiment Set

This disgusting experiment kit won Fun STEM Toy of the Year. They can learn about gels & cross-linked polymers using biology and gross special effects. It comes with 34+ Tools, Ingredients, & Parts, so your kiddos will be busy for hours.

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Hoverboard and Go-Kart Combo

You get a Hoverboard AND a Go-Kart that attaches to it. When your kids get tired of standing on their hoverboard, they attach the Go-Kart and have a seat. It can travel 7 miles before it runs out of juice and can carry up to 265 pounds!

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Ninebot Drift Hover Shoes

This is the latest fun technology in riding toys. Balance each foot on a hover shoe and ride away. Similar to balancing on a snowboard, so there is a learning curve, but kids seem to catch on faster than parents. You can even ride for up to 45 minutes on one charge.






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