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Giant Wall Scrabble Game by Gifter World
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Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide to the World Atlas

Are you tired of boring, stuffy guidebooks that only tell you where to find the nearest hostel or where to find a bathroom? Do you want a travel companion that will take you on a journey like no other? Well, let me introduce you to the ultimate book to have in your suitcase: "Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer's Guide ...

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Interactive Ugly CHristmas Onesie by Gifter World
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Ugly Christmas Onesie – And It’s Interactive!

Wearing this interactive ugly Christmas onesie from Tipsy Elves is an absolute hoot! For one, it's the perfect way to distract your family from asking about your love life or when you're going to find a "real" job. Just start playing the built-in drinking game and watch all the awkward questions go down the hatch with ...

Gourmet Dog Treats and Macarons by Gifter World
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Gourmet Dog Treats / Dog Macarons

These gourmet dog treats and dog macarons are so decadent and extravagant that they will have you questioning your own worth as a dog owner. They look and taste so good, you may not want to even share with your furry friend. And they have many flavors to choose from and the packaging looks beautiful so it makes a ...

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Ferrofluid Speaker – The Liquid Metal Dances to the Beat

Introducing the latest innovation in audio technology - the ferrofluid speaker! This revolutionary speaker not only produces crystal clear sound but also provides endless entertainment with its mesmerizing metallic goo. It's like a futuristic lava lamp set to music. Related: What Do I Want for Christmas? Gone ...

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Pet Treat Tossing Camera

Does your cat or dog get anxiety when you leave them alone? Do you get it worse? This Pet Treat Tossing Camera has wifi and allows you to see and speak to your fuzzy family member from anywhere. It allows you to toss them a treat if they haven't destroyed your house. Related: Unique Gifts for Pets We all love ...

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Holiday Dress

Forget the Ugly Holiday Sweater.  Go full-blown festive in this adorable Christmas Wrap Dress. Santa's elves will be jealous of your fashionista style. They have dresses, pants, pajamas, bathing suits, and more. Available in many styles and colors for all holidays. Matching suits for your man are also available. ...

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Ugly 3D Christmas Sweater

It's that time of year again, folks. The time when our social media feeds are filled with pictures of decorated trees, perfectly wrapped gifts, and of course, the classic ugly Christmas sweater. Yes, that's right, those horrendously tacky, yet somehow still endearing sweaters that seem to make an appearance at every ...

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Flying Orb Ball / Flying Spinner

This flying orb ball is like a boomerang but it lights up and you can control it with your hands like a drone, and it's fun for kids and adults. It's the ultimate gift that is sure to make them feel like a kid again.   Related: Gifts for Kids and Teens Imagine their face lighting up as they open their gift and ...

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Digital LED Backpack

Stand out from the crowd with this customizable LED backpack. Display GIFs, quotes, graffiti, pictures, animation, and more in many colors of light. You download the app and then you can customize the screen however you want. The app even lets you create your own graffiti to display. And uploading your own pictures is ...

Bourbon Basket Tasting from BroBasket by Gifter World
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Bourbon Basket ~ BroBasket Whiskey Tasting Basket Review

This bourbon basket is the perfect gift for whiskey lovers. The BroBasket has lots of different booze baskets with different options, but this particular one is called a Bite of Bourbon and has 6 bourbons, 2 Popcornopolis, 2 pretzels, a rocks glass, a recipe card, a Coke, and a reusable tin basket. Not only is this a ...






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