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The Hungover Cookbook

We've all had a hangover so bad that you wanted to die and nothing would fix it.  This hilarious Hangover Cookbook helps you identify the type of hangover you have (yes, there are different types!) and gives you delicious recipes that will help bring you back to the living. Interspersed with the recipes are quizzes to ...

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Baseball Wine Holder

Do you love baseball and wine?  Why not combine them both with this baseball wine holder!  A great gift for the sports enthusiast!

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Leather Flask with Shot Glasses

This stainless steel flask is covered in brown or black leather and includes 3 cups to share your booze with your friends.  Stay classy while you get tipsy on your vodka, whiskey, scotch, and more!

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Guitar Wine Rack

This super unique wine holder holds 7 bottles of wine and 2 wine glasses and is shaped like a guitar. Made with natural wood and is beautiful. Great for home, office, recording studio, restaurant, and more. Stand out from the crowd with this unique piece.

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Ammo Can Gift Set

This manly crate comes with a flask, an 11 in 1 survival tool, keychain, and knife, packaged in a cool ammo can. Bring it with you to parties, so people know you are serious.

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Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks

What could be better than listening to your favorite album? Listening to it with a perfectly paired cocktail in your hand. This cocktail recipe book pairs delectable cocktails for some of the best albums of all time.  Perfect for the booze and music lover. Among the 70 featured albums are Sgt. Pepper's Lonely ...

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Premium Wine Gift Set

This great set comes with a case that makes it easy to transport to another room for the party. This set contains a wine corkscrew, wine aerator, foil cutter, wine pourer, wine collar (drip ring), thermometer, replacement screw, and two bottle stoppers. Great for a gift for a housewarming, wedding, 21st ...

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Cocktail Garden Kit

Step your bartending skills up with this easy to grow herbs kit for your bar! Individual seed packets of Cucamelon, Blue Borage, Lime Basil, Hyssop, Lemon Balm & Mint. I know you might not know what some of these are, but they taste yummy and add depth to your cocktails.

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Bottle Keeper (Hide and Cool Your Beer)

You never have to hide your beer again.  Insert your beer into this handy bottle and it keeps it cool and hidden.  The cops will just think you are drinking water on the beach. It comes in many colors.

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Wine Chiller Set

Keep your wine cool for up to 2 hours with this chiller stick.  Pop the stick in the freezer to get it cold, then put it in your wine bottle. Keeps it at the perfect temperature! This kit also comes with an aerator and a drip-free pourer.

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Golf Ball Decanter Set

If you love golf and booze, why not combine your love for both with this stylish golf ball decanter set. The topper creates a seal so your liquor won't evaporate.  Use it for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, vodka, gin, wine and more!

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Booze Infused Jerky Box

What could be better than meat and booze? Enjoy both with this Booze Infused Jerky Box. Don’t worry…. They didn’t have to get the cows liquored up in order to make this product. Your boozy beef comes with Dark Ale, Cabernet, Caribbean Rum, and Whiskey Straight jerky. Easy to take into the wilderness so you don’t ...

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Premium Quality Whiskey Decanter Set

This premium quality Whiskey Decanter Set will wow your guests. Don't keep your booze in an ugly bottle... display it with class.  Whether you display vodka, bourbon, gin, whiskey or scotch, it will step up your game and improve your bar.

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Book Club Cocktail Napkins

These coasters will bring laughter to your book club. Everyone knows 'book club' is code for 'wine club' with a side of books. Don't deny it... just have a drink.

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Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

This cocktail book is great for those obsessed with literary masterpieces. 65 drink recipes paired with commentary on your favorite books of all time. It also includes drinking games and bar bites. Some of the drinks include:

  • The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose
  • The Last of the Mojitos
  • ...

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Solid Wood Book Shaped Coasters with Drinking Puns

These solid wood coasters have classic book titles with a drinking pun and they are hand-crafted with recycled wood.  Perfect for a book club gift. Available Titles to choose from: * An Ale of Two Cities * Drinkinstain * Drinkula * Gone with the Wine * To Have and To Have Hot * Jurassic Perk * Last of the Mojitos * ...

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Copper uKeg Carbonated Growler for Beer

This carbonation vessel keeps beer fresh for weeks. Easily portable, so you can take it to parties, camping, BBQs and more! It's like having a fancy, portable keg everywhere you go!  (comes in two sizes)

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Personalized Cigar Gift Set

Personalize this cigar box and whiskey glass with a name, date, or more. You can even pick the font.  Personalized engraved cigar box comes with 9 whiskey stones, a cigar cutter, and a custom whiskey glass that holds your cigar. James Bond will have nothing on you.

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Brewopoly Board Game

Standard Monopoly can drag on forever and is boring. Step it up with Brew-Opoly!  Buy, trade or sell your favorite beers and increase your property value by purchasing Brewpubs and Microbreweries. It's enough to get your tastebuds watering!  

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Beer Cap Map of USA

Drink yourself across America and display your beer caps from each State. If you need a reason to travel, then here it is.  Don't have a beer cap from Nebraska? Load up the car and go get one!

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The World Atlas of Whiskey

If you are a whiskey connoisseur, then you need this book in your collection! Beautiful pictures and information about your favorite beverage around the world. It is enough it get your mouth drooling.

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Cocktail and Margarita Machine

You no longer have to go to an expensive bar to get an overpriced, delicious cocktail.  This smart machine does the work for you with precise deliciousness.  Pop the pod into the machine, select the strength and then enjoy!

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Let’s Get Tipsy Wine Glasses

When you start to feel tipsy and everything looks skewed, bust out these glasses and everything will be straight again. Great for laughs at parties or gift to your girlfriends or hostess.

St. Patrick's Day Gifts Party Ice Luge Gifter World
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Party Ice Luge

Need to liven up your party? Then this is what you need! Pour your shot down the luge and open wide.

St. Patrick's Day Gifts Shot Glass Roulette Gifterworld
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Shot Glass Roulette Game

Take gambling in Vegas to the next level with this drinking shot game! Will you win? Will you lose? Will you pass out? Who cares... you are having fun!

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Huge Flask for drinking alcohol gifterworld
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HUGE Personalized Flask (128 OZ)

This gigantic flask is sure to make a splash at any party. It carries enough alcohol to share with your friends... or those you only tolerate. If mixed drinks are your thing, then fill it up and enjoy!

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Personalized Whiskey Cigar Glass Holder

No more need to double-fist your whiskey and cigar. Now you can hold them both in one hand so your other hand is free to do as you wish...perhaps another whiskey in that hand?? This invention is genius and it's amazing it has taken so long for someone to think of it!

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I Only Have Time For One Glass – Wine Bottle

If your friends are like mine, they will love this hilarious wine bottle. It fits an entire bottle of wine so you won't freak out when someone says you can only have one glass. Great for Bridesmaids' gifts, hostess' gifts or just taking it to a party and using it yourself.

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Personalized Portable Wine Cooler

Engrave this portable wine cooler and give it as a gift... or keep it and enjoy it yourself. Keeps wine cool for 12 hours. Let's face it, it is always nice to have a perfectly chilled bottle of wine wherever you go. Great for Mother's Day, Bridal Party Day, Birthday, or just a Tuesday!

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Personalized Home Marquee Theater Sign

Every bar or entertainment room needs this customizable marquee sign. Your guests will feel they are entering a red carpet event even if your party room is in a double-wide. Highly crafted and customizable!

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Smoke Box Deluxe Drink Smoker System

I'm pretty sure you will be the only one on the block to have a Drink Smoker Machine. It adds a new flavor to any drink, cocktail, or even food! Just put your cocktail in the box and use the woodchips and smoker to add an interesting depth to the flavor. You will be the coolest person in town and everyone will want to ...

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Skull Liquor Decanter Set

If you are obsessed with Halloween or anything spooky, this decanter is for you! Scare the little children away from your booze and enjoy your dark sense of humor with a little alcohol.

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Craft Beer Club of the Month

Impress your man with delicious new craft beers every month. With this Craft Beer of the Month Club, you can customize the number of beers and how often they are delivered.

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Whiskey Set

Nothing says class better than a fancy whiskey set. Display your booze with style.

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Funny Wine Bottle Labels

These vintage-style wine labels will bring laughter to any party. Great as a gift or to label wine that you bring to parties. Comes as a set of 8.

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Book Club Wine Glass

Everyone knows Book Club is more like a wine club. Embrace it with the glass engraved with Reading Between the Wines.

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DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Turns any canned or bottled beer into a Nitro styled draft. It converts beer's carbonation into a Micro-Foam which enhances the aroma, flavor, and feel of any beer. You will become a beer connoisseur and will want to use every time.

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Funny Naughty Coasters

Let your friends know they need to keep their drinks off your furniture with a little humor. Your friends already know your sick sense of humor, so let it shine.

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Beer Chiller Sticks

Nobody likes to drink warm beer and this is the solution. Chill sticks in the freezer for 30-50 minutes and insert into your beer (or other bottled beverage) and it will chill it to the perfect temperature. Stays cold and can be used for multiple beers. Great for BBQ's, tailgate parties and camping.

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Gin and Vodka Infusion Making Kit

You know when you go to a fancy bar and the bartender makes you a fabulous concoction that you know you will never be able to create at home? Well, now you can! Forget those $20 per drink bar tabs and indulge in your own creations!

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Face Mask Coasters

Have a blast when your guests attach the coaster to their faces to make themselves look silly. Have a drinking contest to see who looks the weirdest. Great for parties or family gatherings. NOTE FROM EDITOR: We did this at a party and it was so fun. Our stomachs were hurting from laughing so hard.

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Dad Belly Fanny Pack

Are you tired of having everyone whistle as you walk by? This hysterical fanny pack will help keep the ladies at bay and make you a star at parties. It comes in several different sexy styles; hairy, muscles, rolls of fat, beer belly and more.

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Wood Globe Bar Stand

This is a stylish way to display (or hide) your alcohol.  It is strong enough to hold several bottles and glasses. Keep it at work if you want a little mid-day pick me up or to numb the pain from your annoying coworkers.

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Wine Bottle Condoms

Better safe than sorry. These wine condoms fit almost any size bottle and will keep it safe and fresh. And they make a great gift for a party host or a gag gift.   They are totally functionally but they will also bring laughter when you give it to someone.

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Wine Bottle Puzzle

A great gift for the host of a wine party. Entertain your friends to see who can get the wine out of the puzzle cage. If you can't get it out, maybe it is a sign that you had too much already.

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Insulated Wine Purse

Always carry your wine, beer, or cocktails and nobody will know. You will look like you've got it together instead of the lush that you are. Plus, if you decide to share, you will be the hit of any function.

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Wine Gift Set

Don't go through the effort of having to use an old fashioned bottle opener. This makes your life easier! All in one wine gift set. Includes aerator, electric wine bottle opener, 2 bottle stops, foil cutter, vacuum wine preserver, and a charging base. Great for anyone who throws dinner parties or just likes to drink ...

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Bartender Kit

Serve your guests in style with this 23 piece bartender kit. Look like a pro, even if you are just an amateur lush.

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Personalized Whiskey Making Kit with Barrel

This Personalized Whiskey Making Kit with a Barrel is such a beautiful way to display your homemade booze! You will look like a professional with this handcrafted barrel and have fun creating your own spiced bourbon whiskey. It comes in several sizes.





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