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Zen Rituals Epsom Bath Salt Set

If you're like me, you love a soothing bath. This mineral bath salts gift set comes with one for stress and tension, restless nights, and aches and pains. They make you feel like you are in a spa so you may never want to get out of the bathtub so you better grab a couple of glasses of wine to enjoy. They are ...

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Booze & Vinyl: A Spirited Guide to Great Music and Mixed Drinks

What could be better than listening to your favorite album? Listening to it with a perfectly paired cocktail in your hand. This cocktail recipe book pairs delectable cocktails for some of the best albums of all time.  Perfect for the booze and music lover. Among the 70 featured albums are Sgt. Pepper's Lonely ...

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Viking Style Handcrafted Beer Cup

You'll be transported back in time into the Viking era with this handcrafted, Viking horn drinking cup. It's enough to make the meekest man feel manly. They make a cool gift for a wedding party or groomsmen. Or for friends at a 21st birthday party. Comes in various sizes and colors. It also has a cool stand.

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Cocktail Garden Kit

Step your bartending skills up with this easy to grow herbs kit for your bar! Individual seed packets of Cucamelon, Blue Borage, Lime Basil, Hyssop, Lemon Balm & Mint. I know you might not know what some of these are, but they taste yummy and add depth to your cocktails.

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit (Turn Food Into Caviar-Like Balls)

This tool is pure magic for any wanna-be chef or professional... or for kids who want to learn science and food.  Put food into this machine and add the included gelatins and create caviar-like balls of flavor or chocolate spaghetti.  How about chocolate balls for icecream? Salad dressing balls? Great for foodies ...

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Magic Hands Shiatsu Back/Neck Massager

This neck and back massager was featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things., so you get a massage!  And YOU get a massage!  And YOU get a massage! It feels like real hands are massaging you. Sit back and relax with a massage anytime you want!

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Handcrafted Recipe or Tablet Stand

This gorgeous recipe stand can also hold your tablet. It was hand-carved with ethically sourced Rosewood and Sheesham woods from naturally deceased trees.  It is made by an artisan group in India, so you are helping a community when you purchase this.  And did I mention it is gorgeous!

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Barbecue Pit Masters Crate

The grillmaster in your life will love getting this yummy box. Take your BBQ to the next level with these yummy sauces and rubs. Includes Tenderizer, Cast Iron Smoker Box, Set of 4 Steak Thermometers, Dried Hickory Wood Chips, Original BBQ Sauce, Carolina Bold BBQ Sauce, and Premium Spice Blend.

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Heated Gloves

These handy, waterproof, heated gloves have 3 settings from low to super-hot to customize your temperature to the perfect heat. You will never lose a finger to frostbite when you keep them toasty warm!

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Steak Branding Iron

This steak branding iron comes with interchangeable letters and spacers so you can brand your meat with various names and phrases. Use it to brand your name or your favorite team name for your next super bowl party. That should help with team rivalry! Or use it to put naughty phrases. Or brand each steak with the ...

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Cocktail and Margarita Machine

You no longer have to go to an expensive bar to get an overpriced, delicious cocktail.  This smart machine does the work for you with precise deliciousness.  Pop the pod into the machine, select the strength and then enjoy!

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Personalized Corn Hole Game Gifter World
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Personalized Cornhole Board

Nothing says romance like a cornhole game! Personalize this beanbag toss game and give it as a gift for a wedding, engagement, anniversary or just because you are fun. It is portable so you can take it with you to tailgates and show off your love.

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Chunky Knit Blanket

This homemade chunky knit blanket is soft and cozy and you will want to snuggle on the couch all day. Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

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Scratch Off Travel Map

Anyone who travels (or wants to travel) will love this. Scratch of countries where you have traveled or to plan out your future travels. This is one of my all-time favorite gifts. As soon as I return from a trip, I immediately start scratching off the Countries. Then you can see what part of the world you are ...






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