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Personalized Wooden Mixtape by Gifter World
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Make a Mixtape / Personalized Wooden Mixtape

Remember how you used to make a mixtape for your crush? You would spend days pushing fast forward, pause, record, rewind, and stop, just to get the exact timing to record the songs that professed your love.  The act of doing this instantly gained you brownie points in your relationship. Bring that old-fashioned ...

Personalized Champagne Saber with Stand by Gifter World
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Personalized Champagne Saber with a Stand

You know how you see people gallantly opening a champagne bottle with a sword? Well, you can now be that person with this personalized champagne saber. NOTE: This is the nicest one you can find so it may be out of some budgets. If you want a much cheaper style saber without the personalization, you can get one ...

Personalized Pin-Up Motorcycle Portrait by Gifter World
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Personalized Pin-Up Motorcycle Portrait

This one-of-a-kind, personalized pin-up motorcycle portrait can be customized with any background and any motorcycle. The vintage style makes a great gift for a motorcycle rider or a war buff.  You just send in your picture and the artist does the rest so you look like a sexy pin-up girl. Are you a Harley Davidson ...

Shark Coochie Board Charcuterie Board by Gifter World
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Personalized Shark Coochie Board Charcuterie Board

This Personalized Shark Coochie Board is perfect for the person who has a hard time saying 'charcuterie board' or for anyone with a sense of humor. So, serve your cheese with a little laughter. In case you are out of the loop, there have been many people on social media who didn't know how to spell charcuterie, so ...

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Personalized Star Constellation Map From Any Date

This personalized star constellation map uses astronomy software to map the sky on any chosen date.  It is a romantic way to honor memorable days such as your wedding day, the day you met, the day your child was born, or the date of your first kiss. Not only does it show the sky on that date, but it shows the sky from ...

Custom DIY Mosaic Portrait by Gifter World
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Custom DIY Mosaic Portrait

This custom DIY mosaic portrait is similar to Legos and a puzzle combined. You send in your picture and they send you back a custom mosaic portrait.  You can have one person in it or a whole family.  It comes with a map to show you how to put it together but if you don't want to do that, they can put it together for ...

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table and Stools by Gifter World
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Vintage Whiskey Barrel Bar Table and Stools

Create a little bar in your home with this vintage whiskey barrel bar table and stools. Since it is a retired oak wine barrel, it gives your room a rustic and inviting decor. You no longer have to make the effort to go to a bar for a night out.  We have a bar in our house and we use it for happy hour every ...

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Historical Family Portrait by Gifter World
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Historical Family Portrait

Send individual pictures of your family members to get this customizable historical family portrait. You can have one person or a room full of people, add pets and babies, pick your outfits and backgrounds, and more. I bought this for my husband and the whole family went crazy for it.  I picked the outfits and ...

Personalized Historical Portrait on Pet by Gifter World
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Customized Historical Portrait on a Horse or on Your Pet

Get a customized historical portrait on a horse or on your pet. You send in a picture of the person and pet you want in the portrait and pick the template and they combine the pictures into one awesome picture. They have many templates to choose from.  You can ride a horse, cat, dog, gerbil, or anything else you can ...

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TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit

The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit allows you to create beautiful ornaments as it spins them.  As it spins, it allows you to create perfectly straight lines. And if you are a horrible artist like me, drawing straight lines is a huge accomplishment. It is a fun craft activity for the whole family ...

Wall Bursting Dinosaur Wall Decor by Gifter World
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Wall Bursting Dinosaur Wall Decor Art

Scare the kids and keep them up all night with this wall bursting dinosaur wall decor. The velociraptor is lifelike and seems to come exploding out of the wall.  It even appears to have 'broke the drywall' so it looks so real. It is handpainted, highly detailed, and cast in solid high-density foam and resin, The ...

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Galaxy Moon Lamp

This galaxy moon lamp has 16 colors and can be used as a mood lamp or night light and you can adjust the brightness. You can set the timer so it turns off automatically so you don't have to wake up again to turn it off. The 3D moon lamp is relaxing and beautiful and projects the sky all around your room.  It can be ...

Whiskey Barrel Fountain by Gifter World
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Whiskey Barrel Fountain

This whiskey barrel fountain will add a rustic charm to your outdoor space. It has a soothing sound of rain and there is a light so you can enjoy it at night while you are sitting around drinking a cocktail. It adds a great ambiance. It makes a great gift for anyone who wants to add a little style to their patio, ...

Custom Breyer Horse by Gifter World
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Custom Breyer Horse Made To Look like Your Horse or Pony

This custom Breyer horse is made to look exactly like your horse or pony. Each horse model is truly one of a kind. The horse is made from a traditional 1:9 scale Breyer horse model made of durable plastic and hand-painted with lifelike detail.  It is usually around 9 inches tall but can vary based on horse breed and ...

Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Your Pets by Gifter World
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Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Pets

This custom Tim Burton Portrait is truly one of a kind. You can choose any character from a movie, comic, or cartoon and she draws it from scratch.  You are able to see the progress and she will make changes until you are 100% satisfied. It adds a creepy, gothic flair to your home decor and will be the center of ...

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Custom Copper Ukulele by Gifter World
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Custom Copper Ukulele

Pick your scale and patina when you order this gorgeous custom copper ukelele. Each one is totally one of a kind and is a piece of art.  You can play it or just display it on your wall. You can even customize the sound hole design! They are designed in Illustrator and cut out with a laser. They are then assembled ...

Book Pumpkins by Gifter World
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Book Pumpkins

Combine your love of books, the fall, and Halloween with these book pumpkins. They are available in several color combinations and sizes and made from vintage books.  They also have ghosts, and snowmen made out of books. Size Approximately: Large 9” tall, approx 34 -37” around Medium 7.5-9” tall, approx 30-31” ...

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Book Nook Bookshelf Insert by Gifter World
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Book Nook – Bookshelf Insert

This book nook bookshelf insert slides between any books and makes it look like tiny mystical people have moved into your shelf.  It looks like a medieval alley and the tiny lanterns light up and flicker to give your library a pretty glow.  This is the coolest thing I have ever seen for any book enthusiast! Get a ...

Poison Label Serving Tray by Gifter World
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Poison Label Serving Tray

Looking for a way to display your cocktails in a creepy way? The Poison Label Serving Tray is enough to creep everyone out and make them worried about you.  It makes a great display for Halloween or Friday the 13th or give it as a hostess gift for a Halloween party. It will make a great addition to anyone who goes ...

Gun Decanter for Military Enthusiast for Whiskey, Gin, Scotch, Vodka - By Gifter World
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Gun Decanter for Your Booze

This gun decanter is a beautiful way to display your booze for any gun lover or military enthusiast. It comes with the gun decanter, a display, and 4 shot glasses.  The gun collector in your life will be excited to display it in their man cave!

Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove by Gifter World
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Baseball Lamp with Ball and Glove

This baseball lamp with ball and glove can be custom made with a worn or new mitt and ball or you can have an official MLB team ball of your choice. This looks amazing in a man cave, kid's baseball themed bedroom, or any room for a baseball fan.  Or get your newborn hooked on baseball early by putting it in their ...

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Wooden World Map Wall Decor 3D by Gifter World
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Wooden World Map Wall Decor – 3D

This wooden world map wall decor is absolutely gorgeous and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This 3D map is made from birch plywood and is available in oak, walnut, terra, or multi-colored. The map attaches to the wall with special double-sided sticky tape, which comes in the package, and it can be removed ...

Ball Pit for Kids, Thick Foam, Many COlors Available by Gifter World
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Ball Pit for Kids – Thick Foam, Many Colors Available

This ball pit for kids is made of thick foam covered by cotton to protect kids from getting hurt and it is available in many colors to match your decor.  Your house no longer needs to look like a McDonald's playground with gaudy toys.  These soft colors look great and the kids will have fun for hours so you can sit ...

Caricature Portrait from Your Photo by Gifter World
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Personalized Caricature Portrait From Your Photo

This Caricature Portrait From Your Photo is a great retirement gift to have coworkers sign it. Send in a picture and they will customize the background and clothes. you have the option to print it yourself or they can print it on canvas and you can choose between many sizes.    

Please Don't Do Cocaine in the Bathroom by Gifter World
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Please Don’t Do Cocaine in the Bathroom Candle

This Please Don't Do Cocaine in the Bathroom Candle is a great hostess gift, housewarming gift, gag gift, or as a gift to yourself to give guests a giggle. This 16.5 oz soy candle burns for about 100 hours and is available in various scents; Amber Noir, Toasted Pumpkin, Apple Harvest, Christmas Tree, Black Sea, ...

Cat Wall Shelves, Cat Tree Furniture by Gifter World
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Cat Wall Shelves – Cat Tree Furniture

These Cat Wall Shelves take cat tree furniture to the next level. You can choose black or dark walnut wood for the hexagons, open or with a window, and you can even have a decoration printed on the window.  You can set them up on the wall in various patterns to fit your style and they come with two steps to all your ...

Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar for Firefighters by Gifter World
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Fire Extinguisher Mini Bar

The fire extinguisher mini bar is a truly unique gift for a firefighter or any man in your life. It has a shelf inside where you can put a large bottle of your favorite booze, and space for glasses and accessories. You can use it as a cool display for your booze, or turn it around to hide your drinking habit from your ...

Wine Bottle Serving Tray and Bottle Planter by Gifter World
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Wine Bottle Serving Tray and Bottle Planter

This wine bottle serving tray and bottle planter adds a sense of fun to any party involving wine.  It is made from upcycled wine bottles and you can get it with a drain to use for plants or without the drain for snacks. It makes a great hostess gift, gift for fellow wine enthusiasts, or for a friend in book club.

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Floating Pool Lights – Solar Powered

These floating pool lights are solar-powered so they don't need batteries and they automatically change colors.  They can float in the pool, they have a tab to easily hang in trees, or you can place them around your yard.  The color light makes great for ambiance lighting and add flair to your party. They are super ...

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set for Gifts for Whiskey Lovers by Gifter World
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Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

This 7-piece engraved whiskey decanter set comes with a crystal decanter, 4 glasses, 9 whiskey stones, and a wooden gift box. You can personalize it with a title, name, and date and it will look classy displayed in your office, home, man cave, or bar.  The glasses are specially made to bring out the yummy aroma of ...

Football Helmet Lamp from Gifter World
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Football Helmet Lamp- Welded with Nuts and Gears

This one of a kind football helmet lamp is welded with nuts and gears for a beautiful industrial look. They are handmade, so you know you are getting something unique.  It is a perfect gift for any football enthusiast and adds great style to your home, office, or bar. Dimensions: 13 1/2 in x 5 in x 7 in Weight: 9 ...

Star Wars Book Art Set of 4 from Gifter World
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Star Wars Book Art – Set of 4

These one of a kind Star Wars Book Art are custom printed on vintage dictionary pages that are 80+ years old so each one is unique. These are beautiful for any Star Wars enthusiast. Frames not included so you can use something that matches your home or office perfectly.

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Rock On Headphone and Cable Holder

Display your headphones, wires, earbud cables, and gaming headsets on this Rock On Headphone Holder. The antique gold finish makes it stand out in any home, office, or studio. It makes a great gift for any music enthusiast.

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Day of the Week Clock

These days, none of us know what day it is and this Day of the Week Clock can help us stay on schedule at least a little bit. It makes a great retirement gift, gag gift, or quarantine gift.

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Go Away Doormat

Keep pesky neighbors and solicitors away with the Go Away Doormat. Why disturb your peace and quiet when you can send annoying people away? A perfect gift for the introverts in your life.

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Bean Bag Chair with Footstool

Cuddle up and get cozy with this giant bean bag chair with footstool. It comes in many colors and is easily washable. It measures approximately 6-feet. Grab a glass of wine and a good book and sit back and relax.

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Library Table and Chair Set

The book lover in your life will love this library table and chair set with storage.  When the chairs are pulled in, it looks like a piece of art and a table filled with beautiful books. It looks beautiful in any home or office.

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Bloody Man Shower Curtain

Terrify your kids with this Bloody Man Shower Curtain. The realistic look of this will cause them to be in counseling for years, but it will be worth it. Also great for Halloween, house parties, or pranks. Or keep it up all year and your friends will get a laugh. Comes with 12 hooks.

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Personalized Wall Wine Rack with Glass Holder

The wooden Personalized Wall Wine Rack with Glass Holder will look gorgeous in your home or make a great gift for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary, or just a gift for the wine lover in your life.  It holds 4 glasses, and 5-6 wine bottles or other similar sized liquor bottles. Customize it with your name or any ...

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Personalized Name Sign – Nautical Beach Art

This Personalized Name Sign with nautical beach art is a great way to customize your name and show your love for the beach.  Each letter will be a different picture with seashells, ocean, beach, and more. Great gift for the beach and ocean lover.  Display in your home, office, garage, patio, etc.. Available on ...

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Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Add a rustic flair with this Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack. It holds 4 of your favorite wine bottles and displays them nicely on the wall. A unique gift for the wine lover or get it for your home. Or buy several so you can display your wine all-around your house. Eating dinner... grab one off the wall. Sitting in the ...

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Personalized Motorcycle Name Wall Art – Harley, Indian and Honda

This Personalized Motorcycle Name Wall Art makes a unique gift for the motorcycle enthusiast. Personalize it with 3-11 letters and each letter will have a different picture with Harley, Indian and Honda motorcycles. Display it in your man cave, home, garage, bar, and more. Available with framed canvas or block ...

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Personalized Wine Name Wall Art for Wine Enthusiast

This Personalized Wine Name Wall Art is a great unique gift for the wine enthusiast. Personalize it with 3-11 letters and you have the option for framed canvas or block mount.  Each letter will be a different picture even if it is the same letter.  Great for any home, bar, game room, and more.  Embrace your love for ...

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Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp

This Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp was made in Bali and the light shines through the beautifully intricate details to create unique patterns across the walls.  The dimmer allows you to adjust the light. Handcrafted by local Balinese artists. Available in many colors and styles.

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Personalized Family Name Sign

This beautiful Personalized Family Name Sign makes a great gift for wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or a gift to a family. Handmade out of 3/4" pine and can be personalized with a name and a year. Available in two sizes:  standard 9.25" x 23" or a larger 11.25" x 28". Display it in your home for years to come.

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Accordion Folding Paper Chair

You can use this Accordion Folding Paper Chair as a stool, sofa, couch, coffee table and more.  It is sturdy enough to hold 660 pounds. Shape it to create a piece of art or to build a sitting area in an oddly shaped corner. Adds flair and fun to any home!

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Magnetic World Globe with Magnetic Pins

Map out where you've been and where you want to go with this Magnetic World Globe with 30 magnetic pins. (10 of each color) It measures 10" and is sturdy. Makes a great gift for someone who loves to travel or who dreams of travel.

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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Girls Room Gifter World
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Butterfly Crystal Chandelier Light Fixture

Talk about gorgeous! This Butterfly Crystal Chandelier would look great in any girl's room and she will love how it looks. You can even put other colored LED lights in it to turn it red, blue, purple, etc...  She will be the talk of the town. She will be so happy that she will probably stop bugging you for stuff ...

Plantation Wooden Jewelry Box Gifterworld
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Plantation Wooden Jewelry Box – Velvet Lined

Store your jewelry is this gorgeous, extra large wooden jewelry box.  If you spend money on jewelry, then give it a nice place to rest.  Sturdy and well made. Features: High-lacquer Rosewood finish Velvet interior lining Burled wood inlay pattern Quadrant hinges 2 drawers Lock & key ...

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Agate Coasters, Black Authentic Geode Stone, Set of 4

These Agate Coasters are made of Black Authentic Geode Stone and look stylish. Each one is a unique one of a kind design and they have rubber bumpers to protect your furniture.  They aren't just coasters... they are decor. Great gift for a hostess gift or for anyone who likes to entertain. Set of 4

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Unique Steampunk Watch Box Gifter World
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Unique Steampunk Watch Box – Holds 12 Watches

This Unique Steampunk Watch Box holds 12 Watches in a sturdy pine box with metalwork and leather straps and vintage reclaimed wood finish. Inside is soft brown velvet.  A truly unique gift for the man in your life. It stores your watches in style... or hide your drugs in class. 8 pounds, Dimensions: 14.5”x9.5”x4” ...

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Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp

Amaze your friends with this Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp. It magically floats and is a great unique gift for someone who has everything or use it as a cool piece of home decor. Convince your kids you are a magician and you will make them disappear if they don't behave.

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LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light Decor

Spice up your room with this LED Cherry Blossom Bonsai Light Decor. Works as mood lighting or as a beautiful night light. Set a sexy mood for your significant other! Pick between a warm white or pink light.

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LED Essential Oil Diffuser – 3D Glass Aromatherapy

This LED Essential Oil Diffuser - 3D Glass Aromatherapy will help soothe you into relaxation with essential oil aromatherapy and beautiful light that doubles as mood lighting or a nightlight.  You will feel like you are having a spa day in total relaxation.  Just kick the kids out of the house so they won't disturb ...

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Wooden Barrel Wine Rack and Storage

This Wooden Barrel Wine Rack is made of fir wood and stores 8 bottles of wine in style. Sit back and relax with a glass of wine and when you empty your glass... do not worry! Just reach down for another bottle!

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Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder

Sit at the throne in style with this Medieval Knight Toilet Paper Holder. He will present your tissue to you like you are a king. Great for Halloween decor, medieval themes, or just a cool decor for your bathroom.

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Guitar Wine Rack

This super unique wine holder holds 10 bottles of wine and 4 wine glasses and is shaped like a guitar. It's great for a music lover who also loves their wine. Great for home, office, recording studio, restaurant, and more. Stand out from the crowd with this unique piece.

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Family Tree Wall Decal

Display your family in style! These decals look like paint once they are applied and it is a real statement piece. Available in two sizes.

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Vinyl Record Coasters

These vinyl record coasters are great for the music lover, nostalgic decor or an 80's party.  Comes with a pack of six.

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LED Photo Clip Lights

You never have to worry about your teens messing up your walls again by puncturing holes to hang pictures.  These add a styling look and mood-setting lighting. Available in two sizes.

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Customizable Cinema Light Box

Customize a different message every day! You can also choose between many colored lights.  Great for parties, welcome home signs or signs for bedroom, bar, or home.

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Solar Lantern

This beautiful solar lantern collects power from the sun during the day and then automatically turns on at night to display a beautiful pattern. Great for gardens, camping, barbeques, or just hanging out outside at night.

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Handcrafted Recipe or Tablet Stand

This gorgeous recipe stand can also hold your tablet. It was hand-carved with ethically sourced Rosewood and Sheesham woods from naturally deceased trees.  It is made by an artisan group in India, so you are helping a community when you purchase this.  And did I mention it is gorgeous!

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Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

The light strip around the mirror makes it easy to get beautiful. Makes it easy to organize your jewelry, so you don't look like a hoarder.

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Headphone Bookends

Add some musical flair to your home, office, or recording studio. Great for holding your books or record collection.

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Guitar Coat Hooks

Every music lover needs these guitar-shaped coat hooks. Adds a musical flair to your home, office, or recording studio.

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LED Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has 6 light colors and a great sound.  Easily change the color by tapping the top. Great for mood lighting, parties, a nightlight, or take with you when you go camping for a great ambiance light.

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Tibetan Music Singing Bowl

This Tibetan Music Singing Bowl promotes peace, chakra healing, and mindfulness. Close your eyes and transport yourself to another part of the world.

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3D Guitar Lamp

This cool 3D lamp sets the mood with a choice of 16 colors. The smart controls allow you to get the perfect color that fits your mood. If music isn't your thing, you can choose other lamps: cat, wine bottles, tiger, french bulldog or volleyball.

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Folding Book Lamp

This cool table lamp has two colors and gives off a beautiful soothing light. Every book lover needs this in their home.

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Mosaic Stepping Stone Kit

Dazzle your family by making your own custom mosaic stepping stone.  Each kit comes with everything you need to create your masterpiece.  Make as a family or give as a wedding gift so the new couple can create a memory together. NOTE FROM EDITOR:  We made several of these for my parents' garden and it was so much ...

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Himalayan Salt Skull Lamp

This Skull Himalayan Salt Lamp has a twist. It is calming and soothing, but can also scare away children if needed. It is made by 100% Pakistan Himalayan crystal salt. Great for Yoga, meditation, or as a romantic light. Or use it as a Halloween decoration.

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5.0″ Kambaba Jasper Crystal Gemstone Skull

Anyone who collects skulls needs this. It combines creepy and beauty all in one. This gorgeous 5" hand-carved Skull Sculpture has a high reflective polish and would look good in any home. The Kambaba Jasper Energy (also known as Brecciated Army Jasper) is said to calm the mind and nerves and for dietary ...

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5.0” Dragon Septarian Stone Crystal Skull

This beautiful 5" Dragon Septarian Stone Skull is a beautiful way to frighten away your wimpy friends. It has a high reflective polish and was carved by hand. Septarian Stone has calming energy and can bring joy. It is also thought to nurture communication in group settings, so bring it to the next meeting. Great for ...

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Personalized Home Marquee Theater Sign

Every bar or entertainment room needs this customizable marquee sign. Your guests will feel they are entering a red carpet event even if your party room is in a double-wide. Highly crafted and customizable!

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Skull Liquor Decanter Set

If you are obsessed with Halloween or anything spooky, this decanter is for you! Scare the little children away from your booze and enjoy your dark sense of humor with a little alcohol.

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LED Smart Pendant Lamp

This smart LED lamp can be customized to a multiple of colors and can be directed in any direction. Take control of your house and set the mood for date night!

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Sherpa Throw Blanket

This sherpa faux fur throw blanket is sooooo soft, you will never want to get out of bed. Get ready to call your boss and say you can't come into work. (Comes in multiple sizes and colors)

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Chunky Knit Blanket

This homemade chunky knit blanket is soft and cozy and you will want to snuggle on the couch all day. Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

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Evil Eye Gourd Lamp

This handmade gourd lamp will look good in any stylish home or dorm. Adds a soft light to create the perfect ambiance.

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Wood Globe Bar Stand

This is a stylish way to display (or hide) your alcohol.  It is strong enough to hold several bottles and glasses. Keep it at work if you want a little mid-day pick me up or to numb the pain from your annoying coworkers.






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