BBQ Sauce of the Month Club by Gifter World
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BBQ Sauce of the Month Club

This BBQ Sauce of the Month Club sends gourmet, specialty barbecue sauces from independent, locally-famous BBQ places around the country. Many of the sauces are winners at national BBQ competitions. This makes the perfect gift for any grill master who loves to try out new flavors. It's also great for families who ...

Flavor Infusion Grilling Wraps by Gifter World
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Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps

Turn your ordinary food into extraordinary with these flavor-infusing grilling wraps.  You can use them on the grill or in the oven and they add a smoky flavor from Pacific cedar and alder to meats, cheeses, tofu, vegetables, fruit, and more. Plus, it allows for a unique plating presentation for your next dinner ...

Build Your Own Barrel Smoker Kit by Gifter World
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Build Your Own Barrel Smoker Kit

This Build Your Own Barrel Smoker Kit comes with everything you need to make a 16-gallon barrel smoker so you can smoke mouth-watering meat and vegetables at home. That's big enough to make 4 racks of ribs or a complete brisket! It's so fun to build, you will feel like you are building a rocket... but it's better ...

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Fire Condom – 932 Degrees Heat Resistant Glove

The Fire Condom Glove is a 932 Degrees Heat Resistant Glove that allows you to grab the grill or oven without the worry of getting burned. You no longer have to worry about using tongs or search for a hot pad. You literally won't feel the heat at all. And the naughty tongue-in-cheek box is hilarious so it is a ...

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Personalized BBQ Set for Barbecue from Gifter World
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Personalized BBQ Set

Show Dad you love him with this personalized BBQ set. It includes 2 skewers, fork, spatula, tongs, brush, and 4 corn holders and comes in an easy carrying case. Customize the laser engraving to say whatever you want. Say something simple, like "I love you, Dad" or something like, "Dad farts a lot".  It is up to you! ...

Hot Sauce Tasting Gift Set by Gifter World
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Hot Sauce Tasting Gift Set

Hot sauce makes food taste better so cover up your bad cooking with the Hot Sauce Tasting Gift Set! I've been adding copious amounts of hot sauce to everything I eat ever since I can remember. I think I have about 40-50 bottles and I can never get enough.  If you know someone who has an addiction to hot sauces like ...

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DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Make your own grilling sauces with the DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit. It has recipes (mustard-based sauce, tomato-based sauce, and mop sauce) and ingredients to customize your favorite flavors. Fire up the grill and baste away!  Great gift for the grillmaster who has everything. Kit includes: Apple cider vinegar ...

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Bacon Box Crate Smokehouse Gifter World
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Bacon Box for Bacon Lovers

This bacon box is every bacon lover's dream. Bacon hot sauce, bacon salt, bacon jerky, dark chocolate bacon bar, dry-cured bacon, and bacon brittle. Everyone loves bacon and it should be the main source of food in any diet. Bacon Jerky: just like actual bacon except you can throw it in your pocket and eat it ...

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BBQ Grill Accessories Tool Set with Insulated Waterproof Cooler Bag

This BBQ Grill Accessories Tool Set with Insulated Waterproof Cooler Bag is perfect for Barbequing, camping, tailgating, and outdoor events. The tools are made of stainless steel and the cooler can hold food or 15 cans of beer! It has a comfortable strap for easy carrying and pockets on for extra storage. It's the ...

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Ammo Can Gift Set

This personalized ammo can gift set some with 2 personalized pint glasses, 2 beef sticks for energy, and a personalized .50 caliber bullet to use to open beer bottles.  And they come in this cool-looking ammo can so people know you are serious. The ammo can is air-tight and waterproof in case you fall into the ...

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Cookout Murder Mystery Dinner for 6-8 Adults

Tell your guests to dress in character and come to a dinner party and help solve a murder. It comes with clues and character booklets, so you can play out your character and be a star. Includes 8 character booklets, 8 party invitations, 8 nametags, 8 crime scene clues, party planning booklet, and CD. Several ...

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Bacon Sauces Gift Set

This gift set was made for the bacon lover. Everyone knows bacon makes everything taste better, so this delicious set can make even the worst cook make something yummy. Includes 1 Maple Bacon Aioli, 1 Maple Bacon Onion Jam and 1 Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce.

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Bottle Keeper (Hide and Cool Your Beer)

You never have to hide your beer again.  Insert your beer into this handy bottle and it keeps it cool and hidden.  The cops will just think you are drinking water on the beach. It comes in many colors.

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Barbecue Pit Masters Crate

The grillmaster in your life will love getting this yummy box. Take your BBQ to the next level with these yummy sauces and rubs. Includes Tenderizer, Cast Iron Smoker Box, Set of 4 Steak Thermometers, Dried Hickory Wood Chips, Original BBQ Sauce, Carolina Bold BBQ Sauce, and Premium Spice Blend.

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Hickory Grilling Crate

You will want to smoke everything with this cast iron smoking box.  Just put the smoker box on the grill and throw the hickory wood chips into the box.  Your meat will taste delicious! This Grilling Crate includes a cast-iron smoker box, dried hickory wood chips, beer nuts, and Miner's rubs, marinade and sauce.

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Professional BBQ Set with Case

This professional stainless steel barbeque set has everything but the meat.  The grillmaster in your family will look like James Bond with this sleek set. Set includes a spatula, fork, tongs, knife, basting brush, grill brush, extra brush head, 8 corn holders, 4 skewers, meat thermometer, and aluminium case.

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Steak Branding Iron

This steak branding iron comes with interchangeable letters and spacers so you can brand your meat with various names and phrases. Use it to brand your name or your favorite team name for your next super bowl party. That should help with team rivalry! Or use it to put naughty phrases. Or brand each steak with the ...






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