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TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit

The TreeMendous Christmas Tree Ornament Decorating Kit allows you to create beautiful ornaments as it spins them.  As it spins, it allows you to create perfectly straight lines. And if you are a horrible artist like me, drawing straight lines is a huge accomplishment. It is a fun craft activity for the whole family ...

Personalized Lollipops from Gifter World
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Personalized Lollipops

These personalized lollipops can be customized with your pictures, logos, text, or anything else you want. They are great as guest gifts for weddings, parties, or events, or give your friends a picture of your face.  Or put your child's favorite cartoon character on them. Or use the logo from your favorite sport's ...

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Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities

Everyone knows Duct tape fixes everything so why not put the kids to work making repairs and creating new items?! Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities teaches you how to create many projects out of Duct tape. It has over 500 color illustrations to make it ...

Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Your Pets by Gifter World
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Custom Tim Burton Portrait for You, Your Family, and Pets

This custom Tim Burton Portrait is truly one of a kind. You can choose any character from a movie, comic, or cartoon and she draws it from scratch.  You are able to see the progress and she will make changes until you are 100% satisfied. It adds a creepy, gothic flair to your home decor and will be the center of ...

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Holi Color Powder for Color Chalk Wars

This Holi color powder is super fun for color chalk wars for 6-10 people.  They are great for color runs, color wars, parties, festivals, events, or just a fun afternoon of play. Throw each ball 50-60 times then refill.  You can also play a version of Capture the Flag or tag using them or they are a safe, kid-friendly ...

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Custom Superhero Portrait by Gifter World
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Custom Superhero Portrait

Get a custom portrait of your loved ones as their favorite character.  You can have between 1 -10 people or animals, so the options are endless. This is such a unique gift for kids, teens, adults, and even pets! The portrait can be any character; superhero, king or queen, famous painting, or anything you have in ...

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Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit – DIY

This Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit has everything you need to make 12 bath bombs. You just add your own favorite oil (coconut, olive, avocado, etc..) This DIY kit even comes with 4 essential oils! We used this kit and it was so fun. It is great for family bonding or for activities to keep the family busy. Great ...

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Water Pad for the Lake – Holds 6 People!

This water pad for the lake holds up to 1,500 pounds so it's big enough for about 6 friends, a cooler, and a couple of dogs.  And if you are getting a little older, you don't have to worry about core strength to get you up, because anyone can do it.  You can sit, lay, stand, walk, or attempt to do cartwheels on it. ...

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Your Guide to the National Parks

Your Guide to the National Parks is the most complete guide to all 59 national parks and includes hotels, restaurants, and attractions beyond the parks. It has road trip suggestions, hiking trails, itineraries, sites, backpacking essentials, and more. This book covers more than any of the other books on parks. ...

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Mixed Media Art Set

This 152 piece Mixed Media Art Set is great for amateurs and professionals and has pencils, watercolor and acrylic paint, brushes, palette knives, canvas, paper, easel, and more!  Plus, it comes in a beautiful carrying box. Tap into your inner artist to create something beautiful... or at least try. Includes:

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Smartphone Screen Magnifier

You no longer have to share the tv remote with the Smartphone Screen Magnifier because now everyone can watch movies on their phone.  This screen amplifier magnifies your phone screen 3-4 times, making it easier on your eyes. Great for anyone who loves watching tv or movies.  Also great for travel because it is ...

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Shut the Box Wooden Board Game

Shut the Box Wooden Board Game can be played with 2-4 players of all ages. The player rolls the dice, adds up the value, then lays down the tiles that have the sum. It is a great way to teach young children about basic addition. So bring the family or your friends together for some bonding, laughs, and a good time. ...

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Make Your Own Sparkling Squishy Soaps Kit for Kids

Get your kids to wash their hands with the Make Your Own Sparkling Squishy Soaps Kit. Create 5 beautiful soaps using mica powders, body glitter, and soap molds in the shape of a unicorn, doughnut, heart, smiley face, and pizza! Kids will have a blast learning to create their own customized soaps.  

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Pick Your Nose Paper Cups

These Pick Your Nose Paper Cups are hilarious at parties.  When you take a drink, it looks like you have a different nose and possibly a new mustache. Great for adults and kids. Comes with 24 cups.

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Cake Pop Maker

Calories don't count if they are bite-size, so check out this Cake Pop Maker! Make 12 perfect cake pops at a time and it's fun to make with the kids or for parties.  Impress your friends at the next potluck! Available in 2 sizes

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Go the F**k to Sleep – Book for Parents

Go the F**k to Sleep is a book for frustrated parents and NOT for kids. It gives you comic relief when your kids won't go to sleep and you are ready to put rum in their bottle or dose them with chloroform. Thousands of 5-star reviews can't be wrong.

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Musical Popping Cake Stand – Surprise Cake!

This Musical Popping Cake Stand - Surprise Cake! will make your kids think you only gave them a cake with no gift.  It will look like a regular cake and then the music plays and a tube in the middle pops up with a surprise inside. Fill it with money, candy, or a new phone.

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Book Making Kit for Kids

This kit comes with everything your child needs to create and illustrate their own custom 20-page professionally printed book. Let their creative juices flow and spark their desire to be a writer. Who knows, maybe they will decide to be a famous writer and support you off their millions when they are older.

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Floor Lounger

Makes sleep-overs and movie nights super fun!  Just add your own pillows to this lounger and create and chair, bed, or lounger. Available in two sizes and many colors/styles.

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Family Tree Wall Decal

Display your family in style! These decals look like paint once they are applied and it is a real statement piece. Available in two sizes.

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3D Printing Pen

Create super cool 3D designs and let your creativity flow.  Great for adults and kids and can be great bonding time with the kiddos.

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Personalized Selfie Toaster

Add your face to everyone's toast so they always remember your face.  Add it to your kids' sandwiches for a great laugh.  Normally, you shouldn't give your loved one a toaster as a gift, but this one is an exception because it's hysterical. It comes with a smiley face insert to play around with, then you upload ...

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Tabletop 6-Person Mini Pizza Oven

This is the "funnest" pizza oven ever made! Sit it on the table or counter and 6 people get to make their own mini pizza. Let the kids add their own favorite toppings and make their own. Cooks in less than 10 minutes.

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Capture the Flag Redux: Glow

Take Capture the Flag to the next level with this GLOW Redux edition.  You try to enter your opponent's territory and steal their glow orb.  This is a great bonding game that will get your friends and family away from their screens. Kit includes:

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23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA Kit

This ancestry kit doesn't just tell you who you are related to.  You can find out your traits if you are a carrier of any genetic diseases, ancestry features, and health and wellness features. NOTE FROM EDITOR: I love this kit! I had gone to doctors for years and nobody could diagnose me.  Then I ...

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Volcano Making Kit

Create your own volcano and cheer when it erupts. You no longer have to search the store for all of the required items, because this comes with everything you need! Fun for the whole family!

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Cooking Box for Kids

This subscription box inspires your little one to be a chef, so hopefully, they will do all of the cooking someday and you can relax. This is a great way to bond with your little one! You can buy a subscription or just one box. Each box contains:

  • A kid-friendly kitchen tool, gadget, or ...

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Portable Movie Theater

Throw this portable device in your backpack and take it wherever you go. Then you bust it out and aim it at any white wall or ceiling to watch movies on the go.  No need to lift your head to look at the tv.  Just stare at the ceiling and relax! It's like a movie theater for lazy people.

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Echo Dot Glow for Kids

This smart speaker allows kids to ask Alexa to play their favorite song, tell them a story, tell them why the sky is blue and more. They can drive Alexa crazy instead of me,  It has built-in parental control, so you don't have to worry about them going into the dark web of naughtiness like you do. Bundle includes ...

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Baby Mop Onesie

It is never too early to put kids to work. Watch your baby clean the floor as they crawl around. It's about time they pulled their weight! Comes in 3 sizes.

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LED Light-up Shoe Laces

Use these for any nighttime event or use them when you go to a theme park, so you don't lose your family and friends. Or, use them at a rave! (Comes with 6 pairs!)

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Picnic Basket Backpack

Impress your friends and pamper them with an old fashioned picnic… but better. Insulated to keep food cold/hot and a special detachable wine bottle cooler.

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Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

This portable 14' movie screen is great for backyard movie nights, weddings, camping, picnics, and parties. It will be the coolest party in town!

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Popcorn Seasoning Pack

Movie night has never been so fun! This kit includes flavors for even the pickiest eater. Enjoy at a dinner party or just hanging with the kids.

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Baby Burrito Blanket

Nothing cuter than a baby burrito. Wrap the little one up and they will be so cute, you will just want to eat them. NOTE FROM EDITOR: I bought this for a family member's baby and it was so cute! They loved it!

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Travel Bed For Kids

Traveling with kids can be hard, but not anymore. This handy accessory fits on the floor in front of your airplane seat and allows kids to have a flat bed. Let them sleep while you enjoy a movie without interruption.

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Laser Tag Set

Looking for a way to get the family off of the couch and playing together? How about a fun game at the family picnic? Laser tag brings family and friends of all ages together. No vests needed and it comes with a great case.

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Funky Vegetable Kit

Plant weird-looking vegetables: Individual packets of purple carrots, red Brussel sprouts, stripy tomatoes, golden zucchini, and rainbow chard. Finally, your kids will love to eat veggies and you will impress your friends with your colorful cooking.

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Jaxx 6-Foot Beanbag Chair for Adults

This Jaxx 6-Foot Beanbag Chair for Adults is the ultimate comfortable chair and it will make you feel like a teen again… but more classy. Plenty of room to share and snuggle. Great for game rooms, theater rooms, watching TV or sleepovers.






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