Personalized Wooden Recipe Book or Notebook by Gifter World
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Personalized Wooden Recipe Book or Notebook

This personalized wooden recipe book and notebook can also be made as a photo album, drawing notebook, wedding guest book, diary, adventure planner, and more. You can write recipes or notes on the paper, or tape or glue pictures to the pages. I love using mine to plan my vacations because I'm obsessed with travel.  ...

Shakespeare Bracelet Upcycled by Gifter World
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Shakespeare Bracelet Upcycled From Vintage Shakespeare Books and Plays

This one of a kind, beautiful Shakespeare bracelet is upcycled from vintage Shakespeare books. You can even pick which book or play you want to use if you choose. The cuff bracelet features hand-rolled paper beads and they are made to order so nobody will have one exactly the same. It is 7 1/2" but it has enough ...

Library Due Date Card Serving Tray for Book Lovers by Gifter World
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Library Due Date Card Serving Tray for Book Lovers

This Library Due Date Card Serving Tray is great for book lovers and is custom made with a collage of vintage library due date cards. It is made with pine wood and is heat resistant and waterproof. It is the perfect size to keep your cocktail safe beside you on the couch while you are reading. Dimensions: 16" long, ...

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420 Things to Draw While High

Chill out with your munchies and 420 Things to Draw While High. This sketchbook gives you 420 prompts to draw things stoners will love: 2 giraffes riding a rainbow, a dolphin who can read your mind, your hand drawing your hand, or a mountain of tacos.

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1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die

If you are looking for places to add to your bucket list without leaving the country, then check out 1,000 Places to See in the United States and Canada Before You Die. It has beautiful photographs and temps you to see parks, museums, festivals, mountain resorts, rafting rivers, vineyards, ballparks, gardens, and ...

Book of the Month Club by Gifter World Picture by Annie Spratt
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Book of the Month Club

The Book of the Month Club is a great gift for any book enthusiast.  Get access to early releases of vetted books at a much cheaper price.  You can choose to receive a book (or multiple books) each month or skip/cancel anytime you want.  Mystery, romance, thriller, literary fiction, historical fiction, medical ...

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The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World’s Great Drinks

The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create the World's Great Drinks is a mix of chemistry, history, biology, etymology, and mixology. It takes you through the origins of cocktails, the history of alcohol, and how to grow the ingredients, sprinkled with fun facts and cocktail recipes.  Your appreciation for booze ...

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Book Journal – Reading Log for Book Lovers

This Book Journal is a reading log for book lovers to track what you read, what inspired you about the book, the genre, if you loaned it to anyone, it has room for you to write a review, and so much more. It has a table of contents for you to record 100 books, so it is easy for you to look back and reminisce about ...

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Your Guide to the National Parks

Your Guide to the National Parks is the most complete guide to all 59 national parks and includes hotels, restaurants, and attractions beyond the parks. It has road trip suggestions, hiking trails, itineraries, sites, backpacking essentials, and more. This book covers more than any of the other books on parks. ...

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Star in Your Own Personalized Book Adult and Teen Gifter World
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Star in Your Own Personalized Book – Adults and Teens

Star in your own personalized book with Book for You.  You get to co-author by naming all of the characters and their features and a photo to include in these full-length books. Name all of the characters your friends' names so you can come to life from the pages! Many books are available for adults and teens. ...

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The Mixtape of My Life

Use The Mixtape of My Life to compile a musical scrapbook memoir of your life.  Everyone has certain songs that remind them of a specific time in their life and this book reminds you of those fond memories. It takes you on a guided journey with questions such as, "What was the first record you owned?" and "What song ...

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Personalized Library Book Embosser Seal Stamp

Stamp your books with this Personalized Library Book Embosser Seal Stamp so your friends remember to whom they should return the book you loaned them. Many styles are available and customizable. A beautiful addition to your library. Great gift for any book enthusiast.

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Porn for New Moms

This hilarious book, Porn for New Moms, has pictures of hunky guys doing what new mothers really want to see; men washing dishes, feeding the baby, cleaning the floors, changing diapers, and doing 4-am feedings. We all know there is nothing sexier than a man doing housework.  This makes a great gag gift for new moms ...

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Comic Book Making Kit for Kids

The My Comic Book Making Kit for Kids helps your child publish their own comic book by helping them create their own characters, panels, settings, words, and artwork. They can write and illustrate their own 18-page comic book and have it professionally printed! They can even be featured on the back as the published ...

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Drunk Crosswords: Puzzles With a Twist

Have a few cocktails and try out Drunk Crosswords: Puzzles With a Twist. It has puns on booze and drinking inspired themes. It is fun for whiskey connoisseurs, wine enthusiasts, or weekend beer drinkers. So guzzle up and give it a try.  

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Fucking History: 52 Lessons You Should Have Learned in School

Fucking History: 52 Lessons You Should Have Learned in School takes a humorous look at history and relates it to everyday situations. If my history teachers had done it this way, then I probably would have learned something.  Full of sarcasm and humor, it is not for the faint of heart.

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Wine Folly, Magnum Edition: The Master Guide To Learn About Wine

If you are wanting to learn about wine, this Wine Folly, Magnum Edition: The Master Guide is for you. It teaches you about different grapes, which regions are the best for grapes, wine labeling and classification, food pairing ideas, and more so you can become an expert. Be sure to do your homework by drinking a few ...

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1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List

Plan your reading list with 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List. It is the ultimate book bucket list and you will be excited to discover your next read. This will help you discover famous literary books and unknown gems. This makes a perfect gift for the book lover or a book club friend.

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How to Shit Around the World – Book for Travelers to Avoid Parasites

How to Shit Around the World: The Art of Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling teaches you how to avoid diarrhea, parasites, and other gastrointestinal issues while traveling the world.  It discusses sanitizing unhealthy water, safely consuming exotic foods, avoiding dehydration, keeping good hygiene on the road, ...

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The World Atlas of Street Food

My favorite thing about travel is trying street food around the world. The World Atlas of Street Food tells you where to find the best food in each area and provides some recipes to try to replicate at home. It makes a unique gift for those who love to travel or try new food. 

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1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover’s Life List

1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover's Life List will delight any food or travel lover with foods from around the world that you must try. French, Italian, Senegalese, Chinese, Lebanese, Mongolian Peruvian, and more. It tells you which restaurants to go to find the best dish, where to find the ingredients, ...

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Library Bookshelves Infinity Scarf

This Library Bookshelves Infinity Scarf is made of soft chiffon and looks like the inside of a library. Great gift for someone who loves books, teachers, and book club friends.

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The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover’s Companion

The Scratch & Sniff Guide to Beer: A Beer Lover's Companion is full of style guides, how-tos, and anecdotes about the origins beer with 10 scratch and sniffs to savour the aroma of beers. Why read other beer books when you can sniff this one?! Great gift for the beer lover, white elephant, gag gift, or to add ...

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The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World

This massive coffee table book is great for every avid traveler. It has information for every Country. Each Country has two pages of info and pictures.  A great way to look for inspiration for your next trip! Tip: Don't buy the Kindle version. This is a book that needs to be seen on the big pages.

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The Hungover Cookbook

We've all had a hangover so bad that you wanted to die and nothing would fix it.  This hilarious Hangover Cookbook helps you identify the type of hangover you have (yes, there are different types!) and gives you delicious recipes that will help bring you back to the living. Interspersed with the recipes are quizzes to ...

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Top 100 Books Scratch Off Poster

This poster has 100 life-changing books listed on it.  As you read one, scratch it off.  It has a vast variety to widen your mind.  A great gift for a book lover and avid reader.

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Neck Reading Light

This book light is bendable, so you can point it in the exact position. It has 4 colors of light and the brightness is adjustable so you can have the perfect mood. Relax in bed and enjoy your book without having to have a lamp turned on.

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Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

This Bucket List Journal gives 115 ideas to add to your bucket list, has a section to create 50 bucket list goals together, 50 pages to journal about your adventures, places to put your pictures for each adventure, and 5 conversation starters to discuss after your trip. This is a great gift for weddings, ...

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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

This book makes you wonder about stuff you didn't even know you wanted to know. What if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90 percent the speed of light? How fast can you hit a speed bump while driving and live? If there was a robot apocalypse, how long would humanity last? Your brain will never be the same.

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Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

This cocktail book is great for those obsessed with literary masterpieces. 65 drink recipes paired with commentary on your favorite books of all time. It also includes drinking games and bar bites. Some of the drinks include: The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose The Last of the Mojitos Love in the Time of ...

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Solid Wood Book Shaped Coasters with Drinking Puns

These solid wood coasters have classic book titles with a drinking pun and they are hand-crafted with recycled wood.  Perfect for a book club gift. Available Titles to choose from: * An Ale of Two Cities * Drinkinstain * Drinkula * Gone with the Wine * To Have and To Have Hot * Jurassic Perk * Last of the Mojitos * ...

Personalized Book Starring Your Child for Unique Gifts for Kids by Gifter World
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Personalized Lion King Book – Starring Your Child

Your kid can be the star in this personalized Lion King Book. You customize it with their name and info and your child will be the hero when he or she saves the day with the Lion King characters. Many other books are available for personalization.






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