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Whiskey Barrel Table and Bar Stools by Gifter World
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Vintage Whiskey Barrel Bar Table and Stools

Create a little bar in your home with this vintage whiskey barrel bar table and stools. Since it is a retired oak wine barrel, it gives your room a rustic and inviting decor. The pine tabletop is cafe' height and it has a wrought iron foot rail to make it comfortable to sit. The hidden cupboard can store your alcohol, ...

Stone Drink Dispenser by Gifter World
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Stone Drink Dispenser

There is something about drinking your alcohol out of a stone that makes it seem more classy. Whether you use it for whiskey, rum, gin, vodka, tequila, or apple juice, it will always look cool and it is such a statement piece. The natural stone goes with any decor so it will match your kitchen, man cave, bar, or ...

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DoorBall Knocker

I may be nuts for laughing so hard at this DoorBall Knocker. You can peel and stick it to any surface so you don't need to screw anything into the door. It comes in solid polyvinyl chloride or solid brass for the fancy people. This makes a funny gag gift or white elephant gift. Or as one of those gifts that friends ...

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Funny Friendship Candle – Our Friendship is Like This Candle

Say you care with a funny friendship candle that says, "Our friendship is like this candle. If you forget me, I'll burn your fucking house down". Your snarky best friend will laugh every time they burn it and it will help them to always remember you... even if you scare them a little. But it isn't 'just funny'.... ...

Whiskey Barrel Fountain by Gifter World
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Whiskey Barrel Fountain

This whiskey barrel fountain will add a rustic charm to your outdoor space. It has a soothing sound of rain and there is a light so you can enjoy it at night while you are sitting around drinking a cocktail. It adds a great ambiance.

It makes a great gift for ...

Poison Label Serving Tray by Gifter World
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Poison Label Serving Tray

Looking for a way to display your cocktails in a creepy way? The Poison Label Serving Tray is enough to creep everyone out and make them worried about you.  It makes a great display for Halloween or Friday the 13th or give it as a hostess gift for a Halloween party. It will make a great addition to anyone who goes ...

Custom Map WIne Stopper for Travel Enthusiasts by Gifter World
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Custom Map Wine Stopper for Travel Enthusiasts

This Custom Map Wine Stopper can be made with a map of any city in the world and is a great gift for travel enthusiasts or wine drinkers.  It fits all standard wine bottles and the silicone seal is a perfect fit. The map location of your choice is under a crystal clear glass dome so it looks classy in any home.  ...

Gun Decanter for Military Enthusiast for Whiskey, Gin, Scotch, Vodka - By Gifter World
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Gun Decanter for Your Booze

This gun decanter is a beautiful way to display your booze for any gun lover or military enthusiast. It comes with the gun decanter, a display, and 4 shot glasses.  The gun collector in your life will be excited to display it in their man cave!

Personalized Cutting Board - Custom engraved by Gifter World
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Personalized Cutting Board – Custom Engraved

This beautiful personalized cutting board is custom engraved with the option of their first names, last name, date, and more.  There are many sizes available and you have your choice of font, wood, shape, etc.. The cutting boards are .75" thick and you can choose between maple, Sapele, or walnut wood.  You can also ...

Horrible Suggestion Coasters by Gifter World
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Horrible Suggestion Coasters

These coasters each feature a horrible suggestion that your guests probably shouldn't do but you secretly hope they do.  These hilarious Horrible Suggestion Coasters make a great hostess gift! Each set comes with 10 4"-coasters and each one has a different horrible suggestion to make the party even more fun. They ...

Please Don't Do Cocaine in the Bathroom by Gifter World
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Please Don’t Do Cocaine in the Bathroom Candle

This Please Don't Do Cocaine in the Bathroom Candle is a great hostess gift, housewarming gift, gag gift, or as a gift to yourself to give guests a giggle. This 16.5 oz soy candle burns for about 100 hours and is available in various scents; Amber Noir, Toasted Pumpkin, Apple Harvest, Christmas Tree, Black Sea, ...

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Floating Pool Lights – Solar Powered

These floating pool lights are solar-powered so they don't need batteries and they automatically change colors.  They can float in the pool, they have a tab to easily hang in trees, or you can place them around your yard.  The color light makes great for ambiance lighting and add flair to your party. They are super ...

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Library Due Date Card Serving Tray for Book Lovers by Gifter World
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Library Due Date Card Serving Tray for Book Lovers

This Library Due Date Card Serving Tray is great for book lovers and is custom made with a collage of vintage library due date cards. It is made with pine wood and is heat resistant and waterproof. It is the perfect size to keep your cocktail safe beside you on the couch while you are reading. Dimensions: 16" long, ...

Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set for Gifts for Whiskey Lovers by Gifter World
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Engraved Whiskey Decanter Set

This 7-piece engraved whiskey decanter set comes with a crystal decanter, 4 glasses, 9 whiskey stones, and a wooden gift box. You can personalize it with a title, name, and date and it will look classy displayed in your office, home, man cave, or bar.  The glasses are specially made to bring out the yummy aroma of ...

Personalized BBQ Set for Barbecue from Gifter World
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Personalized BBQ Set

Show Dad you love him with this personalized BBQ set. It includes 2 skewers, fork, spatula, tongs, brush, and 4 corn holders and comes in an easy carrying case. Customize the laser engraving to say whatever you want. Say something simple, like "I love you, Dad" or something like, "Dad farts a lot".  It is up to you! ...

Personalized Floating Wine Glasses for the Pool and Sand from Gifter World
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Personalized Floating Wine Glasses for the Pool and Beach

No need to swim back to the side of the pool when you have these personalized floating wine glasses!  They are great for the pool, lake, river, or beach. Just pour a glass and kick back and float.  You can even stick them in the sand at the beach! Not only can you pick between many colors, but you can add your name ...

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Novelty Beer Shower Curtain

If you love beer, then maybe this Novelty Beer Shower Curtain will get you to take more showers. Grab a cool one and hit the shower! Makes a great gift for any beer lover. 72 inches Wide x 72 Inches Long - High-Quality Turkish Fabric, No liner needed, Includes Free Hooks, and Machine Washable

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Tushy Bidet Attachment for Toilet

Forget about running out of toilet paper when you have the Tushy Bidet Toilet Attachment. This amazing contraption saves up to 80% of toilet paper and it makes you feel squeaky clean.  You will never go back to the barbaric way of cleaning your tush again. Treat your tushy to a little spray shower!

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Day of the Week Clock

These days, none of us know what day it is and this Day of the Week Clock can help us stay on schedule at least a little bit. It makes a great retirement gift, gag gift, or quarantine gift.

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8-in-1 Classic Bluetooth Record Player

The music enthusiast in your life with love this real wood 8-in-1 Classic Bluetooth Record Player. It features a 3-speed turntable, USB player, Bluetooth connectivity, CD player, cassette player, and an FM radio with an analog tuner. You can record from vinyl to MP3, it has built-in speakers, 3.5mm aux-in, RCA output, ...

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Smell My Nuts Scented Candle

If your family is smelling funny, then get the Smell My Nuts Scented Candle to make the house smell yummy again. But get your mind out of the gutter because this smells like Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut, and Hazelnut. Yum... take a whiff! 100 hours of burning time.

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Zen Sand Garden

Calm your nerves with this Zen Sand Garden by raking the sand. It helps to relieve stress and calm your soul. Rake while you are on annoying work calls so you don't end up yelling at someone. Available in many styles.

$39.99 $12.38
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Go Away Doormat

Keep pesky neighbors and solicitors away with the Go Away Doormat. Why disturb your peace and quiet when you can send annoying people away? A perfect gift for the introverts in your life.

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Double Hammock with Stand

It's always time for a nap, so relax in this Double Hammock with Stand.  It can be used indoors or outdoors and is big enough for two people, so you can snuggle the day away. It has adjustable straps and a carrying case. It is available in many colors and patterns. You can also get wheels so it is easy to move ...

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Bean Bag Chair with Footstool

Cuddle up and get cozy with this giant bean bag chair with footstool. It comes in many colors and is easily washable. It measures approximately 6-feet. Grab a glass of wine and a good book and sit back and relax.

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Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand

Learn to live in the moment with this Buddha Board: Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand. Fill it with water and dip the bamboo brush to get it wet then start to paint. Create beautiful masterpieces with water then as it evaporates, it disappears, leaving you with a clean slate. It teaches you the zen ...

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Bloody Man Shower Curtain

Terrify your kids with this Bloody Man Shower Curtain. The realistic look of this will cause them to be in counseling for years, but it will be worth it. Also great for Halloween, house parties, or pranks. Or keep it up all year and your friends will get a laugh. Comes with 12 hooks.

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Sunrise Simulation Smart Alarm Clock

Wake up slowly with the Sunrise Simulation Smart Alarm Clock. It mimics the sun so you aren't jarred awake, leading to feeling more rested, better mood, and more energy. It has 7 colors so you can also use it as a mood light. You can pair it with nature sounds (birds, ocean, valley echo, piano, soft ringing, beep, or ...

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Mop Slippers – Shoe Covers

Make your friends do some of the housework by giving them these Mop Slippers to wear when they come over. They pick up dust, dirk, liquid, hair, and more. Throw a dance party and by the end, your floor will be clean enough to eat off!  Comes with 5 pairs.

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Men’s Valet & Jewelry Box Organizer with Smartphone Charging Station

This Men's Valet & Jewelry Box Organizer with Smartphone Charging Station has metal hardware and stitching to add a classy look. The deep sections are perfect for watches, knives, wallets, glasses, and more. This is a great unique gift for men who have everything, because it is well built, classy, very few guys ...

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Backyard Wooden Cooler

Jazz up your outdoor space with the Backyard Wooden Cooler.  It is sturdy and can hold up to 100 cans plus ice, so it works great from backyard parties, decks, BBQs, and the pool. It has an insulated, galvanized steel liner to keep your drinks cold... but who are we kidding... you will be drinking them fast anyway. ...

Steampunk Cigar Humidor Box Gifter World
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Steampunk Cigar Box Humidor – Holds 50 Cigars

This one of a kind Steampunk Cigar Box Humidor holds 50 cigars in style. You will feel like James Bond as you pull one out to smoke. Keeps them fresh and dry so each one feels like the first and it looks gorgeous. Features:

  • 50-capacity
  • Solid Pine wood construction
  • Vintage ...

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Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp

This Decorative Handmade Skull Table Lamp was made in Bali and the light shines through the beautifully intricate details to create unique patterns across the walls.  The dimmer allows you to adjust the light. Handcrafted by local Balinese artists. Available in many colors and styles.

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Scented Candle Making Kit – DIY Gift Set

This Scented Candle Making Kit has everything you need to make your own candles.  It makes a great DIY gift set for a birthday, housewarming gift, or more. It has enough supplies to create 6 luxury scented candles! Gather your friends and make them together for a fun girls' night!  

$59.99 $54.99
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Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

This Coffee Maker Alarm Clock is a great gift for the person who has everything. Delicious coffee is now automated so set the alarm and it will be ready when it is time to wake up. And the yummy smell of the fresh brew will probably slowly wake you up before the alarm.  

Plantation Wooden Jewelry Box Gifterworld
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Plantation Wooden Jewelry Box – Velvet Lined

Store your jewelry is this gorgeous, extra large wooden jewelry box.  If you spend money on jewelry, then give it a nice place to rest.  Sturdy and well made. Features:

  • High-lacquer Rosewood finish
  • Velvet interior lining
  • Burled wood inlay pattern
  • Quadrant hinges
  • ...

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Agate Coasters, Black Authentic Geode Stone, Set of 4

These Agate Coasters are made of Black Authentic Geode Stone and look stylish. Each one is a unique one of a kind design and they have rubber bumpers to protect your furniture.  They aren't just coasters... they are decor. Great gift for a hostess gift or for anyone who likes to entertain. Set of 4

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Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp

Amaze your friends with this Levitating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp. It magically floats and is a great unique gift for someone who has everything or use it as a cool piece of home decor. Convince your kids you are a magician and you will make them disappear if they don't behave.

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Wooden Docking Station Desk Organizer

This Wooden Docking Station Desk Organizer looks sleek and organizes your junk and keeps your desk or nightstand clutter-free.  Holds a smartphone, tablet, wallet, keys, credit card, glasses, watch, business cards, and pens and pencils. You will look so organized people will think you have your life together.

$39.95 $29.95
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Levo Oil and Butter Herbal Infusion Machine

This Levo Oil and Butter Herbal Infusion Machine allows you to infuse your favorite flavors from herbs, fruit, flowers and more into oil, butter, or honey.  The choices are never-ending, so you will look like a professional chef. How about lavender butter? Or rosemary olive oil?  Or a little marijuana butter, ...

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LED Essential Oil Diffuser – 3D Glass Aromatherapy

This LED Essential Oil Diffuser - 3D Glass Aromatherapy will help soothe you into relaxation with essential oil aromatherapy and beautiful light that doubles as mood lighting or a nightlight.  You will feel like you are having a spa day in total relaxation.  Just kick the kids out of the house so they won't disturb ...

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Octopus Martini Wine Glasses

These Octopus Inspired Martini and Wine Glasses will look stylish at your next dinner party! A unique gift for anyone who loves wine, martinis, or octopi.

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Floor Lounger

Makes sleep-overs and movie nights super fun!  Just add your own pillows to this lounger and create and chair, bed, or lounger. Available in two sizes and many colors/styles.

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Vinyl Record Coasters

These vinyl record coasters are great for the music lover, nostalgic decor or an 80's party.  Comes with a pack of six.

$12.99 $8.99
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Fire Extinguisher Ball

This cutting edge fire extinguisher ball bursts with flame retardant material after being in the fire for 3 seconds and covers 900 cubic feet.  It looks pretty so it matches your decor better than the ugly regular extinguishers. It comes in many colors to match your style.  It can be hung on the wall, ceiling or ...

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Cheese Board with Hidden Drawer

This high-quality cheese board has everything you need to make a great presentation. This 19-pieces accessories set that includes cheese knives, serving forks, cheese markers with pencil, wine opener, bottle ring, and wine pourer/stopper. Great for a wedding gift, anniversary, housewarming or buy it for yourself ...

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Chemistry Spice Rack

This 14-piece Chemistry Spice Rack is perfect for the science lover. Make him or her feel like a scientist while they are cooking. It includes nine test tubes for spices, three flasks for sugar, salt and pepper, a flask for oil, and a carrying tray; Salt and pepper flasks have holes for shakers; Each flask has a ...

$57.95 $45.98
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Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

The light strip around the mirror makes it easy to get beautiful. Makes it easy to organize your jewelry, so you don't look like a hoarder.

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Wildlife Knives

These beautiful wildlife knives are made of durable stainless steel. You will enjoy looking at the gorgeous pictures while you prep to cook. Animal lovers will enjoy!

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Adult Tortilla Blanket

Wrap yourself up like a cozy burrito! It looks so real that your friends will try to sniff you to see if it really is a giant tortilla. It is super soft and lightweight, so it is great for a travel blanket, camping blanket, bed blanket or just snuggling on the couch.

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LED Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless Bluetooth speaker has 6 light colors and a great sound.  Easily change the color by tapping the top. Great for mood lighting, parties, a nightlight, or take with you when you go camping for a great ambiance light.

$33.99 $29.95
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Mermaid Blanket

Your dream of becoming a mermaid can finally be actualized. Cozy and cute.... you will want to snuggle on the couch all day.

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3D Guitar Lamp

This cool 3D lamp sets the mood with a choice of 16 colors. The smart controls allow you to get the perfect color that fits your mood. If music isn't your thing, you can choose other lamps: cat, wine bottles, tiger, french bulldog or volleyball.

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Folding Book Lamp

This cool table lamp has two colors and gives off a beautiful soothing light. Every book lover needs this in their home.

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Smart Alexa

You can never go wrong with the Echo Dot.  Manage your smart appliances by asking Alexa to turn on the lights, turn on the TV, set the thermostat, or just ask her for the movies that are playing near you.  Or, if the kids are acting up, no need to get up to go scream at them. Just speak to them through the room to ...

$39.99 $24.99
Steak Branding Iron for BBQ Gifter World
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Steak Branding Iron

Brand your steak with this Steak Branding Iron. Mark your territory with your name, your nickname (King BBQ?), team name, or a message for your love. You will feel like a real cowboy!

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Portable Movie Theater

Throw this portable device in your backpack and take it wherever you go. Then you bust it out and aim it at any white wall or ceiling to watch movies on the go.  No need to lift your head to look at the tv.  Just stare at the ceiling and relax! It's like a movie theater for lazy people.

$399.99 $299.99
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Echo Dot Glow for Kids

This smart speaker allows kids to ask Alexa to play their favorite song, tell them a story, tell them why the sky is blue and more. They can drive Alexa crazy instead of me,  It has built-in parental control, so you don't have to worry about them going into the dark web of naughtiness like you do. Bundle includes ...

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Globein International Foodie Box

Help support communities around the World, by buying a box of handmade goods. You know your money is going to a good cause. You can choose to do a subscription or purchase a single box. You can also choose a different type of box; Cozy Box, Tea Box, Home Goods Box, and more! Items in this box:

  • Spice ...

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5.0” Dragon Septarian Stone Crystal Skull

This beautiful 5" Dragon Septarian Stone Skull is a beautiful way to frighten away your wimpy friends. It has a high reflective polish and was carved by hand. Septarian Stone has calming energy and can bring joy. It is also thought to nurture communication in group settings, so bring it to the next meeting. Great for ...

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AeroGarden Indoor Herb Garden

This amazing Aerogarden has everything you need to grow nine delicious, fresh herbs right in the comfort of your home. It has an automatic light so there is no need to worry about putting it near a window.  It grows in water and it tells you when it needs more water.  You can also buy more pods when you ...

$299.95 $199.97
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Cocktail and Margarita Machine

You no longer have to go to an expensive bar to get an overpriced, delicious cocktail.  This smart machine does the work for you with precise deliciousness.  Pop the pod into the machine, select the strength and then enjoy!

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Personalized Whiskey Cigar Glass Holder

No more need to double-fist your whiskey and cigar. Now you can hold them both in one hand so your other hand is free to do as you wish...perhaps another whiskey in that hand?? This invention is genius and it's amazing it has taken so long for someone to think of it!

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I Only Have Time For One Glass – Wine Bottle

If your friends are like mine, they will love this hilarious wine bottle. It fits an entire bottle of wine so you won't freak out when someone says you can only have one glass. Great for Bridesmaids' gifts, hostess' gifts or just taking it to a party and using it yourself.

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Personalized Home Marquee Theater Sign

Every bar or entertainment room needs this customizable marquee sign. Your guests will feel they are entering a red carpet event even if your party room is in a double-wide. Highly crafted and customizable!

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Skull Liquor Decanter Set

If you are obsessed with Halloween or anything spooky, this decanter is for you! Scare the little children away from your booze and enjoy your dark sense of humor with a little alcohol.

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LED Smart Pendant Lamp

This smart LED lamp can be customized to a multiple of colors and can be directed in any direction. Take control of your house and set the mood for date night!

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Whiskey Set

Nothing says class better than a fancy whiskey set. Display your booze with style.

$129.95 $84.95
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Sherpa Throw Blanket

This sherpa faux fur throw blanket is sooooo soft, you will never want to get out of bed. Get ready to call your boss and say you can't come into work. (Comes in multiple sizes and colors)

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Chunky Knit Blanket

This homemade chunky knit blanket is soft and cozy and you will want to snuggle on the couch all day. Comes in multiple colors and sizes.

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Skull Cakelet Pan

Add some scary fun to your table. Can be used for cakelets, pizza rolls, ice molds, meatloaf and more!

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Evil Eye Gourd Lamp

This handmade gourd lamp will look good in any stylish home or dorm. Adds a soft light to create the perfect ambiance.

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Funky Vegetable Kit

Plant weird-looking vegetables: Individual packets of purple carrots, red Brussel sprouts, stripy tomatoes, golden zucchini, and rainbow chard. Finally, your kids will love to eat veggies and you will impress your friends with your colorful cooking.

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Face Mask Coasters

Have a blast when your guests attach the coaster to their faces to make themselves look silly. Have a drinking contest to see who looks the weirdest. Great for parties or family gatherings. NOTE FROM EDITOR: We did this at a party and it was so fun. Our stomachs were hurting from laughing so hard.

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Wood Globe Bar Stand

This is a stylish way to display (or hide) your alcohol.  It is strong enough to hold several bottles and glasses. Keep it at work if you want a little mid-day pick me up or to numb the pain from your annoying coworkers.

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Wine Bottle Puzzle

A great gift for the host of a wine party. Entertain your friends to see who can get the wine out of the puzzle cage. If you can't get it out, maybe it is a sign that you had too much already.

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Bathtub Caddy

There is no reason to ever leave your bathtub if you have everything you need. This caddy has a place for bath accessories, book or tablet, bubble bath, and your wine glass. Tune out the rest of the world and relax in your own bubbly heaven. But be sure to lock the door, so nobody bugs you.

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Teapot Infuser Set

This high quality, well-designed teapot will thrill any tea lover. Drinking tea is a sacred ritual in many cultures around the world, so now you can create your own ritual at home. Pretend you are royalty and have high tea each day!





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