Product Review: Scratch Off Map

By: Chanda Torrey

I received this Scratch Off Map as a gift several years ago and I am obsessed with it. As soon as I opened it, I started scratching off the Countries that I have already visited. I stood back to look at my travel accomplishments and realized I had big gaps in areas that I have never been to. Time to do something about that.

I looked at Africa and knew I needed to be able to scratch off something, so I planned a trip to South Africa. Then I saw that I needed something in the Northern Africa area, so I dragged my husband to Morocco. He asked me why I wanted to go there and I said, “I want to scratch off something in that area”. He knows me, so it didn’t shock him that I am a little crazy.

Then this summer, we only had a week for vacation, so we had to find a place we could get to in under 5 hours. I’ve already been to most of the Caribbean Countries, so I wanted something more exotic. I looked at the map and saw that I had never been to Ecuador and flights were only 4 hours.  I had no idea what was in Ecuador, but I found a tour and booked it right away.

Anyone who loves International Travel will love this Scratch Off Map.  I actually have two of them, so I can look at it from two different rooms. And I framed it, so it looks extra fancy. For my next trips, I think I need to scratch off some big Countries. Perhaps Russia or the Continent of Antarctica?

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