Gift Ideas While in Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine sucks and can get boring really fast. I feel really bad for those celebrating their birthday or anniversary while locked in their home or hospital. Here are some gift ideas while in quarantine that will help pass the time and make it tolerable and maybe even a little fun. Give these to others to show you care… or just gift it to yourself.

This amazing book is great for anyone who loves music or drinking. It takes a look at famous albums throughout time and pairs them with a cocktail that is inspired by the drink.

Everyone loves bacon and when you are stuck at home, it is nice to binge eat. What could be better than a box of bacon products!

It can be stressful when you are quarantined at home watching the news all day. This Buddha Board allows you to express your artistic side in a calming Zen way. You paint with water and then it disappears (along with your stress) as it dries.

Use the downtime to become a sleuth and solve a mystery together as a family. Use the clues to solve the crime!

  • Foodie or Mixology Cocktail Dice

While you have the time at home, why not try some new recipes or cocktails. Throw the dice and it will tell you which ingredients to use to create new flavors.

  • Foodie Dice
  • Mixology Cocktail Dice

Relax the stress away with a nice hot bath with soothing bath bombs. Forget about the quarantine and play a movie on your iPad as you soak in the tub.

  • Puzzles and Crossword Puzzles

Being quarantined can be boring and you end up having a lot of time on your hands. Try some puzzles, crossword puzzles, or logic problems. They help keep your brain sharp and help pass the time. How about this 3D puzzle that is also a real movie projector. It has 183 wood pieces and takes about 4-6 hours to put it together. It comes with a 58 frame snippet of Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” that you play by turning the crank. It makes a great bonding experience for families in quarantine.

  • Massagers

If you are stressed, a neck massager or stress eye massager can help relax your worries away.  Take the time to pamper yourself!

  • Neck Massager with Heat
  • Eye Stress Massager

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DIY Kits

These DIY kits allow you to create something alone, with your partner, or with your family. And the best part is that you have something yummy to taste afterward.

  • Hot Sauce Making Kit

I love hot sauce and can’t get enough of it. This kit comes with everything you need to kick up the heat.

  • Beer Making Kit

This kit is fun for anyone who loves craft beer. Plus you get to drink it afterward and we all know you are drinking every night at this point.

  • Cheese Making Kit

Making cheese is a nice wholesome activity to pass the time with the family and then you can use it on sandwiches, pizza, or eat it plain.

  • Gin and Vodka Infusion Kit

Infuse your booze with some herbs and spices to build a new flavor to your cocktails. Save some for me when the quarantine is over!

  • BBQ Sauce and Grilling Sauce Kit

This kit is fun for any grillmaster enthusiast. Create your own sauces then fire up the grill.

  • Make your Own Jerky Kit

Jerky is expensive but it has a long shelf life. Why not make your own in case the quarantine lasts longer than we expect.

  • Make Your Own Mustard Kit

This mustard making kit has bold flavors that will kick up the flavor of your recipes. Fun to create as a family!

For more DIY Kit gift ideas while in quarantine, try our DIY Kit Gifts section.

Quarantine Gifts for Kids

By now, we all know what it is like to get locked up in a house all day with the kids. Here are some fun activities that will keep them busy for hours so you don’t get arrested for locking them in the basement.

  • Sparkling Squishy Soap Making Kit

Get the kids to wash their hands more when they create their own squishy, sparkling soap.

  • Book Making Kit for Kids

Let them bring out their creative side with this kit that allows them to write their own book and publish it!

  • Lip Balm Making Kit

Cure their boredom by letting them make their own lip balm.

  • Comic Book Making Kit

This kit allows your child to illustrate and write their own comic book and have it professionally printed.

  • Roadster 5 in 1 Engineering Building Kit

The 174 pieces can be used to create 5 different vehicles. Recommended for ages 8+.

For more gift ideas while in quarantine, check out our Gifts for Men section, Gifts for Women, or Gifts for Teens and Kids.

And our DIY Kit Gifts section has great ideas for things to do at home.

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