We are still staying at home due to the pandemic and have tried every puzzle known to man in order to distract us from the boredom. Wooden puzzles, metal puzzles, regular puzzles, 3D puzzles, and so much more. I was struggling with finding some different types until I found Puzzle Master. They have every puzzle under the sun, so keep reading for my puzzle review for 4 of their puzzles.

The first one was a wooden Try-Bal Cube puzzle and that is exactly what I did… I tried. It is a wooden box with little sticks and balls that you try to fit inside the box. I tried to cheat by taking it out of the box slowly to see how it is done, but then I couldn’t get it back in the box. My whole family tried and none of us could do it but I suspect someone who is good with Rubik’s Cubes could probably do it. That just isn’t us. I was ready to grab a saw and force it to fit but my family stopped me. Somehow, they think they can complete it someday.

The next one was our favorite. It was a Wooden 3D Marble Parkour puzzle that you attach wooden pieces to each other to form a model that marbles travel through as you crank it. It is a super cool 3D puzzle that is fun to do with the whole family. The instructions were clear and it was fun to see it come alive with a crank, spiral ramps, and more. It is strangely soothing to crank it and watch the marbles roll through the maze. My husband has been cranking it every morning and staring at it as if he is hypnotized.

We then attempted the Wooden Ziggurat Square. Or I should say, “I” attempted it. You have wooden pieces that you have to arrange in a certain order. It has a professional level, medium level, and dummy level. I “attempted” the dummy level for a couple of hours and decided it wasn’t possible so I set it aside. Then my bonus daughter picked it up and solved it in less than 5 minutes, so I grounded her.

The final one for our puzzle review was the Metal Earth Golden Hind Puzzle. It is a small metal puzzle that you put together to form a sailboat. I am in denial that I need glasses, so I couldn’t see the pieces. My husband loved it and worked on it for hours and was so proud of himself when he finished. His vision is worse than mine, so I am assuming his glasses helped. It is small, but very cool for those who like models.

If you are looking for a puzzle to occupy your time or help you spend time with your family, then you should check out Puzzle Master. They have all types of puzzles, so I am sure you can find something.

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