How To Be A Better Gift Giver

I used to hate shopping for gifts so much that I would avoid people around the holidays and I dreamed of the day someone would teach me how to be a better gift-giver. If I did buy gifts, I would panic and think they would hate them so I would throw them away. I once bought gifts, wrapped them, then chickened out, and drove around with them in the trunk of my car for 3 years. A friend found them one day and forced me to mail them. I still have no idea what they were because they were already wrapped. It could have been 3-year-old cheese for all I know. It’s possible I poisoned my family that year.

I think my problem was that I was trying to find a gift that someone needed but most people buy things for themselves that they need. Even if I bought something everyone could use, I would freak out about the choices. So, if I decided to buy a shirt, I would think, “Short sleeve or long sleeve? Button or pullover? Pattern or solid? V-neck or round neck?” All of the options overwhelmed me.

Then that changed several years ago when I discovered a website that had unique gift ideas that were NOT things that “people need” but fun things they probably didn’t even know existed. It changed my life.

But that website disappeared a couple of years later so I was back to being on my own again. By that point, I understood that gifts should be fun, unexpected, maybe a little weird, and definitely unique so my gift-giving skills soared. I knew there had to be a lot of people who were like I used to be and were hiding in their closets at holiday time and I wanted to help. I dreamed of starting a unique gifts idea website for years, but I was scared of the unknown.

But I finally took the plunge and started Gifter World. Now I scour the internet for unique gifts, but not just unique gifts. I make sure I find the best price and they must have reviews of over 4 stars because quality counts.

I always get excited when I find something really cool and super unique. Here are a few of my favorites and why they make a good gift so you can learn how to be a better gift-giver…

  • Steak Branding Iron:
    • This steak branding iron allows you to actually brand your meat with your initials, name, favorite team name, or anything you want. It is completely frivolous and unexpected and that is why it is fun and makes a great gift. Anyone who likes to entertain with BBQs will love showing off their new toy. Perhaps you can throw a Superbowl party and brand the team you want to win just to mess with the people cheering for the opposing team. Or brand your name to show who is the boss.

  • Folding Book Light
    • This folding book lamp is one of my favorite go-to gifts. Every time I give it to someone, everyone swoons over how cool it is and they all end up buying several of them to give out to their friends. It is a gift that nobody has seen before and it isn’t something you would ever buy for yourself. It looks like a book but when you open it up, the pages light up for a beautiful mood light. You can keep it by your bed, take it camping, or stick to the underside of a kitchen cabinet for a cool kitchen light.
  • Universal Yums Gift Box of Treats from Around the World
    • This Universal Yums gift box is a subscription (or you can just buy one box) where they send you snacks from a different country every month. Anyone who likes to travel or try new food will love this because it is fun to open it up and taste each snack. I am so excited every time it comes in the mail because I never know what country it will be from. It’s exciting to try new things! It makes a great gift because you can’t just go to the store to get it for yourself, so it is something new and exciting.
Universal Yums Snack Box Subscription from Around the World and How to be a Better Gift Giver by Gifter World
  • Campfire Beer and Beverage Caramelizer
    • Transform your beverages with this campfire beer and beverage caramelizer by making it richer, creamier, and smoother. You heat the rod tip until it is visibly red and then dip it in your drink for 2-3 seconds. A flash of heat from the caramelizer reacts with the sugars in the beverage, creating a richer and smoother taste, but it doesn’t affect the temperature of your drink. It works great with beer, cider, hot chocolate, adult beverages, and more. This is a great unique gift because it is fun to use with friends or your family as you try to change the taste and texture of your drinks. It is great for bonding family together as they caramelize their hot cocoa.

  • Vodka and Gin Infusion Kit
    • This vodka and gin infusion kit is super fun for anyone who likes to drink. You can infuse your booze (or tea or water) with 10 botanicals that give your beverage an interesting depth. It isn’t something you would buy for yourself, but it is fun to make so it is equivalent to a toy for a kid. As adults, we rarely get something fun to ‘play’ with and that is exactly what this is.

  • Molecular Gastronomy Kit
    • You know that feeling when you were a kid and you would get a toy and you couldn’t wait to bust it open to see what it does? This molecular gastronomy kit will give you that same feeling. It is hard to explain, but it basically turns any liquid into tiny caviar type balls that burst in your mouth; salad dressing balls on your salad, chocolate balls for ice creams, balsamic vinegarette balls on bruschetta, and the list goes on. It also can create magic food like chocolate spaghetti and lemon foam. It combines science with food and it is a blast to come up with new creations. It is a great gift because nobody has heard of this and it is fun and nobody would buy it for themselves… although, they should.

So, you can see that none of these are common gifts. Giving socks or underwear is so boring and expected. Why not look outside of the box for something fun and unique? One of my favorite categories is Gifts for Drinkers, because there are so many options, so if you have friends or loved ones that like to imbibe, check it out for more ideas.

For more ideas on how to be a better gift giver, check out our Gifts for Men and Gifts for Women.

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