Fun Game Prizes for Adults / Door Prize Ideas

I always keep several fun game prizes on hand in case we have an impromptu game night. I love a good competition and I love parties, so when you put the two together, I am beyond excited. Whether I am planning a professional party or just a girls’ night at my house, there is always a way to increase party participation with a little competition and it doesn’t have to break the bank. When planning a fun party, think about contest prize ideas for adults and door prize ideas that can work for women and men that your guests will love or gifts that will make them laugh.

So, here is a list of the best game, competition, contest, and door prize ideas for adults that are fun for all and affordable. Some are gag gifts and some are unique prizes you will want to keep for yourself. They work for bridal shower game prizes, book club games, bingo prizes, games with friends, and more.

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Burt’s Bees Hand Relief Gift Set

Women often take care of their faces but they forget about their hands. This Burt’s Bees gift set kit includes Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, Almond Milk Hand Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and 1 pair of cotton gloves. It will help keep your hands as young as your facelifted forehead.

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Funny Succulent Planters

These hilarious succulent planters have many slogans to choose from. Anywhere from “What the Fucculant” to “My Favorite Child Gave Me This”, they work for games of all ages. Or pick the naughty slogans for an all-adult party.

Horse’s Butt Bobble-Head Last Place Trophy

Don’t let the last-place person feel bad about going home empty-handed. Celebrate all of their suckiness with this Horse’s Butt Bobble Head Trophy. Simply touch his butt and it bobbles back and forth. It makes a great gag gift prize. For more funny trophies, check HERE.

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Shower Steamers

Shower steamers are like bath bombs but for your shower. You turn on your shower and drop one on the floor of the shower under the water. The steam from the heat releases the essential oils so it smells like a spa in your whole bathroom. I use these a couple of times a week because they are so relaxing and refreshing. For more prizes like this, check out our Health and Beauty Gifts.

Boozy Jam

This drunken jam box has flavor options that are out of this world. They use high-quality alcohol and natural ingredients to create jam flavors such as; Bourbon Peach, Spiced Cherry Amaretto, Triple Berry Rum, Blueberry Mojito, and many more. You can choose to give the whole box as a prize or separate them to give several smaller prizes or party favors. They are one of the most unique game prize ideas for adults that are useful and tasty.

Hyperchiller Iced Coffee / Beverage Chiller

Do you remember the slushy cups from the 80s that you freeze and then put your drink in them, and it turns your beverage ice cold? Well, this is a futuristic version of those! You pour your hot beverage into the cup and it chills it in less than 60 seconds. You can use it for coffee, beer, wine, soda, tea, liquor, and more! If you want it even colder, just leave it in a little longer. It can chill it up to 130 degrees in 60 seconds!

Moon Lamp

This moon lamp adds ambiance lighting to any room. It has 16 different colors that can be dimmed or brightened to your preference. It’s one of the best game prizes for adults and kids of any age.

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

This looks expensive, but it actually makes a great cheap giveaway prize. Each shot glass has an X or an O and you play it like regular tic tac toe, except… you drink. Will you win? Will you lose? Will you even care after 3 shots? It’s a great prize for a beer pong tournament or Frat House games. For more prize ideas for adults who drink, check out our Gifts for Drinkers.

Edible Anus Chocolates

You know when Facebook shows you what you should buy, and you think, “Oh, Yes! I do need those shoes!” Well, Facebook showed me these last year and I was concerned about why they thought I needed this. But then I was intrigued and ordered them for several friends and we all cracked up. So, it turns out, that Facebook knows me better than myself. But now, I’m wondering, “Who was the model for the mold?” For more prizes that make you laugh, check out our Funny Gifts section.

Gourmet Peanut Butter

This gourmet peanut butter is made from high-quality ingredients and the flavors are unique and creamy. You can choose between flavors like Maple Crunch, Spicy Peanut Butter, Espresso, Ginger, Cinnamon, and more! This makes a great game prize for adults and kids!

LED Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser has 7 LED mood lights, so you can set the ambiance how you like it. Want something refreshing and upbeat? Turn it to blue. Want something sexy that makes you look pretty? Turn it to red. You can also use it as a nightlight or schedule it to turn off at a certain time. It makes a great inexpensive gift for women, men, teens, college students, and more.

Tortilla Blanket

This is a great prize idea for adults for both men and women. It’s cozy and funny and it is the only one that is double-sided. Plus, it looks expensive, but it’s under $20.

Impossible Puzzle

What better prize to give to someone who wins a game than an impossible game to keep their ego in check. This puzzle is clear and it will surely cause everyone to go a little bonkers while trying to put it together. It comes in various sizes from 100 pieces to 1000 for those who you really don’t like.

I Love Cocktails Socks

If you are looking for funny game prizes for a bridal shower, look no further. These “I Love Cocktail” socks are one of our biggest sellers and they bring laughter to everyone who sees them…. plus, they are really comfortable.

Popcorn Seasoning Pack

This is a great door prize idea because it works for everyone. Men, women, kids, and even teens will love it. It has white cheddar, chili lime, sizzling sriracha, sweet and salty kettle corn, and buttery caramel so everyone can find a popcorn flavor they love. It’s great for families or couples who want to Netflix and Chill. For more food-related prizes for adults, check out our Foodie Gifts section.

Wine Bottle Serving Tray

If you are looking for great door prize ideas for adults in a mixed crowd, this wine bottle serving tray is a great option. Somehow, it is only around $15, but it looks expensive. Your guests will be impressed with your style and think they won the lottery.

Wine Condoms

I LOVE these wine condoms. I have given them as gifts for friends and for gift exchanges in a book club and they are always a hit. Sure, they have a funny name, but they are actually really useful. They look like tiny condoms that fit over your wine bottle to keep it fresh and prevent it from spilling. For more funny prize ideas for adults, check out our Funny Gifts.

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Tequila Mockingbird pairs cocktails with the best books of all time. It has commentary on the book, drinking games, and bar bites. Cocktails include; Romeo and Julep, The Last of the Mojitos, and Love in the Time of Kahlua. It’s witty, and funny, and makes a great gift exchange for a book club.

Scratch Off Move and TV Poster

This is a great party game prize for those who love watching movies and TV shows. This scratch-off poster has 100 movies and 20 TV shows that you must watch before you die. It’s perfect for those who can never decide what to watch next.

“I Dream I’m a Motorcycle” Socks

If you are looking for adult game prizes for men, then these funny socks will do the trick. You could also use them for games with women, because let’s face it… we all snore.

The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

This scratch-and-sniff wine book teaches you the differences in the various scents of wine: the fruits, the wood, the earth, and more. It is a fun game prize for book club or for anyone who likes drinking even if they only drink bucket wine. They also have a Beer Scratch and Sniff and a Whiskey Scratch and Sniff.

Fruit Infused Water Bottle

This fruit-infused water bottle makes drinking water even easier by making it delicious without adding artificial sweeteners. You drop fruit into the fruit tube, insert it into the bottle, and then fill it with water or any other liquid. I like to use mine for vodka sodas. It works great with berries, mango, cucumber, mint, and more.

World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

If you are looking for funny prize ideas for adults with a sense of humor, then look no further. This is the world’s hottest chocolate bar and I dare you to eat just one tiny bite. Do the challenge and see if you can eat one bite every 60 seconds. Or have a competition to see who can eat the most. Now that I think of it, this isn’t just a prize. This can be the actual game for any party.

Funny Stoppers for Beer and Wine

These stoppers are great for any bottle so you can keep your beverage fresh and they give you a laugh. I have used these as a gift exchange in my book club and they were a hit. I also bought some for myself because they were so cute.

Novel Teas

These Novel Teas come with literary quotes on each tea bag to give you inspiration each morning while you sip. It was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list and we all know she has great taste in shopping. It’s one of my favorite game prizes for book club.

Snoop Dogg Cookbook: From Crook to Cook

Snoop Dogg has long been known to partake in a little herb… well, probably a lot of herb. But do you know what happens when you do that? You get the munchies and need to eat. We are guessing that is how Snoop Dogg became a cookbook writer. It is a bestseller with raving reviews for his delicious recipes from baked mac and cheese to Lobster Thermidor.

Infused Sea Salt Sampler

These infused sea salts add flavor to recipes or you can use them as finishing salts. They have many flavors to choose from, such as; Smoked Bacon Chipotle, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade, 5 Pepper, Garlic Medley, Rosemary, and Hawaiian Black Lava sea salts. It’s a great affordable gift or prize for a foodie.

Wine Chiller Stick with Aerator

This wine chiller stick has a built-in aerator that adds oxygen to give your wine a better flavor. Just stick the chiller stick in the wine bottle and attach and it starts to chill, and you can pour directly through the aerator.

Hangover Cookbook

This cookbook has delicious recipes that will help cure a hangover and it’s written in a funny way. It also has jokes, stories, and a quiz to see if you are hungover or if you are actually just still drunk. It’s one of the best cheap prize ideas for adults in college or in their 20s.

LED Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker has 6 colors that can be easily changed by tapping the top and it makes a great mood light or night light. It’s portable, so you can even take it camping for a romantic ambiance in the woods.

Booze Soap

Booze soap can be a funny prize for games with men or women. They are available in wine, beer, and whiskey, and although they sound gross at first, they actually smell really good and they make your skin soft.

Floating Wine Glasses for the Pool, Beach, or Back Yard

I live in Florida where we are never far from a pool or the beach so I love these. They not only float in the water, but you can also stick them into the ground when you don’t have a table. They are available in many colors and styles.

Where’s the F*cking Toilet Paper Coloring Book

This makes a funny gag gift or door prize for adults with a sense of humor and a potty mouth. It makes fun of the things we have to go through during a pandemic or natural disaster so you can color away your stress.

Tea Sampler Gift Set

This tea sampler gift set has 48 different flavors of tea. You can have a different flavor each day to figure out what you have been missing. And they are so yummy that you’ll think the Queen sent them herself.

Prison Ramen Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars

Ramen is a staple food while you are in prison. Well, that and toilet hooch. Inmates buy regular ramen and add weird, but surprisingly tasty ingredients to it to create something that looks like it is from a fancy restaurant. Each recipe is written by the inmate and it tells their story. It’s funny, cheap, and useful and also makes a great gift for college students.

Neck Light

This neck light can be used for reading, knitting, working on the car, home repairs, and more. It has adjustable settings to fit your needs and it is flexible so you can aim it at just the right spot. This is one of those game prizes for adults that anyone can use.

Kama Pootra: 52 Mind Blowing Ways to Poop

Who knew there were 52 ways to poo? The average human has 25,000 bowel movements in their lifetime, so why not mix up your technique? Kama Pootra makes a great funny, gag gift for your bizarre friends or a booby prize for the loser.

Soap Gift Set from Bali

This soap gift set comes with coconut, papaya, vanilla, lemongrass, jasmine, and ylang ylang. We aren’t sure what ylang ylang smells like but it’s from Bali so it probably smells like paradise and I could use some of that. This is a great gift for when you are looking for game prize ideas for adults for wedding showers, coworkers, book club, and more.

Fire Condom Glove for BBQs and Camp Fires

This fire glove allows you to grip anything up to 932 degrees without feeling a thing. Grab the logs out of the fire, grab a pan directly from the stove, or save that kitten from a burning building. This glove lets you do it all, but my favorite part is that the box is hilarious and filled with naughty condom innuendos. It’s great for those with a dirty mind.

Mermaid Blanket

This is one of those contest prize ideas for adults that you think costs a lot, but several of the colors are well under $20. They keep your legs warm and they may you feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. It’s a fun game prize for women or teen girls.

Restroom Guestbook

I usually give this as a funny hostess gift, but it also works as a game prize for adults. It allows guests to sign the guestbook when they visit. It has questions like; “Did you snoop in the cabinets?”, “Did you check your phone while on the toilet?”, “What do you call the restroom?”, and “Which way should the toilet paper go?” It even has space for the guests to draw a picture or leave notes.

F*ck This Sh*t Mirror

For funny game prizes for adults with a snarky sense of humor, this mirror says it all; ‘A wise woman once said, ’Fu*k this shit’ and she lived happily ever after’. It works best for all-girl parties like bridal shower games.

Why Is It Fun to Give Game Prizes for Adults?

I know what you’re thinking, prizes are for kids, not adults. But let me tell you, nothing brings out the inner child in adults like the promise of a shiny trophy or a a goofy gift. Suddenly, everyone is more invested in the game, strategizing and scheming to be the ultimate winner. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love winning?

As adults, we don’t get many opportunities to feel like a champion. Most of us are stuck in dead-end jobs, paying bills, and dealing with the general stress of adulting. But when we win that coveted prize, even if it’s a gag gift like a tortilla blanket, we feel like we can conquer the world.

Giving out prizes also adds an element of surprise and suspense to game night. Sure, you may have played Monopoly a million times before, but throw in the chance to win a fire condom glove and suddenly the game becomes a nail-biting competition.

But the real fun comes in choosing the prizes. As the host, you have the power to come up with the most ridiculous and hilarious prizes and any of the game prizes for adults in this article are perfect. The more random and absurd, the better.

And let’s not forget about the friendly competition between friends. Suddenly, everyone is trying to outdo each other and win that top prize. Trash-talking and playful banter ensue, making game night even more entertaining.

Nothing brings friends closer together like a little healthy competition and the promise of a silly prize. But perhaps the best part of giving out prizes for games with adults is the memories that are created. It’s not every day that you get to laugh until your stomach hurts while trying to win a bag of candy corn. These are the moments that

These were the best contest prize ideas for adults, but if you are still looking, check out our Funny Gift section. Or for more prizes, check out our Gifts for Men or Gifts for Women.

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