St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Partiers

Do you have a lot of Irish in you and a bit of beer? Or a lot of beer and a little Irish? Either way, St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate with copious amounts of alcohol, meat, and cabbage, and you get to pinch strangers who aren’t wearing green and not get in trouble. What could be better! Whether you want St. Patrick’s Day gifts to give to someone else or to use for yourself, we have you covered.

But these are not just St. Patrick’s Day gifts… they are products you can actually USE on St. Patrick’s Day and beyond. So, for those who like to imbibe and celebrate the Irish way, read on!

12 Pack of St. Patrick’s Day Socks

Have everyone with your party wear stylish St. Patrick’s Day socks so everyone knows you are together. That way, if you get too drunk, they will know who you belong to.

St. Patrick’s Day Bracelet Flask

Disguise your booze as jewelry so you can sneak it into your St. Patrick’s Day party and save money on your bar bill. Or take it to family gatherings so you can take a swig when your family starts to drive you crazy. For more ideas for alcohol-related gifts, check out our Gifts for Drinkers section.

Beer Bottle Hider to Hide Your St. Patrick’s Day Beer

You never have to hide your beer again. Insert your beer into this handy bottle and it keeps it cold and hidden. The cops will just think you are drinking water on the beach or while you are bar hopping. It comes in many colors so you can coordinate your outfit.

Hungover Cookbook for Your Post St. Patrick’s Day Hangover

We’ve all had a hangover so bad that you wanted to die and nothing would fix it, and you are going to really feel it the day after St. Patrick’s Day. This hilarious Hangover Cookbook helps you identify the type of hangover you have (yes, there are different types!) and gives you delicious recipes that will help bring you back to the living. It is interspersed with the recipes are quizzes to see if you are actually still drunk instead of a hangover because there is a good chance you are still wasted. In that case, just have another drink… or ten.

Booze Backpack to Carry your St. Patrick’s Day Alcohol

Hit the St. Patrick’s Day party hard with the dual tank backpack drink dispenser. It holds up to 210 oz and you can use it for liquor, beer, wine, or juice. You will be the star of the party because you will have what they want.

St. Patrick’s Day Clothes

Dress yourself head to toe with shamrocks so everybody sees you a mile away. You will be the hit of the party and may even pick up a few dollars from people wanting to take a picture with you. St. Patrick’s Day clothes are always fun and they have lots of options for men and women for overalls, suits, pants, dresses, socks, underwear, and more!

Insulated Wine Canteen – 24 Hour Temperature Retention

Bring your wine with you anywhere without the fear of breaking the bottle! This Insulated Wine Canteen has 24-hour temperature retention, so you don’t have to worry about drinking it faster than the sun warms it up. It fits a whole bottle, so just pour and go! Great for poolside when they say you can’t bring glass. Available in MANY colors!

Viking Horn Shot Glasses Set

Bring out your inner Viking with this horn shot glass set that sits on any bottle. Made with ethically sourced ox horn that is hand-carved and fun to use. Tipping back shots has never been so macho and makes a great addition to any St. Patrick’s Day party.

St. Patrick’s Day Beard Ornaments

If you have a beard, you have to wear these ornaments! If you don’t have a beard, wear them in your hair anyway because they are so festive and sexy. Dressing in St. Patrick’s Day clothes has never been so fun. For more weird gifts, check out our Funny Gifts section.

Personalized Huge St. Patrick’s Day flask

This gigantic personalized flask is sure to make a splash at your St. Patrick’s Day party. It carries enough alcohol to share with your friends… or those you only tolerate. If mixed drinks are your thing, then fill it up and enjoy! You can also have it personally engraved.

Champagne Shooter Glass Flutes

These Champagne Shooter Glass Flutes let you shoot champagne like a beer bong. This St. Patrick’s Day gift is great for the fancy ladies in your party who want to partake in the debauchery.

Suck and Blow Jello Shots

These are a blast at parties! You make jello shots in them and then two people go face to face and try to blow it down the other person’s throat. About the time you take a deep breath, your opponent blows harder, shoots it into your mouth, and wins. Or do YOU win because you got to swallow the shot? Every St. Patrick’s Day party for adults needs these.

St. Patrick’s Day Flask Gift Set

You’ll have the luck of the Irish when you carry around this St. Patrick’s Day flask set. Classy and stylish and you can hide it on you so you can take a swig when someone is annoying you.

Insulated Wine Purse

Always carry your wine, beer, or cocktails with you, and nobody will know. It fits two separate bottles of wine so you can bring white and red wine. You can even fill it with booze and hit the bar scene so you can pour your rum in your coke. Think of the money you will save! You will look like you’ve got it together instead of the lush that you are. Plus, if you decide to share, you will be the hit of your St. Patrick’s Day party! Available in many colors and styles.

St. Patrick’s Day Cabbage Flip Flops

The Irish love cabbage, so wear these cabbage flip-flops with pride to your St. Patrick’s Day party. I can’t think of anything weirder to wear so that is why I love these.

Bacon Box

This box can help your post-St. Patrick’s Day hangover… Anyone with taste will love the Man Crates Bacon Crate because let’s face it, bacon is the best food group and can make anything taste delicious. Includes 5 Yummy Bacon-Flavored Snacks in a cool-looking man crate and it even comes with a crowbar to open the box. They call it a “Man Crate”, but don’t let that stop you from getting it for a woman because EVERYONE loves bacon. Includes; Carnivore Candy’s Jalapeno Bacon Jerky, Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky, Bourbon Bacon Seasoning Grinder, Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle, and Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam.

Shot Glass Roulette Game

Take gambling in Vegas to the next level with this drinking shot game! Will you win? Will you lose? Will you pass out? Who cares… you are having fun!

Viking Beer Cup

You’ll be transported back in time into the Viking era with this handcrafted cup. It’s enough to make the meekest man feel manly. You will look super macho drinking from this.

Party Ice Luge

Need to liven up your party? Then this is what you need for serious partiers! Pour your shot down the luge and open wide. You can use vodka, whiskey, gin, beer, or anything you want. Makes the shot ice-cold as it slides down your throat. Get the St. Patrick’s Day party started!

Hopefully, you are still sober at this point to read this. For more St. Patrick’s Day gifts for the partiers in your life, check out Gifts for Drinkers.

For those who can’t party like a rock star, check out our Gifts for Women or our Gifts for Men section.

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