Hurdy Gurdy Kit Review

This thing is so amazing, that I HAD to give a review for this Hurdy Gurdy Kit by UGEARS to share my experience. I have never seen anything like it and anyone who loves puzzles, models, music, or assembly projects will love this.

When my family and I opened the box, we all squealed with delight at how cool it was. There were boards with pieces on them that you push out. The instructions were clear with pictures and you just follow step by step to snap them in place. But we thought, “how is this going to look like the picture on the box??”

Hurdy Gurdy Kit 3D Puzzle Review Gifter World
Picture of the finished Hurdy Gurdy Kit with the boards with pieces prior to punching them out.

The instructions said it takes 4-8 hours to assemble but I was convinced we would be much faster than that because there were four of us working on it and I felt like I was pretty smart. I was wrong. It took us 7 ½ hours, but it seemed like two because it was so fun. You can do this alone or in a group, but beware… everyone will want to participate so come up with an assembly line.

As it started coming together, we got so excited. The first time we realized a couple of gears actually turned, we almost cried. We were actually creating something amazing! As we progressed, more and more gears turned and we could see that we might actually do this.

After attaching the handle to the base, it was time to tune the strings and do the final touches. I thought a Hurdy Gurdy was similar to a ukulele, but I was totally wrong (again). We googled how to play it and discovered it to be very unfamiliar to us. The guy on the video sounded really good, so we had planned on playing a song together as a family, but we sounded horrible. (But, I once took flute for a year and still couldn’t make a sound, so I am not musical.)

It doesn’t matter that we sounded like a 3-year old trying to start a band. It looks super cool on display and it has inspired me to learn to play an instrument. Perhaps I will go on tour someday playing the Hurdy Gurdy.

I strongly recommend this Hurdy Gurdy Kit by UGEARS as a fun activity for anyone. The only problem is that now my family is fighting over which one we get next because they sell different models. We may have to try them all.

For additional UGears models, see them HERE.

Hurdy Gurdy Kit 3D Puzzle Review Completed Gifter World
Our completed Hurdy Gurdy Kit with the punch out pieces and instructions
Video Review of the Hurdy Gurdy Kit

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