I am obsessed with pigs! I had a pot belly pig for decades and couldn’t get enough products that were pig-related. From pig décor, pig-themed art, pink pig attire, and everything in between… I had it all.  So here are my favorite pig gifts for the biggest pig lovers. But some you will want to hog for yourself!

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Pig Noodle Bowl

One thing I love almost as much as pigs is ramen, so I squealed with delight when I discovered this cute piggy ramen bowl.  It’s the perfect size for noodles, soup, stews, desserts, and more.  You can get just the bowl or a set with the bowl, a lid, and chopsticks.  Definitely get the set with the chopsticks because they are so stinking cute!

Pig Onesie

Pig lovers know how cuddly piggies can be, so help them be just as cute with this onesie.  Soft and cozy, you will be able to lounge on the couch all day.  Or wear it out to a costume party to show your love for piglets.

Personalized Historical Portrait of Your Pig

If the pig lover in your life has a pet pig, then immortalize them in art with a personalized historical portrait. Sure, the image below only shows boring cats and dogs, but the artist can use any pet. Just send them a picture of their beloved piggy and the artist will do all of the work. It’s one of the funniest pig gifts you can give.

Personalized Pig Cutting Board

This adorable pig-shaped cutting board /charcuterie board will bring fun to the kitchen.  You can even have it personalized with their name under the funny “pig butts” quote.

Pig Slippers for Cozy Pig Lovers

Every proper pig lover needs a pair (or two) of pig slippers.  These adorable piggies hug your feet in softness and have an anti-slip grip on the bottom, so you don’t fall. They are so cute that you won’t know if you should put them on your feet or snuggle with them on the couch.

Pig Planter Box

I love this piggy planter because it looks realistic in color and shape, and it is the perfect size for plants. But you could also use it to store your mail or collect tips at a bar.  It has so many uses!

Pig Wine Stopper

If you are looking for pig gifts for a pig lover who loves wine, then this pig-shaped wine stopper is the way to go. The pink rhinestones pop against the metal piggy to make it a showstopper. And the stopper creates an airtight seal, so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

Pig Neon Sign

This piggy neon sign is a great pig gift for kids and adults of all ages. It looks beautiful in bedrooms, living rooms, bar areas, and nurseries.  It gives off a soothing ambient light.  And the long remote cable allows you to control it from across the room. Relax, Little Piggy, relax.

Pig Mailbox

I used to have a pig mailbox and it was such a conversation starter with the neighbors. This one is available in pink and black, and they are weatherproof. They also have many different animal options like dogs, horses, cats, sheep, and more. You’ll be squealing every time you get the mail!

“Get Piggy With It” Wine Glasses

These pig wine glasses will bring a smile to any pig lover’s face every time they take a sip. Whether you’re a full-blown porker fanatic or just a casual admirer of these adorable oinkers, you will snort with glee when you sip from these hilarious cups.

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