Super Fun Tech Gifts for Kids

Birthday party or Christmas coming up & you’ve got more than just adults to shop for? If you feel like you’re in way over your head, I don’t blame you. I don’t want to sound like a grump, but I will say this: shopping for kids has gotten really tricky. 

The days of simply buying a Barbie doll or a toy car are long gone. Kids these days, just like us adults, are into the latest trends. This is why I’ve decided to go a little outside the box when thinking of fun tech gifts for kids. Check them out below — they’re bound to be a smash hit with your technology-loving child!

Gadgets for Younger Kids

I used to think that tech gifts for kids began with an iPhone and ended with a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but boy was I wrong! Even younger kids like unique presents, so why not try to blow their minds with some of these tech gadgets?

Giant Piano Mat

“Musically inclined” doesn’t have to mean “spends all day practicing the piano”. If your kid has a creative streak and loves music, this giant piano mat is going to make their day. This is a great way for boys and girls to get their dose of physical activity while having a blast. Your kids can record their own songs & choose between 8 instruments — a guitar, piano, trumpet, saxophone, violin, clarinet, banjo, and xylophone. 

Pull and Sing Puppy

This incredibly cute pull and sing puppy is a fantastic gift for babies and toddlers; anywhere between 6-36 months is fine. It will accompany your munchkin when they take their first steps all the while singing songs and making noises to maintain the child’s attention. I love how it’s seemingly just a toy, but it’s actually a great way for a toddler to practice their fine motor skills thanks to the colored & numbered buttons.

Animated Fairy Tale Reading Dragon

Do you know how some gifts for kids are so adorable that you just can’t help but want one for yourself? This purple dragon is one of those things for me. It’s a really soft and friendly-looking plush, but it’s also an animated toy. One push of its feet makes it start reading classic fairytales such as Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Beanstalk, or Hansel and Gretel. It’s the perfect bedtime companion & storyteller for toddlers.

Constellation Projecting Turtle Night Light

This little guy is such a great help if your little one is fussy about bedtime. It’s a sweet turtle plush by day, but at night, it turns into the most beautiful night light. This toy projects eight constellations onto your ceiling, creating a magical & serene sleeping environment. The constellations check out, so there’s a lot of bedtime fun in mapping them together. And when the time comes to go to sleep, hundreds of stars continue to illuminate the room, lulling your baby to sleep.

Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

For kids over the age of 4, this activity set is a fun way to develop critical & logical thinking, problem-solving, and even get started on coding! Featuring a blue mouse called Colby, this set will keep your kid entertained as they build interactive mazes. The next step is even more fun — programming Colby to make it through the maze and watching it succeed!

Gadgets for Older Kids

Older kids are much more acquainted with technology than toddlers. While kids as young as a year old are already playing on tablets, kids in the 8-12+ age bracket are surrounded by tech gadgets. If your child is into all things smart & geeky, they’re going to love some of these tech gifts for kids!

Anki Cozmo Robot for Kids

Anki Cozmo is a cutting edge robot that is fun and educational. Learn to code while you train it to recognize different people in your home, and teach it to sneeze, play games, dance, and more. The longer you have it, the more it learns from you and will even display emotion. If you play a game with him and he loses he will get angry and flip over blocks or other things nearby. It is hilarious.

Programmable Smart Music Robot

Not much is cooler than robots when you’re around the age of 10. Actually, nothing is cooler than robots, period! This programmable robot provides heaps of fun not just for the kids but for the whole family. It can be controlled with simple gestures, but it also comes with a remote for more complex stuff. It can sing and dance, move in all directions, and it teaches your kids basic sequencing in an entertaining way. 

Virtual Reality Sports Car

This one is going to have all the car enthusiasts jumping for joy! I’d buy this 1:16 scale remote-controlled car only for the looks, but there’s so much more to it. This is a fancy replica of an Italian race car that comes with a VR headset. It connects to a smartphone, which you then mount in the headset, and it takes your kid for a ride around the house. It’s a very immersive & exhilarating experience for any aspiring driver.

8,000 Stars Home Planetarium

If your kid is determined to become an astronaut when they grow up, this is the perfect gift idea for them. Somewhat similar to the turtle I recommended for younger kids, this is a full-blown home planetarium. It projects over 8,000 stars onto your ceiling and walls, and all of them are accurate and true to life. Your stargazer is going to love finding all of their favorite constellations as they get ready for bed.

Smartwatch for Kids

A typical smartwatch can be boring for a kid, because why would they want to track calories burned or measure their heart rate? I think this one is a lot better for children, as it skips all the adult stuff and replaces it with entertainment. This colorful smartwatch has two cameras that are great for taking selfies, a customizable watch face, and even a Monster Catcher game. Learning to tell the time has never been this fun!

Unisex Knit Bluetooth Beanie

This is one of those tech gadgets for tweens (and teens) that looks unassuming but is actually quite advanced. It’s a beanie with a built-in Bluetooth chip. Your tween or teen can listen to music or even take calls when they connect their beanie to their smartphone. That’s right, this is a smartphone-compatible winter hat! The world is a crazy place, but this actually works & makes for a cool gift idea for older kids.

Programmable Robot

I think this has to be one of the best presents you can get your child if they show an interest in engineering. This robot looks like a bunch of LEGOs, but it’s actually a tool that inspires kids to learn programming and engineering. Your kid will build it, program it, and watch the results of their own hard work. An intelligent toy that’s also super exciting — sign me up! (ages 10+)

UFO LED Mini Drone for Kids

Drones are enjoyable & useful, but let’s be realistic — a “real” drone is not suited for kids… which doesn’t make them stop asking for one, of course. I recommend trying this one instead. It’s easy to control, equipped with bright LED lights, and most of all, capable of doing most things a real drone can do. It can do flips, change altitude, and speed up at the push of a button.


Have you got yourself a really computer-curious whiz kid on your hands? Instead of instilling computer bans when they play too many video games, why not guide their interest in the right direction? A Bitsbox is a monthly subscription box for young coders. Every month, you’ll receive a dozen app projects for your child to work on, and if you go with the deluxe box, you’ll also get a bunch of fun goodies.

 Learning programming from a young age helps develop logical thinking and sets the child up for a promising future. After all, computers almost rule the world now — why should things be any different in 10 years? 

Specdrums Musical Rings

A creative mind calls for a creative present, and this is exactly it! These musical rings work on a simple premise: “Tap colors, make music”. You simply tap them against various surfaces, including the play pad that they come with, and produce various sounds. They’re compatible with several apps that make the creations even more advanced & beautiful. The only issue I found with this children’s gadget is that it’s hard to put down even for the adults!

Screen Magnifier for Smartphones

Let’s be real — if you have an older kid or a teen, they’re most likely glued to their smartphone whenever you give them the chance to be. As such, any and all gadgets for smartphones are usually safe bets. Personally, I really like this screen magnifier — it’s a quirky and fun present that turns a smartphone into an entertainment center of sorts. It works like a projector for your child’s smartphone, essentially doubling the screen size. It’s better for the eyes, lots of fun to use, and lets family and friends join in when your kid watches videos on their phone!

Shocktato Party Game

Shocktato is shockingly entertaining — literally! Made for teens (age 14+), this is a good way to get your disinterested little rebel to participate in a game night. The premise is super simple — this is a game of hot potato with a twist. The potato has a built-in shock feature that sends a little electric current flying your way when you touch it. features three game modes, one with just music for younger kids. The objective of the game? Simple enough — toss the potato before it shocks you! This one is a real laugh and gets you all moving for a bit, which is a blessing these days!

Tech Gifts for Kids of Most Ages

You might be shopping for just one child at a time, but it’s never a bad thing to think ahead. Some tech gadgets for kids are suited for children of most ages. Here are a couple that I think the majority of kids will love.

Microphone for Kids

Karaoke nights are great for parties, but why reserve them just for special occasions? With this microphone, your kids can have a karaoke sing-off whenever they feel like it. Decked out with colorful LED lights, a built-in speaker, player and recorder, and various connectivity options, it’s a must-have for kids that like to sing.

Flashing LED Gloves

Can’t get your first grader to wear a pair of gloves when it’s cold outside? I bet they’ll sing a different tune when you give them these gloves. The fingers in these gloves are decked out with rainbow LED lights, making your kid stand out in the crowd. They come in several sizes, so you can buy them for children as young as 4 years old. Honestly, I ordered a pair and can’t wait to rock them!

Illuminated Darth Vader Levitating Helmet

Star Wars is pretty timeless, so kids these days still go crazy for all things Darth Vader. Featuring one of the greatest villains of all time, this helmet floats and rotates mid-air above its base. It’s mind-blowing how it works thanks to the surprisingly advanced electromagnetic technology it’s based on. I can see this one being a hit with your kid’s friends when they come over.

Multi-Voice Changer

When you think of “tech gifts for kids”, this is probably the type of thing you’d imagine. A cool piece of tech that looks like a toy alien blaster? Who wouldn’t love that? Only this toy is much more than a simple piece of plastic — it’s a voice changer. It lets your child have fun with altering their voice using 10 different effects. You can adjust frequency and amplitude, which all adds up to well over a hundred voice combinations. From a deep bass to a squeaky mouse, this affordable present provides hours of entertainment.

For more tech gifts for kids, check out our Gifts for Techies section or our Gifts for Kids and Teens.

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