Children’s Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Candy

Save money at the dentist’s office this year by skipping the candy! If you are looking for children’s Easter basket ideas that aren’t candy, then include some fun toys, games, and other items that they can play with for hours.

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LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

This LCD writing tablet is a steal at under $10! It looks like an iPad but kids can draw or write on it.  It has an erase button to allow kids to draw different pictures over and over again.  And the best part is that this comes with two of them!

Scented Play-Doh

This smells like fun! Forget about the boring smells of Play-Doh from the 80s, this 12-pack has scents such as pineapple, coconut, bubblegum, sour apple, bacon, waffles, chocolate mint, and more. And each 4-ounce can has two colors to double the fun!

Easter Play-Doh Kit

This kit includes Play-Doh, cookie cutters, and decorations such as flowers, deer, bunnies, and more to enhance the Play-Doh experience.  It looks exactly like the picture and kids can create beautiful Easter scenes for hours.

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Hide and Seek Game

This Seek game will keep kids entertained for years.  You turn it on, hide it, and then kids have to find it.  Every 20-30 seconds, it gives you clues so it doesn’t get lost forever.  Once you find it, it sings a song, and you can dance along with it.  It is available in an egg shape or as a poop emoji.

Personalized Daisy Sunglasses

How cute are these! These sunglasses are available in a ton of colors and are customizable with their name.  The daisy décor adds an adorable touch, so they make the perfect Easter Basket stuffer for stylish kids.

Glow in the Dark Blanket

Available in many styles such as butterflies, firetrucks, dinosaurs, space, and more, these blankets will light up the night.  Simply shine a light on them (or turn on the light in the room) and when the lights go out, they will glow. The longer the light stays on to “charge it”, the longer the blanket will glow.  It’s one of my favorite children’s Easter basket ideas for boys and gifts of all ages.

Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notepads

Remember the art project you did as a kid where you colored the paper with pretty colors and then you covered it in black so you could scratch off a design? Well, now you get to skip to the fun part and scratch right away. Kids will have a blast scratching their designs over and over because each box has 125 rainbow scratch pads.

Personalized Hairbrush

Let’s face it… getting kids to brush their hair is a pain and ends with someone crying and that might be you.  Kids will be more likely to brush their hair if they have one of these adorable, personalized hairbrushes. It’s one of the best children’s Easter basket ideas for girls.

Scented Butter Slime

This butter slime isn’t sticky like other slimes, and it comes in fun scents and looks like cake. With 9 different colors and scents, kids will play for hours.  And this is a parent-friendly set because they aren’t as messy.

Mr. Bubble Bath Bomb Potions

Your kids will never stink again because they will want a bath every night.  These fun bath bomb potions let the kiddos play in the tub by pouring water into the beaker.  Then the water reacts to the potion and they foam into a bubble bath. The only downside is that you will need to keep buying these because the littles will love them so much.

Personalized Name Crayons

Up the fun of coloring with these non-toxic name crayons. The large letters make it easy for little fingers to hold onto and it helps them learn to spell their name.  And you can choose solid colors or swirls for even more creativity. They also look cool for older kids as room decor.

Personalized Easter Basket

Add all of the fun items to a personalized Easter basket! Since you can choose which plush basket you want, it makes one of the best children’s Easter basket ideas for girls and boys. Choose between a bunny, dog, butterfly, dragon, shark, unicorn, and more!

Remote Control Fart Machine

Forget about an egg hunt.  Turn your egg hunt into a fart hunt as everyone searches for the source of the flatulence. This remote-controlled fart machine will have your entire family laughing until they cry. And it can be heard up to 100 feet away, so even Grandpa can kick back in his lounger and let it rip to confuse everyone in their search.

Why are Children’s Easter Basket Ideas That Aren’t Candy the Best Choice?

Let’s face it; kids eat way too much candy already and we know you are still going to cave and put some in the basket. But if you fill it up with other things, they won’t realize you only gave them a handful, instead of a Costco family-sized bag.

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