Family Activities to Do at Home During Quarantine

By now, you have been stuck in your home for weeks and have played every game and activity you have. We racked our brains and searched the internet day and night to compile a fun list of family activities to do at home during the quarantine. Many of these, you can do together as a family or send the kids off with them to entertain themselves for a few hours so you can get some alone time.

Puzzles for Families

When you think of family activities to do at home during a quarantine, puzzles usually come to mind but these 3D puzzles make family time even more fun. They can be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults, and they usually take several days to complete, so they bring the family together day after day. Afterward, you have something cool to display.

  • 3D Mechanical Train Puzzle

This mechanical 3D train will actually move once you put it together. Recommended for ages 14+.

  • Hogwarts Astronomy Tower

These 875 pieces build part of the Hogwarts Harry Potter castle. Recommended for ages 14+

  • 3D Sneaker Puzzle

This 3D sneaker puzzle snaps together securely and can be used as a pencil holder once you put it together. Recommended for ages 8+.

Solve the Mystery Games

If you’ve never tried a solve the mystery game at home, you should. You work together as a family to solve crimes, try to get out of an escape room, or solve a mystery. Here are a few options for various ages.

  • Escape the Room

Use your deductive reasoning skills to solve challenges, unlock clues, and discover the mystery. Add costumes for an even more immersive experience. For 3-8 players, aged 10+,

  • Exit; The Game

This one is like an escape room that you can do at home. It is meant to be played once, because you will mark up, tear, and fold pieces. 1 to 4 players, 1 to 2 hour playing time, ages 12+.

  • Dispatch by Breakaway
Murder Mystery Game Gifter World for Quarantine Gifts

This mystery box can be played alone or with a group of people and they have boxes for all ages. You can buy a monthly subscription to get a new mystery each month or buy a single box.

Family Experiments and Creations

Use this time together as a way to bond and learn a few new things together. Here are some experiments you can do as a family to create something cool and interesting. The kids will be learning and not even realize it because they are so fun.

  • Make Your Own FM Radio Soldering Kit

Learn electronics and soldering as you build an FM radio. Takes about 4-6 hours and is recommended for ages 12+.

  • Kitchen Science Lab for Kids

52 Family friendly experiments to do with items in your kitchen. Create your own microbe zoo or make a rocket. Great for toddlers to teens.

  • Spa Lab

This fun kit shows you how to make spa products to pamper yourself and explains the science behind it. Make bath bombs, scrubs, fairy dust, and more. Ages 7+.

  • Snap Circuits Arcade Kit

This building set has 30 snap modules to complete more than 200 projects including 20+ build and play games. Ages 8+.

  • Grow Your Butterflies Kit

Learn about the magic of nature as you grow caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. The kit comes with a voucher for live caterpillars so they arrive fresh.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are always a great go-to for family activities to do at home but I am guessing you have already done the usual crayons and construction paper. Here are a few ideas that are outside of the crafting box.

  • Mosaic Flip Flop Stepping Stones

These are a blast for the whole family! Buy a few sets and have each person do one so you are all creating it together. If you have a yard, you can use them as stepping stones for years to come. All ages.

  • String Art

Create beautiful art pieces out of string; hearts, whale, butterflies, and more. Comes with 500+ pins, 80 yards string, corrugated boards, tracing paper, decorative backing paper, and a pin pushing tool. Ages 10+

  • Make Your Own Fairy Night Light in a Jar

This kit comes with everything you need to make your own fairy in a jar. The LED lights make it a beautiful night light. Ages 6-12.

  • Harry Potter Origami

This origami book features 15 foldable crafts; howler, cauldron, Hippogriff, owl, Hogwarts, and more. Ages 6+.

If after trying these, you are still struggling to entertain your family without killing them, check out our DIY Kit Gifts for things like make your own hot sauce or mustard or building your own robot. Also, read our blog Gift Ideas While in Quarantine or our section on Gifts for Kids and Teens.

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