Nomadik Outdoor Gear Subscription Box Product Review (March 2020 Box)

The Nomadik Outdoor Box is a subscription of curated outdoor gear for hiking, camping, climbing, exploring, and anything else outdoors. Prices start at $29.99 a month and the value of the box is usually between $50-$60 dollars so it is a nice deal. I found the items in the box for March 2020 useful and of high quality. So here is my Nomadik outdoor box review for March 2020… (Read below for a special coupon code!)

As I write this, we are all under quarantine, but one of the few things we are allowed to do is venture into nature so these boxes seem like a great gift to give the outdoor enthusiast. The March box had 7 items; a thermal mug, stainless steel straw, straw brush for cleaning, Hydrapak collapsible water bottle, 2 HydraLyte electrolyte Power Sticks, and a bottle Bright cleaning tablet.

The Minaret Mtn Thermal Mug had me stumped at first. When you open it, it looks like it is still sealed so I couldn’t figure out how to get the liquid into it. But then I realized I was an idiot and it has a 2nd layer spill-proof lid that I needed to unscrew…which is genius. The spill-proof lid does spill if you tip it over but it spills slower and the slow flow prevents you from burning your mouth on your coffee. The 12-ounce bottle keeps your hot beverage hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Nomadik Outdoor Box Review Outdoor Gear Subscription Gifter World Mug

I travel internationally often, so the HydraPak Stow 1-Liter Collapsible Water Bottle excited me. It is soft-sided, so it is easy to shove it in your backpack (or purse) and not worry about trying to fit it into a specific-sized space. Plus, as you drink it, it folds down, making it easy to save on space or shove in your pocket. It also has a clip so you can tie it to your bag!

Nomadik Outdoor Box Review Outdoor Gear Subscription Gifter World Soft Bottle

I really don’t like the feel of paper or metal straws. I want to save the planet, but they just feel awful so when I saw this, I thought, “Oh great, another fake straw”. But the Mizu Stainless Steel Straw has a flexible silicone tip so it feels more like a regular straw in your mouth so it didn’t bother me at all. Plus, it came with a cleaning brush which I love because I can never figure out how to clean those things.

Nomadik Outdoor Box Review Outdoor Gear Subscription Gifter World Straw

It came with two Hydralyte electrolyte drink packets that tasted similar to Gatorade. I usually don’t like the taste of drinks like that, but it had a pleasant flavor. My box came with orange and lemon.

Nomadik Outdoor Box Review Outdoor Gear Subscription Gifter World Hydralyte

The last item was a Bottle Bright cleaning table that you drop into a bottle of water and shake it. The tablet fizzes and cleans the bottle with a few shakes. I used it on my water bottle that was smelling really musty and the tablet took that smell away.

Nomadik Outdoor Box Review Outdoor Gear Subscription Gifter World Cleaning Tab

This Nomadik Gear Subscription Box seemed like a great gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. It was fun to open the different items and found that I will be using several of them often. I give this two thumbs up!

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